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Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey

  • Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey
  • Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey
  • Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey
  • Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey
  • Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey
  • Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey

Anna & Eve - Baby Swaddle Strap, Adjustable Arms Only Wrap for Safe Sleeping - Large Size Fits Chest 16 to 20.5, Grey

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 100% COTTON - Swaddle Strap is made of 100% cotton fabric that will not stretch with time
  • SAFETY - Designed with an inner strap that prevents the product from sliding up over baby's face.
  • COMFORT - Great for hot or cold weather and helps keep baby from overheating. Swaddle Strap is for arms only and does not enclose hips
  • RIGHT FIT - 2 adjustable Swaddle Strap sizes fit babies of any size. Small size fits newborns to 3-5 months, or babies chest size 13.5-17 in, large size is for 2 months and up, or babies chest size 16 to 20.5 in. Use chest size rather than age for best fit
  • THE ORIGINAL - We are dedicated to keeping babies safe and secure. That is why we created Swaddle Strap, the original arms only baby swaddle.
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Customer Reviews

Problem SolvedJust bought this swaddle strap in January 2019 for my newborn and I love it. She was about 6 lbs at birth and most of the swaddles we purchased were too big and kept bunching up at her face when she tried to get her arms free. We also ran into issues with regular swaddles when putting her in her swing or bassinet because they have straps that connected between the legs.We ordered the small and it has been the perfect answer to our issues with regular swaddles. She also has not been able to wiggle out of it which is great. Other people mentioned the loud Velcro but I have not had this issue. Honestly the Velcro on some of the swaddles I purchased were much louder. We have also washed the strap multiple times now and it holds up well.I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely get this item again and recommend it to friends / others.5almost perfect until my son s chin was rubbed raw by itUpdate: The velcro straps lost its power to stick together. so my baby breaks out of the swaddle after a few minutes of putting him in it... So after 1 month of using it and a couple of washes in the machine.:: it s done... :( would no longer recommend it...I fell in love with it instantly. This is the first swaddle that I have tried that my baby couldn t break out of. I thought that this was the perfect swaddle until my baby rubbed his chin raw from fighting it :(. He always fights the swaddles, which he does with all the other swaddle brands I ve tried, but this was the first time that a swaddle rubbed his chin raw :( I realized the cloth is actually not soft and kinda rough :( I still like the fact that my baby can t break out of it and would still like to use it, so I am planning to sew some soft velvety cloth around the edges... I hope they consider changing the cloth that they use for it :(1It paid for itself after i got my fist nap!My baby was born with hip dysplasia and now has to wear a harness in hopes of fixing the problem. So swaddling her has been hard! Once i found this i was really unsure about if it would help her bit ever since we got it ( about 5 hours now) she has been sleeping soundly!! And it doesn't interfere with her harness! Next baby shower i get invited to i would rather gift one of these over the swaddle blankets anyday!5The BEST swaddle out there!This is my second review for this product but this one is for the Large size. My baby finally outgrew the Small & I debated for weeks to get the larger size. I was trying to transition him out of the swaddle but my sleeping through the night baby started waking up every 4 hours if he wasn't in this swaddle (he's pretty lazy & isn't rolling over yet either). He is a big boy weighing 20 pounds at 5 months & the large fit him with a bunch of room to grow. I nurse him, put this swaddle on, lay him down & he falls asleep on his own. The Velcro is well made which is what keeps them inside all night even if they try fighting it. So with that in mind I wouldn't take the swaddle off until they awake for the day otherwise it will startle them. I LOVE how this doesn't ride up to their face based on the design. It's genius! It's made with two Velcro's so the first one you Velcro around the upper waist under the arms. Then the second Velcro goes on top of the arms at their side. There's even little pillows between the arms & the sides of their body. My son loves this & is back to sleeping 9 hours at night. I've found this is the only swaddle that helps his reflex because his hands seem to have a mind of their own. Also we live in Hawaii so it's nice that he can use this with just a onesie on cooler nights but most nights I have to run the AC in his room so he uses it with long PJ's. Don't hesitate to purchase this as you could use this as your only swaddle. Why mess around with trying to get the blankets tight? One last thing I feel I have to mention is that they shipped this the same day I ordered it. I got it within 3 days to Hawaii. Wow!5So convenient and easy to useMy 4 month old's startle reflex is still in high gear. We started out with Halo, then SwaddleMe, then Swaddle Up...none of those worked very long. For a while, the Miracle Blanket really saved us, but he grew too tall for it, and was constantly waking up by kicking his feet out of the bottom pocket. I tried switching him to Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit, but even the smallest size was way too big for him at 11 lbs, and did nothing for his startle reflex.Then I found this. I love that I can put him in regular pajamas and still use this. Sure, the Velcro is loud, but it has to fasten somehow. What I have done is to lay it flat on his mattress, rock him until drowsy, then I lie him down on top of the strap and close it up. Then I keep my hand on top of him until he settles back to sleep.He does still wake once per night to eat. Instead of trying to breastfeed him in the strap, I take him out of it, feed on one side, change diaper, feed on the other side, and then put the strap back on the same way I did at the beginning of the night. This causes no issues with breastfeeding that others have mentioned.He's pretty small for his age, so I can see the "small" lasting us a good while.5Excellent product. Watch what seller you buy it from, though.Product is exceptional! This is the second one I purchased. Our little grandson is going through chemo treatment right now & had to be intubated. He also has a feeding tube. He is quite squirmy & is constantly trying to pull those tubes out, which can be dangerous. He cannot get out of this swaddle strap. A perfect solution, plus he loves being swaddled. I will recommend that you do not buy it from the seller, etailz. Ours arrived with no box. Just slapped a shipping label on the product. It arrived hanging out of the manufacturer package & dirty.5So grateful this exists Our little guy sleeps excellently in Halo sleep sacks but not in normal clothes since he has a strong startle reflex and many arousals during sleep. We wanted something that would work over normal clothes so we didn t have to risk waking him up and putting him in a sleep sack or constantly changing him into a sleep sack around nap times. I considered trying to make a band wrap that would swaddle around clothes but I was worried about it sliding up around his face. Then I found this, there really wasn t much out there so I hoped this would work. It does for us. So at nighttime we pop our little guy into a Halo Sleep sack and during day time naps we wrap him in this. (Sometimes after he falls asleep, sometimes before). So far it s made a huge difference. We have the smallest version and in the video our son is 2 months old and roughly 13lbs.5Works great for my daughter who has to wear the Pavlik harnessWorks great for my daughter who has to wear the Pavlik harness for her hip dysplasia.5Added 2 hours of sleep for my 3 month old!If it s 3am, and you re feeding your baby AGAIN researching how to help them sleep longer between feedings, BUY THIS. My little boy is a frequent eater and has eaten every two hours since he was born. And he is 3 months old now. He can bust out of a traditional swaddle and even a Velcro sleep sack swaddle. Plus they make him so hot that when I would unwrap him he was clammy. So this was a perfect solution! Granted we ve only used this arms only swaddle two nights now but he went 4 hours and 3 hours between feedings BOTH NIGHTS. I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN! That right there was already worth the $30. It is light weight enough he doesn t get hot and I can put him in normal PJs. And he hasn t escaped from it! If he goes another 4 hours tonight I don t know what I m going to do with myself. So quit reading reviews and get this! You ll spend $40 on your next time eating out. And your sleep is worth more than that. Especially us new parents. Best of luck!5Highly recommend- worth every penny!This swaddle is definitely a keeper. For a few weeks after my son was born we used the swaddleme swaddles that the legs go into. It s a good idea in theory but changing him in the middle of the night was a nightmare. The swaddle had to completely be removed every time and he would fight getting it back on.We ordered this swaddle with hopes that his diaper could be changed without having to take it off.Things we love about this swaddle:1. It is very easy to put on- even if you do it upside down by accident it still works.2. It really does only take 10 seconds3. You can change a diaper without removing it. If you do remove it at 3 am to change am it is very easy to get back on.4. There is no worry about overheating5. It doesn t ride up to the face and I don t see how any baby could break out if it6. It washes wellI highly recommend buying 2 of these. One for backup for when fluids get on it.5
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