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ArmorAll Wet/Dry 12V Vacuum Cleaner

  • ArmorAll Wet/Dry 12V Vacuum Cleaner

ArmorAll Wet/Dry 12V Vacuum Cleaner

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Picks up wet and dry debris
  • Includes 15-foot power cord and 12-volt plug for car use
  • Built-in crevice tool
  • 17.3-Inch x 15.6-Inch x 10.6-Inch
  • Not compatible with Generic Platinum AC/DC 500 Mah Adaptor, Universal AC-DC Power Socket Adapter Converter
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Customer Reviews

Does a good job for those little accidents This item is for the car and comes in its own little sack for storage. It works fairly well for what it is and the power that it works from. It has a decent suction but you have to go over and over the area a few times to get it all. If you have a big pile of something it will pick up a decent amount in the first swipe but you usually will have to go back a time or two to get it all. It is loud, is light and easy to hold and has a decent cord length. I have a wagon and can plug it in in the front and make it easily to the back end and it doesn't pull out of the socket. It works fine for messes in the car especially if you're on the road and have little accidents. It has ample storage capacity and lasts for the entire job. I haven't had it loose power or suction on me yet. Better product than most but could use a little more suction power if I had to pick something. Decent price when it was purchased and all around good product for its purpose. 4Awesome little sucker. I am very OCD when it comes to keeping my car car clean and spotless. I also can't stand a dirty/dusty/cluttered interior. I wipe down my all black interior on a weekly basis and with how efficient and effective this vacuum cleaner is, I vacuum once every 1-2 weeks. I never eat in my car and I only carry water or iced coffee in a spill-proof cup. It never gets dirty enough to need any scrubbing. The extent of the dirtyness that my interior sees is just dust, maybe some grass, or pet hairs so hitting it with this vacuum on a regular basis keeps my interior looking brand new.I like that it has a little LED light built-in and the suction power is just fine for my intended use. The brush tip extension works really well on carpet that has dog hair stuck in it. I just brush over the area once to lift up the hair and go over it again to suck it up...light work. To clean the vacuum, I just rinse the plastic cover and filter and wipe with a paper towel...again, light work. I have only used it a handful of times but it has worked well each and every time.And it's great that they include a storage bag, as I keep the vacuum in the car. Overall, this little vacuum is great for its intended purpose, which is for light to medium duty clean-ups, or interiors that are routinely maintained. 5Sucks Well This has very good suction if plugged into a car plug. It sucks up most sand and gravel. The attachments that come with it are also good for getting in tight spots. Unfortunately for me, I bought it with the intention of using it at our cabin, with an inverter or 12V battery, to clean around the windows. I didn't buy the little 120V adapter. I went all out and bought a "BESTEK supply power ac to dc adapter car cigarette lighter socket." Its suppose to convert the 12V to 120V 6amps, which I figured would be enough, but it doesn't work either. It turns on and off and runs very slow. I tried hooking it up to the 12V battery and it also runs slow. For it to run well you need a very thick wire. I guess that means it pulls a lot of amps. I don't have a meter to measure how many, though. Its too bad this doesn't come with an AC adapter or at least a socket and optional adapter. It does suck well, though. 4great car vacuum!!! I rec'd the vac today and tried it out. Pretty powerful picking up small stones and gritty sand. Not noisy at least quieter than my house vacuum which I am relieved I didn't have to carry it from the house to the detached garage.I have tried other vacs and this one exceeded my expectations. I am happy it is also a wet/dry machine.The collection bag is a bit tiny and near to full it does effect suction. Overall however suction was consistent and effective.I find the carry bag to be a bonus so that I can carry the vac in the trunk. Haven't used the detail attachment.The cord is flexible and long enough to reach the back seats and floor.So far so good. After all it's a car vacuum not a 12 amp vacuum. thank you for a great product 5Needs a filter... but once you make one it's a great vacuum. So here's my gripe about this vacuum... as it came to me, it had no filter of any type... just a sort of "deflection shield". I didn't notice this until I was vacuuming my car and started seeing stuff flying around in the air. I realized that it was actually sucking up stuff and pushing it back out. I solved this by wrapping the "deflection shield" with some dry filter paper from a shop vac (the blue paper you would wrap around the foam filter in certain vacuums). This works great and keeps it from making more dust than it picks up. So with that simple addition, it is a great little vacuum with plenty of suction and nice built in tools. It should come with the filter... that would earn it 5 stars in my book. 3I'm a neat freak and when I can't get to the car wash I can easily pull this out and vacuum my seat and mats ... This vacuum does the the job. I'm a neat freak and when I can't get to the car wash I can easily pull this out and vacuum my seat and mats with ease. Has enough power to pick up most dut and dirt. There is a flip out nozzle that's useful for tight spaces. The cord stretches a bit go you can plug it in at the front and still vacuum easily the back seat 4It Sucks, but not a real lot. It's does suck up loose things, like dirt and sand, but it's not going to wrestle the road salts away from your carpet if they are stuck to it. It's limited by the power supplied. I notice with the engine running it has a little more ummppphhh, but it's still not enough to rip the pressed-in winter sludge out of the carpet, and I didn't expect it too.I didn't give it less stars, because it's not its own fault it is not able to really suck. Its design is limited to 12V and about 10 amps. 20 amps in some cars. Limiting it to 120 - 240 Watts max. SO it can never be designed to compete with Home vacuums that are supplied with much greater amounts of power, and designed to use it.So, this little guy is good for a quick pick-up job. And it did a pretty good job cleaning up for me, even though it takes many, many swipes back and forth to get everything.I am not a fan of the folding extension. There's just too much room around it to let air in at the fold and it takes away from the already limited suction at the opening. The little brush attachments were helpful in loosening dirt, but the floppy extension made it aggravating to try and use.I also had a hard time getting the part out that you need to remove to empty it. I ended up having to shake the dirt out.I went for this one because it said WET as well as dry, and I am hoping it will help when the first coffee or yogurt is spilled. I don't want my brand new car looking like the OLD "Family car" with food stains all over. I won't be testing it though, I will wait, and hope I don't need to learn whether it works for this, or not.I'd say it neatens up, but doesn't really CLEAN up. For the price, it's worth it to toss in the trunk rather than send it back, but it can't come close to doing the job of a home vac or the "Working" ones at a car wash. 3it did a great job. I put down a layer of baking ... I've had other hand vacuums for the car but none that purported to be a wet cleaner. I've only used it once so far, but for that one instance, vacuuming an entire used car after a recent purchase, it did a great job. I put down a layer of baking soda on the carpet and let it soak for a couple of hours, then vacuumed it all up using this vacuum.There are a couple of attachments, but not too many; when the case for the attachments looks like MacGyver's toolbox, I lose interest in keeping it in the car. For this vacuum, many attachments are built into the handle; I leave it in its pouch and it sits in the rear of my van, ready to be unleashed when action is demanded.However, keep in mind that for vacuum and especially hand vacuums, longevity is a big factor that you may want to weigh when purchasing; I haven't owned this vacuum long enough to comment on that aspect. 4Left with more to desire but inexpensive enough not to make it worthless. It does a mediocre job at cleaning your vehicle's carpet but really lacks the power to do it quickly. I can spend about 10-15 minutes (versus 1-2 at a coin op or using my upright vacuum). I would rate it much lower but it is something that you can take with you on trips and it will clean up larger debris alright.It comes with a paper-like cloth travel bag and two brush accessories. I have already lost the brush accessories as the bag doesn't like to stay cinched shut all that well.On the bright side I have owned it for about a year now and have used it continually during this time. If I feel like getting a thorough cleaning done I now just bring my upright or my shop vac out to really clean it out but it's great if I don't want to go through the trouble of getting my long extension cord out of the shed.It also has a fold down extension tube that works a lot better than the default opening as it concentrates the airflow a little more at the sacrifice of being a smaller opening.You may be better off getting a higher powered rechargeable handheld vacuum and keeping it in your vehicle until it needs charging.Overall it's 'okay' but definitely not something that gets a quick deep clean. Have doubts on it's "wet" capabilities as well. 3Effective Little Vacuum So let me preface this by saying that if you expect this vacuum to be as good as the big ones at the car wash, you're going to be sorely disappointed.But if you're looking for an inexpensive vacuum that easily plugs into a cigarette lighter in your car, this is a great option. To be fair, I've never owned a different car vacuum, but this little guy has more suction than I expected. It has a cool plastic piece that's attached to the vacuum that swings out on a hinge and pops into place so you can get into seat cracks, plus a separate attachment with a little brush to get grit out of floor mats. Includes a small bag to keep everything in.All in all, picks up 98% of the dirt and has an easily cleaned filter and collection compartment. Definitely pleased with my purchase. 5
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