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Angel Chimes The Original & Traditional Decorative Swedish Candle for Christmas - Metal Chime Carousel, Authentic, Scandinavian, Decoration & Ornament for Home and Kitchen (+4 Candles)

  • Angel Chimes The Original & Traditional Decorative Swedish Candle for Christmas - Metal Chime Carousel, Authentic, Scandinavian, Decoration & Ornament for Home and Kitchen (+4 Candles)
  • Angel Chimes The Original & Traditional Decorative Swedish Candle for Christmas - Metal Chime Carousel, Authentic, Scandinavian, Decoration & Ornament for Home and Kitchen (+4 Candles)
  • Angel Chimes The Original & Traditional Decorative Swedish Candle for Christmas - Metal Chime Carousel, Authentic, Scandinavian, Decoration & Ornament for Home and Kitchen (+4 Candles)
  • Angel Chimes The Original & Traditional Decorative Swedish Candle for Christmas - Metal Chime Carousel, Authentic, Scandinavian, Decoration & Ornament for Home and Kitchen (+4 Candles)

Angel Chimes The Original & Traditional Decorative Swedish Candle for Christmas - Metal Chime Carousel, Authentic, Scandinavian, Decoration & Ornament for Home and Kitchen (+4 Candles)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ORIGINAL SWEDISH ANGEL CHIME DESIGN FROM 1948 - Adorn your home with a chiming, spinning candle holder that'll brighten up your home and liven up your spirits! Our Swedish Christmas carousel decorations is a great candle spinner for Christmas.
  • ANGELIC, CHIMING, POWERED BY CANDLES: Our Chimes Candle Carousel are a fantastic addition to the house during the holiday season. Light the candles, and enjoy the chimes of christmas! The chimes and bells carousel moves by itself by candle flames.
  • SWEDISH CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS FOR THE HOLIDAY: Angel Chimes Candle Carousel is a favorite passed down from generation to generation. Our Brass and Silver Swedish Candle Holders have been a favorite since 1948, since we've started our journey creating our candle windmills and carousel chimes sets.
  • ANGEL CANDLE CHIMES FOR ANYWHERE IN THE HOME: Our Swedish Candle Holders and Spinning Candle Carousel and Chime Candles can be placed anywhere in the home for visitors to see. Angel Chimes Christmas Candle Holder can be placed on the dinner table, Night Stands, or Window Sills
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Comes in Brass, Silver, Christmas Brass. Extra Candles are sold separately. Assembly Required.
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Customer Reviews

Just like my childhood set This is the same set of chimes I remember from childhood. The set I received was made in Turkey, which is where the original company is now producing. They are noticeably more sturdy than the made in China set I replaced; however, they are lightweight, as they need to be to function properly. If you receive a made in China set from this listing, contact customer service and let them know.Bonus: in a dark room, the light and shadow effect on the ceiling is fun.5Nice old fashioned Yule chimes!I was scared to order these because of a few reviews. Please know that these chimes are 100% the real thing.Easy to put these together. They are light weight and thin metal because they are moving in a delicate way by the heat of 4 small candles.We noticed that if your candles are not standing straight that the angels will turn on an angle and not chime on both sides. You just need a gentle hand and some patience when putting this together to make sure it is balanced.They worked beautifully for hours. My mother-in- law was very impressed. We watched and listened to these chimes at the table during our Christmas visit.I bought a total of 3 sets of chimes for each of my sisters. All 3 sets came in perfect condition.I am very happy with my purchase5PRETTY TO LOOK AT BUT IS BADLY CONSTRUCTED SO IT NEVER CHIMES.I already reviewed this last year!--I have had these in my home since childhood and until this one, they were wonderful. We kept it in the middle of the dining table and lit it for every lunch and supper from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. The gentle tingling of the chimes was beautiful. THIS one is built such that the pendants hanging from the angels never touch the bells as they go around no matter how fast they go and spread out=no tingling of the chimes, which is the whole point of the decorative mechanism. It was a waste of money. (Also, one cannot move the chimes closer to the angels' pendants the way it is constructed.) The chimes remain about 1/8" away and cannot be rung.1Not the chimes pictured made in China not turkeyI researched Swedish Chimes before buying these. I read that they are no longer made in Sweden, but the ones made in Turkey are of the same quality as the ones that used to be made is Sweden. The article I read said stay away from the ones made in China, they are cheaply made. When you read the description on Amazon, it specifically says made in Turkey. Not so, the ones I was sent were made in China, and not worth a dollar, they are paper thin, bend easily, really crappy. Save your money and find the ones made in Turkey. Don't order these! I hate it when the product sent doesn't match the description. I would give these no stars if I could, what a waste of money.1Brings Back Wonderful Childhood MemoriesI just received the two Swedish Angel Chimes in the mail today. I notice several people talking about how flimsy these are. I have had Angel Chimes since I was a little girl (I am 59, so we're talking quite a while ago), and these are exactly the same as the ones I remember.Just to help everybody who gets these, let me tell you how to put them together for maximum chimes. If you are not handy (like me), you probably will need to find someone who is because even though it looks like you can put them together easily, over the years we have found that we need a pair of pliers. Before you start, lay out all the pieces on the table. When inserting the main column, it is extremely important that they go in and then using the end of the pliers, push the metal around the insertion points down until it can't move. Once the middle column is snugly in place, the rest of the pieces can be assembled. Once done, we have found that all of the moving and jostling moves the middle column. In order for the chimes to work, that column is the most important part of the set. Using the pliers, move the column until it is centered again (sort of like putting up a live Christmas tree!). The first candles are the most difficult, because using the pliers once again, you will have to move various pieces of the set in order to get them to just the right place for them to spin away. Also, there is a time lag in the beginning because they need to heat up the space around them and the metal in order for the little angels to spin and ring those chimes.I hope this helps you all a little bit. It has taken me years to learn how to get the maximum fun out of these wonderful Christmas items. As for them being flimsy, these are actually sturdier then ones I paid $60 a piece for at a little Christmas store in town! I could not be happier with these Angel Chimes. I never got my last pair to work right, no matter what we did. But these are better made (and less expensive!). I am grateful to this seller for the pristine shape these were in out of the box. The heat from the candles WILL warp the metal over time, so keep those pliers handy! I bought several boxes of candles from their website as well and they all came in today. I am sitting here writing this to the lovely tinkling of Angel Chimes so reminiscent of my childhood. I hope others who buy these can overcome their unhappiness of these Chimes. This is how they are. And I am looking forward to this Christmas season accented by my wonderful little spinning angels.5Pure junkAs a reviewer wrote previously, these are not from Sweden but rather China and are absolutely a piece of *@$$#@. If I could give them zero stars, I would. I don't know why they even bother selling them. This was my second set from this junky company and the first ones didn't work either. I chalked it up to maybe getting a defective one... They are so purely made with such junky metal, NOT like the ones you mother had when you were a little girl. I so wish those made of quality brass were available today. Maybe they can be found in Sweden. Save your time and money and forget these chimes. Now I have to go to all the time and trouble to send them back (the last set, I just threw out). They should actually be giving me credit for two sets. I'm so annoyed. Basically, most stuff made in China is junk!! Stick with American good and Italian clothes.1Beautiful Replica of Childhood MemoryNostalgic chimes are just like the ones from your childhood...In fact, these are the original design that came out in 1948. I am delighted with this set because it brings back some sweet holiday memories. When it arrived, my grandson and I tried it out. It assembled easily and worked fine. We ordered extra candles. Come Christmas, we will give this thing a work out. It is about a foot high, and the delicate metal is light. However, it is exactly as I hoped...just like the original.5Where is the chime?I have bought these before and they were all as advertised. But mine got old and tarnished and bent so I bought 2 identical (box anyway) sets for my sister and myself, but they do not chime. The originals were almost too much, but we could not hear the chime in the new ones. They still spin and the candle light is nice, but if you were expecting chimes, forget this one!1FINALLY GOT THIS THING WORKING!!!!Ok, this isn't rocket science, but there are some extra steps to setting this up so that it works. It comes with an diagram, so obviously follow the steps for putting it together. The only thing that I would add is that you have to bend the blades on the little fan piece so that they are angled. Also, the fan can be put on two different ways, so if you have angled the blades and it's still not spinning, turn the fan over and try it that way. Hope this helps someone, because I was going crazy trying to get this thing to work for my kids.4Nice at first, now it s discoloredI bought this last Christmas and loved it out of the box. The only tiny complaint I had last year is that the main piece didn t seem to be sturdy in the base. I could live with the time. I enjoyed it until I put it away.This year I open it and the entire surface of the product is covered in small spots of discoloration. I was so disappointed and upset.1
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