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63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake

  • 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake
  • 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake
  • 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake
  • 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake
  • 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake

63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake - Expanding Metal Rake - Adjustable Folding Head from 7 Inch to 22 Inch. Ideal Camp Rake

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AU$ 893.00 AU$ 1,488.00 You save: AU$ 595.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ? 63 Inches Long. Similar rakes on Amazon are only 48 inches long. The adjustable head expands From 7 Inches to 22 Inches
  • ? 15 Flat Tine Expandable Head. Adjust the rake width to a tiny 7 inchs for tight areas. This rake is designed to go in smaller areas that are difficult for conventional rakes. Expands to a full 22 inches.
  • ? 3/4 Inch Zinc Plated Steel Handle that is zinc coated to prevent rust.
  • ? Very light weight and easy to use, the rake is an ideal leaf rake. Note that it is not designed to be a heavy duty rake for rocks and heavy materials.
  • ? 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Order with confidence! The Gardenite 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. We will fix any problems quickly and to your 100% satisfaction every time! We are always available to help our customers. Our customer service record is unmatched!
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Customer Reviews

Sturdy, great rake.We got this rake to help clear out some of the dried grass in our yard as spring came. We had a couple of plastic ones we had used for raking leaves, but I didn't feel like those were as effective. I saw a neighbor use a metal one on her grass and decided to try it as well.We ended up getting this one because it had one of the widest settings. It's an adjustable rake - a mechanism that slowly closes or opens the tines of the rake depending on what you need. You can close them up to great a thin, 6" or so rake for focused areas, or open it up (like an umbrella) to its full width for raking a wider area.I did learn that it's easy for leaves to get pierced and then build up on the ends, meaning you have to learn it periodically between raking.The tines are flexible, with some give, adjusting to the landscape (we have a hilly backyard). It seems to be very sturdy and good quality. I'm glad we decided to get this :) 5Lightweight, adjustable and longer than most - for less bending!This rake is great! I have been wanting something that would move light items like leaves and sticks without trying to dig up roots or move boulders (the way my garden and construction rakes do) but all the leaf rakes I've tried are either plastic or flimsy stamped out metal that bends or breaks. This has solidly made tines that give exactly as necessary but don't distort or break. Plus the handle is an adequate length for both my husband and I (we're tall) so we don't have to bend as much. My only complaint -- and it is minor -- is that when adjusting the rake for narrow spaces, it makes the handle shorter. I'm not sure how this can be avoided, but future designs might want to incorporate an adjustment of width that doesn't automatically adjust the length also. I also like that it is lightweight because with almost 7 acres of our property to keep trimmed (the rest is wild) it's no fun to drag heavy tools around all day! 5A must have for my garage!The Rake was better than I expected as far as quality. I had borrowed a garden rake from my neighbor a couple of years ago and when searching for that same rake the Equinox was identical to the rake that I borrowed. I love this rake!What I use it for is definitely for lighter duty: raking dead leaves out of ALL of our many flower beds that my wife insists on having! Each year we order 80 bags of mulch to touch up the flower beds and this rake is absolutely perfect to get between the roots of the plants to spread the mulch. I invert the rake to help level out the mulch. I was surprised that the slide mechanism was metal. From the picture it looks like it is green plastic. The mechanism works perfectly and clamps solidly.I would buy from Equinox again based on the quality of this product, the customer follow-up, and the ease of this transaction.Thanks Equinox! 5Piece of Junk - DO NOT BUY THISWorst product I have purchased in 2018- hands-down! The spikes on the rake head fell off in the first few minutes of use. Amazon, do you do any kind of quality control before you allows some of these sellers to place their products on sale on your site? Returning this piece of junk today. I do not recommend this product to anyone! 1A STRONG RAKEThe rake is great. It is most effective for me when I open it to about 12 inches. In that manner, I can grab leaves that are buried in the wet, spring sod. When the leaves are dry, I can open it all the way and move the piles of leaves around. The construction is strong and the handle is rigid so I can pull large quantities. 5the most annoying thing is the rubbery end cap/handleThe rake is very solid and works well. If I could change a couple things, I would add a spine or two to make the rake wider, and also I wish the pipe used for the handle was a little larger diameter for less hand fatigue. I am a taller guy (6'1"), and could use a slightly longer handle.However, the most annoying thing is the rubbery end cap/handle. It's there to cover the exposed end of the pipe, but works as a handle, too. But, it isn't glued on and slips around and comes off the end, something you shouldn't have to constantly adjust on such a simple tool. Should be pinned or glued, for sure.Love the folding feature, and the rake is light enough weight (not superlight), but seems strong. Works well for scooping leaves, especially when partially collapsed. 4I was impressed buy a rake!To say I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found the product inside exceeded all my expectations would be an understatement. Although I had read the descriptions and some of the extra material (owners guide and usage manual) that is provided for this rake, it still made me very happy to see how much metal is in the product. The only pieces that are a composite are part of the handle and the slide mechanism. Everything else is metal. The action is very smooth and the lock so far has been very stable has not slipped even when the tines got a bit hung up on some vine undergrowth I had not seen when pulling leaves.Being able to stiffen and shrink down the rake is very handy for getting between existing large growth or moving some heavier material that caused my old plastic headed rakes to let go off (wetter leaves etc.) So far this has been a fantastic rake provided at a great price! 5Love the adjustable feature!This rake is great! I have a LOT of flower beds & having the adjustable feature has provided endless happiness for me. It really makes my gardening job so much easier! I'm not sure how great it would be for actually raking up things as the tines aren't super wide, but for spreading mulch around, raking dead grass out in the early spring after a hard winter, it's been great.Update: Right after purchasing this rake, we had a 90+ mph wind storm & the mulch that I'd put everywhere was blown everywhere! I'm giving the rake a 4 star because it was useless in getting mulch out of grass. If you are purchasing this rake to move mulch or dirt around a flower bed, it's fantastic! The ability to change the size of the head is wonderful & very useful. If you need to rake stuff out of your lawn, it doesn't work very well. I ended up using our neighbors plastic rake with thick tines & it was great. Also, after a full day of yard work, the end tines of the metal rake have bent. They didn't hold their shape. I still think it's a great rake but am giving it 4 stars since it's not really all purpose & it bent after a days use. 4Versatile, useful, high quality rake.This rake is everything I didn't know I wanted in a rake. Well worth the upgrade over a cheap plastic or even a fixed-tine metal rake. The adjustability is incredibly useful, and doesn't take away from the sturdiness of the rake at all. This rake works as you'd expect of any leaf rake, but adds in the ability to get into tighter spaces, work well for getting the edges of paths, adjust down to the right spacing to rake landscape rock, gathering leaves and pine needles without picking up the rocks.The handle is nice and long, and doesn't leave me wishing for an extra foot of handle or start making my back ache after a while of use like so many other tools. I expect this rake will hold up well and be extremely useful for years to come. 5I guess there is a reason this design isn t standardWorks well, thanks to stiffer-than-normal tines, but if you try adjusting it a few times, you re liable to have all the tines fall out. I guess welding them in place didn t occur to anyone. 3
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