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Admetior Kitchen Oven Large Dial Thermometer

  • Admetior Kitchen Oven Large Dial Thermometer

Admetior Kitchen Oven Large Dial Thermometer

AU$ 158.00 AU$ 94.80 Save: AU$ 63.20
AU$ 94.80 AU$ 158.00 You save: AU$ 63.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Dial size: 2.1-inch
  • Wide temperature range: 100-Degree F - 600-Degree F
  • 18/0 Stainless steel housing
  • Hanger and stand
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Customer Reviews

Very AccurateWe bought three different oven thermometers to help calibrate our new GE oven. The Rubbermaid Commercial Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer and the Admetior Kitchen Oven Thermometer were each either identical or within 1- 5 degrees of what the oven indicated for over various temperatures and various locations within the oven. 5Works wellBought this because of the positive reviews on a couple of cooking sites: very sensitive to temp changes . Found out my oven is actually perfectly calibrated. Yippee! My old CDN always read about 20 degrees too cool and has lately become completely whacked. My only complaint is the base is thin. Prefer something more rigid. 4Accurate as promisedI wanted to calibrate my oven and wasn't sure about my thermometer - so i purchased several others to double [quadruple] check. Admetior was accurate, as was 4 others. See CDN write-up below:CDN was one of 4 'cheap' thermometers I purchased and tested. [Yes, I had some free time over the holidays. And yes, I'm a nerd] CDN was the only thermometer that was off by more than a few degrees. CDN was off by ~10% (measured too low). Instead of 350F, it showed a bit less than 320F. All the other ones were within about 5 degrees of the average of ~350F. Admetior (355), Rubbermaid (350), goodcook (345) and Taylor (345). Interestingly, CDN's description/packaging also had the most comments about how accurate it was ['Pro"]. By the way, my 25-year-old oven was off 25 degrees as we had suspected (actual temp lower than indicated)...so check yours! 5Really helpfulI live in a rental and the oven has been used a lot before me. When I baked quick breads, cookies, etc they didn't cook in the middle and I had to keep putting them. back in the oven to get them cooked through. Lots of guesswork was making baking a chore. Then I thought maybe I could test the oven temp with these. I bought two, because so many reviewers mentioned they can be unreliable. I hug them on each side of my top oven rack (easy to hang, by the way) and preheated my oven. Sure enough, my oven is 25 degrees below the set temperature. So, I turned up the degrees and my carrot cake came out perfectly. I remember my grandmother always having oven thermometers and now I see why. The thermometers heated right up and were easy to read. 4Assessing the accuracy of my oven thermometerI wanted to attempt to assess the accuracy of my oven temp monitor and how well the oven maintained the selected temperature. I purchased this Admetior thermometer and another less expensive model to see how each compared with the oven thermometer. I placed the two thermometers I had purchased in the oven and set the oven to 350 degrees. I Allowed the temp to reach 350 degrees (based on the reading of the oven thermometer) and let it set at that temp for 15 minutes. I then compared the three readings. The Admetior thermometer was within 2 degrees of the oven thermometer and the other less expensive model was within 5 degrees. I then reduced the oven temp to 325 degrees (as read on the oven thermometer) and let it set there for fifteen minutes. The variations were roughly the same. Since I have no particular evidence to suspect my oven is not functioning normally and accurately, and my oven is fairly new and a well respected brand of above average quality, I thought it reasonable to use its thermometer reading as the baseline temp. Comparing the other two temp monitor reading to the oven I'd say the Admetior was the more accurate of the two. 4Someone has GOT to come out with a better oven thermometerNot sure if I'll keep. Seems to be accurate due to a test I did with 3 different thermometers. But it's not all that much easier to read than the one I already have. The base is too narrow to set on the oven rack unless you set it sideways--but then you can't read it. Someone has GOT to come out with a better oven thermometer. Why is it so difficult to find one that's easy to read, accurate, and can hang/stand easily? 3A Great Cook Needs an Oven Thermometer--and This Is It!Our Viking double wall ovens are wonderful, but over the years (because we used to hang kitchen towels on the oven handle and pull the towel off--kids, sigh*) the upper oven door has stopped short of closing fully--at least, that's how it looks. So we were never sure of the exact temperatures.Basically, no matter how great your oven, you need an oven thermometer. If you know what your oven's doing, you can always make adjustments!I bought two, and have really been able to breathe a sigh of relief--no more duct-taping the upper door, it's working fine; apparently the thermo-ring around the door on the inside is still functioning as it should, and we've just been neurotic about it for years. I tested both ovens & tried each thermometer in both to be certain.My bff's oven burns hot so I got one for her, too. Now she just sets it for 300 when she needs it at 350, and all's well that ends well! You should have one, too. 5Erratically Runs LowI have used this in 2 countertop ovens and in the kitchen range along with the CDN, Gemline, PTC and Admetior. It reads 10-30 degrees low across the temperature ranges. The simplest and most reliable way to check a oven thermostat and a oven thermometer is to use granulated sugar on a sheet of aluminum foil because granulated sugar melts then caramelizes at 367 degrees F. 1Terrific Little Oven Thermomoter - Works Like A CharmIf you're reading this chances are like me you love to cook. my Grandmother and Mother were sesnational cooks and I grew up spending many aftenoons enjoying watching dishes being prepared and served. I learned the importance of using the best ingreidants you could find, a good chefs knife and good pots - and of course the right themperture. Rasing the oven from 325 to 475 does not and never will make your dish cook faster.This of course was demonstrated many times by the Three Stooges who never seemed quite to grasp the concept.Anyway our ancient delapitated nuclear reactor of an oven finally drew it's last breath and we bought a new stove. I know they used to calibrate the stoves some time ago - so I ordered this this little gem and was very pleased to see the temp was perfect at 300, 325, 350, 400 and so on. It can sit stable on the rack or hang from one higher up. It's easy to read and ea lot to store. You can pay a lot for an oven thermometer but why when this one by Admetior has a wonderful reto look and only costs a few dollars.Plus with my Prime membership the entire order shipped wwith Free second day shipping to boot. Making this buy that much sweeter 5Seems to be dead-on accurateI was skeptical about this thermometer at first, because I also bought an Admetior freezer thermometer and the needle stuck at the 58 degree mark. Regardless, I placed this oven thermometer in my oven and set the oven to 425 degrees to bake a pizza. But the thermometer was reading about 250 when it should have been reading 425.... so I thought.As it turns out, my oven takes much longer to heat up than I thought, because as the pizza baked, the thermometer eventually registered 425 right on the button. Not only does this little gadget seem to be spot-on accurate, but it taught me something about my oven that has helped me considerably in my baking since.UPDATE: Dec. 9, 2016: After using this thermometer for five years now, it's still working perfectly. Whether I bake at 325, 350, 400, or 450, this simple, little gadget is spot-on. Impressive. 5
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