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2 pack Scumbug (tm) Oil-Absorbing Sponge Devours Scum, Slime & Grime From Pools & Spas

  • 2 pack Scumbug (tm) Oil-Absorbing Sponge Devours Scum, Slime & Grime From Pools & Spas

2 pack Scumbug (tm) Oil-Absorbing Sponge Devours Scum, Slime & Grime From Pools & Spas

AU$ 102.00 AU$ 61.20 Save: AU$ 40.80
AU$ 61.20 AU$ 102.00 You save: AU$ 40.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: TB-2
  • 300% more surface area than the "Ball" and cannot get clogging in the water lines
  • Item Package Weight: 0.05070632026 lb. Item Package Dimensions: 8.199999991636" L x 6.899999992962" W x 2.799999997144" H
  • Sucks up oils, scum, slime and grime from pool and spa water
  • Squeeze out, clean and reuse over and over again
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Customer Reviews

Doubleplus'd the classiness of my inflatable hot tub!I have an inflatable spa. I actually call it my "super classy inflatable hot tub", because hey, if I say it out loud enough times that'll make it true, right? (right?!)Anyway, the thing about super classy inflatable hot tubs is that they do not have skimmers. Instead, the filters are underwater, and after a failed attempt at using a pool skimmer to clean it up (in the most classy way possible, of course), I needed something better. Enter Scumbug. I throw a couple of these bad boys in, run the bubbles, and they collect the gunk like crazy ... and I'm talking "change colors to an icky brown at the water line" crazy. Rinse 'em out in the wash tub & repeat. Now this is an excellent product, but given the way that they look when I'm done ... well, I'm going to have to double-down on the "call it classy to make it classy" approach to my doubleplusclassy luxury inflatable spa. Nothing so gross should ever come out of such a classy tub.A tip - Regularly take this out & clean it, don't let it get super scummy in between washes. I accidentally had one flip over on me after it had collected a lot of gunk, and by the time I realized it had happened, all of the gunk had washed back off into the water. Washing gunk back *into* the water will definitely erode the classiness of your tub :). 5Helps keep your pool clean!Scumbug appears to work as advertised - it absorbs oils and such from the pool. It's easy to use - you simply toss the Scumbug in your pool or hot tub and leave it alone. I checked the Scumbug daily while doing maintenance and cleaning - every few days I'd spray off the gunk (Scumbug would look discolored) and then squeeze out the water and toss it back into the pool.4They workThe only problem that we have had with the hot tub since we installed it is the foam. I have scrubbed, treated, tried different treatments, and still had the head of foam on the surface of the water. Tossed both of the ones that came in the package and for the last couple of weeks, I turn on the hot tub, and very little of that bubble bath looks remains. If for no other reason, I will buy more of these.They work well for scrubbing the sides while you are lounging too.5Wonderful productThese little guys are amazing. We started having issues with build up on the walls of the hot tub and with excessive bubbling. The chemicals were right and we were cleaning the sides daily but the problem was getting progressively worse. The last day before we received the bug it was almost like a bubble bath, the day after we dropped it in the bubbles were completely under control. We also have not had any build up on the walls after using this. We disposed of the first on after a few days because we felt it had absorbed so much contaminate that we just didn't want it in the water with us anymore. The second one lasted for maybe two weeks before it started feeling a little slimy . Now we have gotten into a pattern of squeezing it out whenever we are in the spa and dropping it in a rinse of hot water and a little cascade weekly. While it is soaking in the rinse we drop a second one in the hot tub and rotate them. They both feel new after several weeks of use. 5Counterfit Scumbug oil absorbersI have been using Scumbug oil absorbers with no problems for 15 years.My last Amazon order came from Pool Product Supply. They immediately turned yellow and were saturated with water, not oil. I contacted the manufacturer and was told they were counterfeit and offered to replace them. They also recommended Jules Treasures or Woof Woof for the real thing. When I got the new ones I compared the labels and could see they were copied, but with noticeable differences. I will not be ordering anything from Pool Product supply again. 1Great preventative measure for oils and scum!***Update: I changed my review to 5 stars. I notified Amazon of the counterfeit Scumbugs I received, and they took appropriate measures. The Scumbugs I reordered are great, and work as they always have!***The authentic Scumbugs are great and I've used them for years. However after contacting Rola-Chem because my recent order of Scumbugs turned dark yellow within a day of adding them to my freshly filled spa, they confirmed that this should not be happening and they are investigating a counterfeit product being sold to people online. These recent Scumbugs felt different as well, as though they were made of cheap poly foam. If your Scumbugs become dark yellow/brown, they are most likely not authentic. All my previous ones stayed white the entire time between water changes and did not disintegrate. 5Works too well, buy two!!!Whoa, Buy two, one for when company comes over. So I just cleaned our hot tub about 2 weeks ago. Changed out all 400 gallons of water. Used Spa cleaner https://www.amazon.com/Jetted-Hot-Tub-Spa-Cleaner/dp/B00SXJIVOM and scrubbed the entire thing down with Simple Green, and rinsed thoroughly. We shower before getting into the tub routinely to cut down on any body oils, and we don't use suntan lotion or lotions when getting in. I got this yesterday, it's been in the tub for 24 hours. The water was and still is crystal clear. Taken along side of a brand new one. So I say get two, put the clean one in when company comes over, the picture says a thousand words!!! 5Bad batch or counterfeit? Turned brownLast 2 pack of these I ordered turned brown after being in water 1-2 days. (By the way, water is crystal clear with perfect stats. I normally only use these to collect occasional sunscreen and sweaty person spa scum) This has never happened before & have used this brand for over a year with good results. What is the deal? A search of word Brown in Q&A shows others with same problem on what looks like orders placed in the last couple of months.UPDATE - I called manufacturer & was told that someone was selling counterfeits that turn brown. They thought Amazon had stopped the counterfeiters & offered to ship me a replacement 2 pack ASAP.Another update, about year later - Thougb Is give another try. Ordered a 2 pack and again it turned brown. Goi g to have to go back to buying at local store (which charges more than amazon). 1These things work ridiculously well...I cannot overstate how well these things work. I have two, one in each skimmer of my inground pool. They solved my immediate issue of soaking up an oily film from filter cleaner overnight and have kept things basically perfect after. I very highly recommend this product. 5Repeat buyer, this is a must have for our outdoor hot tubThis is a copy my first purchase review located on another Amazon product page:Most of the time, the Scumbug is relatively clean, sometimes a little slimy, but clean for the most part. A quick rinse or squeeze out and back in he goes. DH put some chemicals into the hot tub and closed the cover. The next day, the Scumbug was filthy; whatever oils and residues that were inside the piping came out and the Scumbug held on to them. Granted, there was a bit of scum at the water level on only one section of the hot tub, but nowhere near what I've seen in the past. It's never gotten stuck in the filter either. I've had it floating for a month now, and totally recommend it.--------------------I purchased this 2 pack, which was a good deal, and a much better deal than BJ's (they wanted almost double the Amazon price).A quick squeeze and back in the tub it goes. We cleaned out the hot tub due to some bad foaming problems, so I decided to replace the old Scumbug, rather than putting it through the washing machine and didn't want to risk having any residual soap left over in the old one and putting it into a clean hot tub.5Believe the ones I received from Amazon are fakeHad these in my hot tub since it was purchased new. Always went to the local hot tub store where we bought our hot tub for more, and they always lasted a very long time.Decided to give these a try - they look to be the exact same product but a little less expensive. Within a few hours of these hitting the water, this set turns bright orange. Within a month, they're starting to disintegrate. The scum bugs we get from the hot tub store never, ever changed color like this and they easily lasted 6 to 9 months.I'm meticulous with regards to water chemistry in my hot tub, and the water is always near perfect in terms of pH, alkalinity, chlorine/bromine content, and so-forth. The photo attached to this review shows the discoloration. This one has been in the water less than one day.Don't think I'll be buying more of these... 1POWERFUL SCUMBUGS THAT SAVE ME TIME AND MONEYThe Scumbugs from Bug Solutions arrived safely, smoothly and on time.I have been using these Scumbugs now for about two months. This is a set of 2.I am using them in my inflatable Miami Style Hot Tub Spa and they do an excellent job scum, slime, grime from our little spa.They are fast absorbing and really easy to clean. We don`t use our spa on a daily basis but I clean it weekly and all I do with the scumbug is rinse, squeeze and repeat a couple of times and put it back in. They are free floating. I am still using the first scumbug and have the other as a spare. Seems like they last for a very very long time and help me maintain our spa.For a little under $13, I rate this Scumbug Set of 2 five out of five stars.I paid full listing price on Amazon for this product. This is a product I would highly recommend! 5Gross but unfortunately cute.Works well to absorb body oils and scum.Remove them before you have guests over--people for some reason, not knowing what they are, tend to gravitate to them, thinking they are cute and soft: I have caught numerous guests holding them and squeezing them. Recently at a party with eighteen 8-year-olds, they fought over it, thinking it was a hot tub toy! Gross! 5
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