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Artscape Etched Glass Window Film 61 x 92 cm, 36-by-72-Inch

  • Artscape Etched Glass Window Film 61 x 92 cm, 36-by-72-Inch
  • Artscape Etched Glass Window Film 61 x 92 cm, 36-by-72-Inch
  • Artscape Etched Glass Window Film 61 x 92 cm, 36-by-72-Inch
  • Artscape Etched Glass Window Film 61 x 92 cm, 36-by-72-Inch

Artscape Etched Glass Window Film 61 x 92 cm, 36-by-72-Inch

AU$ 206.00 AU$ 124.00 Save: AU$ 82.00
AU$ 124.00 AU$ 206.00 You save: AU$ 82.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The visual effect of textured glass and stained glass
  • Creates privacy / Provides UV protection
  • No adhesives / Applies easily
  • Patterns repeat to cover any size window
  • Made in USA
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Customer Reviews

Works Great! I bought three of these to add privacy to our glass shower as my kids are too young for an anatomy lesson. I could have done the job with 2 sets and our shower has a lot of glass, at least 3 times what a typical shower door would need. I left a little over 12" open on the bottom and top of the glass for looks and so we can still see out in case the little rascals are hanging from the ceiling fan or something. Start to finish took about 2 hours, I could do it in less time now. It was not as much fun as drinking beer and watching football but better than hanging blinds or curtains. This project was well worth the time and money, wish I'd done it sooner. 5Perfect light filtering film!I ve used this product twice now (for a sidelight window and now two kitchen windows) and it gives me the privacy I wanted without blocking out too much natural light.This is a lot thicker than other window films and in my opinion it makes it a lot easier to control when applying. Be patient and take time to measure everything and cut (I used a metal ruler to mark the backing and then used hardware sicssors to cut). I also purchased Gila window film fluid to spray the window during application instead of making my own soapy mixture...I originally tried this out on a sidelight in May 2018 and so far it s lasted 8 months with no peeling or discoloring.Hope this helps!5More affordable than Home Depot. Difficult to make it perfect. Tips for install.Most important - I purchased this way cheaper here on Amazon than a roll I bought at Home Depot. It was $35 at Home Depot and $20 on Amazon. The packaging of the Amazon one is a little different, being in a brown cardboard box. The one at Home Depot is in a clear plastic box. They appear to be identical other than that and the inclusion of a squeegee with the Amazon one. So, a much better deal buying on Amazon and you also get the squeegee! (Update March 2020 - another package I ordered looked just like Home Depot's package and did NOT include the squeegee). Besides that, I do really like this product. I was able to ramp up our privacy significantly using this on our front door, and several windows throughout our home. My biggest issue with it is that it is really hard to remove all of the bubbles and to achieve perfection. It can look like it's done perfectly, but then when you come back later, bubbles can form again. In particular, I noticed that when I came back at night, and with the light shining from the inside, I found all sorts of bubbles that weren't visible at the time of install. Through trial and error, I amassed some tips:1. Cleaning your window as thoroughly as possible prior to install is very important (but virtually impossible to make it absolutely perfect). I started by using a razor blade to scrape any excess vinyl that was in the window corners. That tends to be a spot where the window is imperfect and there can be a little bump of excess vinyl there which can hinder the install and cause frustration. After doing that, I cleaned the window. Then I took a straight razor blade and scraped the surface of the window. Then I cleaned the window again. Then, I used my camera lens rocket blaster to blow any remaining debris from the window as best as possible. That helped with tiny pieces of hair and debris. I imagine a hair dryer would work too. Then, I sprayed the water solution and applied the film.2. Part of my install routine was to get the window looking good during the day, and then come back at night and push out remaining bubbles. It's much harder to get those bubbles out after everything has dried, however. I found a plastic putty knife to be the most effective at removing those bubbles after install, since it is firmer than a squeegee. And I had to get pretty aggressive with the putty knife. The good thing is that the film is pretty durable and stands up to a pretty aggressive scraping. For really stubborn bubbles, use the corner of the putty knife. I have found the best thing to do is to come back to the window once or twice to try and make it look as good as possible, and then stop focusing on it or you'll go crazy trying (in vain) to make it perfect!3. Sometimes you might find a hair or piece of dirt lodged beneath which then requires peeling back the film, washing out the offending piece, spraying more water/soap, and going through the process of removing bubbles again. A lot of times these pieces of debris aren't noticeable until nighttime when light shines on the window from the opposite direction.4. The other thing is that it's important to leave the tiniest margin around the film. If you try to get every single bit of your window covered, it is really hard to get the bubbles out and the corners will lift up and look bad. It's tempting to try and cover every square inch, and I am guilty of that. But it proved frustrating, and I ended up removing and throwing away that film, as it got so messed up from trying to make it look smooth.5. If you want only part of your window or door covered, try doing some stripes to transition between the opaque and clear sections. I did this on our front door and several windows and have received numerous compliments!4There is a difference between etched and frostedThis does an okay job if you just want moderate privacy however as you can see from my picture it's not as frosted as I would like it to be. Looking outside and inside from a distance I could make out shapes even during the day. I'm guessing there's a big difference between an etched and frosted film so I will be trying one that is labeled as frosted.Application of this film is simple enough. You can use soapy water in a spray bottle but I opted to use the Gila Application Solution. If you don't have a big enough table it can be unrolled on a cleared off bed. Just generously spray and after applying spray more on before you squeegee and the bubbles go away easily. I also didn't do any pre-cutting. Since the films were close enough to the sizes of my window doors, I aligned the factory edges to two sides and used a box cutter to easily score off the excess.3LOOKS GREAT !I choose not to pay $300.00 extra for opaque glass in my doors, I installed doors with 32x 68 single panel clear glass on each end of my Florida room, One door went to the master bedroom, the other to the laundry room. Needless to say I needed to block / obscure the glass, miniblinds under glass kit was $300.00 for both. regular blinds would just bang around and get beat up. I decided to install the Artscape window film but was a little apprehensive since I had not done this before. When it arrived, it came with clear instructions, it was easy to trim to size. the install was very very easy. Make sure your glass is clean, then wet the glass with a spray mister, the film peels off its backing real easy, then set it in place, it will stick to the glass instantly but WILL move around for adjustments. now spray the film in place well with the mister, it will allow easy use of the squeege(included). Air bubbles came out very easy because it was very wet. place a towel on the floor before you wet the glass. Reality... from the time I peeled the backing to being done squeegeing was about three minutes. I moved on the second door with great confidence. I would highly recommend this film for anyone, skilled or unskilled.5Really like itI must confess I was a bit skeptical that this film would work better than the adhesive backed flavor. So I bought one 36"x72" roll to try it out. I'm a believer now.I know the challenges in eliminating bubbles from thin coverings and it truly is a pain, especially for sticky films. I found this film is just thick enough to keep its shape, yet thin enough to be flexible. Just perfect.Of course preparation is key. A scraper blade helps immensely to remove the last vestiges of seemingly invisible debris and creating clean, flat, sharp corners on the glass. You must account for and perhaps trim any "squeeze out" of caulk or glazing that may affect a clean edge. Be very careful if you do. I'd completely stay away from any other sealing material (gaskets, gimp, weatherstripping).I found it best to cut the film 1/32" small since it does stretch while squeegeying. Keep in mind that some (many?) windows aren't as square as you might think - so cut accordingly. A wet paper towel was just sufficient to apply the right amount of water to the glass. You certainly don't want a watery mess on your hands.After the winder is prepped, peel the backing from the film. It seems all this plastic creates a whole lot of static...just enough to attract stray bits of debris. This is not fun to eliminate especially on large pieces. A tiny hair or speck of dirt will ruin the installation and give you two choices...start over or live with it. That's all I'll say.Se sure the window is well lit from the back to see the bubbles (full sun is optimal). Carefully apply the film, reposition as necessary and hand flatten. Use the squeegee tool to smooth out the film, inspecting often. The film should not ride up on the sash or any sealing material. If you keep working the film, you'll be able to move/stretch it in very small increments. Squeegee all the edges and corners. Wipe down and inspect again. Lather, rinse, repeat for the next window :)5Way easier than imagined and now I finally have privacy!I just put two of these up last night and it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. I got two for my sliding glass door. They aren't wide enough, so I'll need to buy another one to do one small panel on each side, but they are helping me sooo much with my privacy situation. I live on a first floor and everyone couldn't help but look in if I had the blinds open and what an improvement! You have to stand up to the window just to see a shadow. Nevertheless it still lets light in.Because I was putting these up on my sliding glass door I had my boyfriend help me with his height. It also helped having two people to peel the long film off the paper. Once it was up on the wet window though, I was able to do all the squeegeeing myself.All you do is 1) clean window 2) wet window liberally with spray bottle of dishsoap and water 3) push film on window and position 4) spray other side of film 5) squeegee outwards for bubbles. I was really stressed out that it was going to be difficult and look horrible, but this seriously was no big deal!5Not bad if you can "practice" with it..Decent PrivacyVERY hard to cut, esp once it's on the window...Even with brand new razor blades/utility knives and even a scalpel!Inconsistent Quality Control-Out of 2 rolls opened so far, 1 had terrible streaks on it, before even peeling off the backing paper...SO it was notdue to me not squeegeeing it out properlyAnd 1 of 2 rolls did NOT have the plastic scraper in it..I really think that you'd be better off just buying roller shades or something else...I bought this to hopefully stop using thevery annoying and cheap mini blinds...I was lucky in that I was able to use 2 rolls of this (couple of years ago) on my sliding glass door, 1 roll per panel and the size of the roll was nearly exactly the size I needed, and it went on MUCH easier than the current product..I DO feel that for maximum privacy, you'd really need to use 2 layers of this stuff, one inside, one outside...Maybe even a metallic/reflective type on the outside and this on the inside...3It's so easy to apply!This product is SO easy to apply!! The only thing I would recommend is to buy a cheap squeegee rather than use the one included in the package. Mine fell apart on the first side of the window, making it hard to push the bubbles out. However, this product was really easy to apply. To have less of a mess, I recommend you use a towel at the bottom of whatever you are applying this film to soak up the water. When you cut the product, I recommend you cut the film side up, rather than cutting through the thick paper and then the film. I had more of a clean cut, cutting the film first and then the paper. This was so easy to apply, that I was able to do three windows in about 45 minutes. That included cleaning the window, measuring, cutting, applying and cleaning up the water. If you are looking for something to cover your windows for added security or more privacy, I highly recommend this product! I cannot tell you how awesome this product will make your life easier! I now have this on my basement windows and know we have more privacy and security all thanks to this easy to install product!5great product, easy to install :D I'm a glass contractor, so installation might have been easier for me since I work with glass.However, this is the first time I've ever applied a window film to windows. The product itself is very easy to work with because it is much thicker then most window films out there.Necessary tools for anyone to do a professional job are :a professional window film application tool,a straight edge (I used my 48" level),an accurate tape measure to cut the material to the PROPER dimensions,a few brand new razor blades(I used the blades without a utility knife holder),high quality glass cleaner(not windex, I recommend sprayway),paper towels, lint-free cloth, hand soap and water.Clean all glass surfaces you will apply the film to very well with first paper towels, then go back and clean it a last time with the lint-free cloth to make sure its 100% clean and ready for the film.I choose to cut the window film exactly 1/8" smaller then the visible glass size. I also prefer to dampen a lint-free cloth in a water and hand soap mixture, and use that cloth to apply the soapy solution to the glass. Then apply the film to the glass get out all visible wrinkles and bubbles, you may have to lift a corner of the film after you applied it to get out all bubbles. After applied, dry window with a lint-free cloth, take a 1/8" shim and use a razor blade to trim the applied window film 1/8" smaller on all sides to have a professionally applied final product. Now sometimes the product looks perfect on the inside, but you can see small bubbles on the outside, within 2 weeks of a proper application all the imperfections seen on the exterior will disappear.Like I stated earlier, this is a high quality, easy to apply window film. 5Easy to install and blocks viewWe got this for our bathroom window, lower sash as we needed more privacy. My husband installed it and had no trouble. Just follow the directions.I really like the frosted look and you can't even see shadows from outside, but it doesn't darken the room. We didn't need it on the top sash as that wasn't a privacy issue, so we also get light thru there.We got enough to do our master bath too and will be installing that soon.If you are looking for complete privacy, no shadows, yet light filtering in try this. It isn't noticeable from outside either.5Get a friend to help with installation and it ll turn out great!We live in a tiny plantation house built in 1920 with 6 and 9-pane windows and needed some privacy in the front from the road and from the neighbors. The end product was surprisingly impressive and gave us the privacy we craved in the front of the house while still allowing ample light in. It looks authentic, not like a plastic film and is easy to remove if you make a mistake during installation (albeit costly). I paid $20 for my roll that was in like new condition. A paper cutter would have probably saved a lot of time in making each panel for the panes, but we measured each piece individually, marked with a sharpie, and cut using scissors. As other reviewers have mentioned, diluted soap water, a spray bottle, and a credit card during installation are critical to get out air bubbles between the film and the glass. Don t think I could ve done it alone. Installation was more effective with 2 people to identify bubbles and remove before soap water solution evaporated. Because we started with Artscape brand, we plan to buy more so the etching pattern is consistent through the house. On areas we completed, the product came out great. We work on the house on weekends so it s been slow, but the first film has been on for almost a year without yellowing, peeling, or any issues at all, and you cannot tell the difference between film we installed recently and the ones we installed initially. Happy and will buy again.5
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