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Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091

  • Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091
  • Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091
  • Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091
  • Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091
  • Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091
  • Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091

Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack - Heavy Gauge Steel, Holds 153CDs, 72 DVDs, 8 Adjustable Shelves PN78205091

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Folding Tower provides 8 adjustable shelves for any storage need. The stand alone base and steel construction makes this a sturdy unit. Wire shelving is easily installed with snap in shelves. Holds CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs.
  • Black heavy gauge steel construction. Standalone with base or wall mount.
  • Wire shelves snap into place. Multimedia Storage 8 adjustable shelves
  • Length: 10.88" Width: 8.50" Height: 52.13" , Weight: 8.70 lbs
  • Multimedia Storage 8 adjustable shelves
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Customer Reviews

Love this for my boyfriends cdsThis was insanely easy to put together. It took about 5 minutes. It's really sturdy even without being attached to the wall. It comes with extra screws to mount the 2 pieces to the wall in case you don't want it standing on the floor on the wooden base. Great for the price and holds a lot of cash.5Terrible directions and shelf design, but you can make it work. Boy did I long for Ikea's helpful little man on this one. The first step is to unfold the side/back unit. No hint that it matters what direction you unfold them. Choose wrong and the shelves don't fit. I had to undo and redo the four tiny and hard to reach nuts and screws. The key is "bulgey side out." Other than that it went together relatively easily.The other problem is the shelf design. The shelf has WIDE gaps. See picture. Since I wanted to use this as a knick-knack shelf, I had to improvise. Luckily I had some old jewel cases, which placed lengthwise gave me a platform for my grandmother's trinkets. I can see that using it for cds could result in slippage problems if the shelf isn't packed pretty full.But it was the only affordable shelf set that fit the odd space I have. I'll probably eventually get something wider than a jewel case so the trinkets have more space. But with a little easy hacking it fulfilled my needs. See picture 3I'd buy it againWell, I finally resolved the disorder and must say that looks awesome. I couldn't find the way to add more than 100 DVDs. I placed them horizontals but wasn't estable, they keep falling or stucking each other. For me vertically is better. Anyway, is an awesome solution, practical and, looks great too.5Very solid as long as you anchor it to the wall.So first I would like to mention I live in a much older house and it's floors are not exactly straight so this is likely part of why I needed to anchor the unit despite already being against a wall. I found out my friend who lives in a more modern house has the same unit and she has had zero issues with this so perhaps take into account the condition of the floors in your home.That aside I was quite pleased. I bought this to put my PlayStation 1 and Dreamcast collection out instead of in storage and it works a charm. I have heard some complain about the ease of which discs can fall through the shelves I have had little problem with that. I will say the issue is worse if you have half full shelves so try to fill them up before moving on to the next. My father in law suggested heading to Lowes and getting so really thin custom cut(which they do for free) plexi glass and simply laying them over each shelf. We tried it with a small extra piece we had lying around and you can't even see it and we were not using the thinnest available plexi.Plexi or not still a solid unit just be mindful of the surroundings you plan to use it. I plan to buy another unit once my classic PC game collection gets large enough to warrant it.5Cheaply priced and flimsy enough to reflect thatI looked over various stands on Amazon the other day. I expected this to not only hold a significant amount of media (which it does mostly) and be stable.It simply is not that stable. You have three primary pieces. The bottom of the stand, the bottom of the "tower" and top of the "tower".First of all, the very bottom used some not-so-great plastic washer/nut type things to screw in the bottom to attach to the bottom of the tower. 2 out of 4 would not screw on right. Two of us tried, it is the item not us. I had to force them on and super-glue them. The other two were loose enough I also had to super-glue those.Where the bottom of the tower meets the top is quite unstable. A little bump and it looks like it may fall apart.Finally are the "shelves". They just kinda get placed on the wireframe and sit in place. They're very loose. If the tower is shaken they'll simply pop out of place. Let a few games fall over, they're out of place. Etc.All in all this was somewhere in the mid-range of prices when I was looking the other day. It is really flimsy and I simply don't suggest it. Maybe if it were 10 bucks but at it's price it's just not worth it. I wasted my money on it and will now have to buy yet another media holder/tower.I regret buying it.3Not too bad, but you'll have to HELP itI like the style, size and overall unit. It has one MAJOR problem. You need to make some sort of 'liner' for the shelves. Otherwise, your DVDs or CDs will tumble out the front with the least provocation. I pulled out a movie and the rest on that shelf jumped out and committed seppuku on the floor. If you move the rack, expect ALL of the cases to wind up on the floor. The problem is because there are only 3 bars on the shelves. One in the back, one in the middle and one in the front. The cases are of differing sizes, so not all FIT the same and if you don't position the case EXACTLY - well, expect to spend several minutes reshelving movies or CDs.Other than that, it is a great value!4Mine is defective I received a defective one so I have to go through the process of getting a correct one. The manufacturer put the back of the top teir on backwards so the shelves won't fit....pain but hopefully will be resolved. 1Cheap, but it works. Not bad.Let me say first that I would have happily paid more for a nicer product, but I couldn't find one of sufficient narrowness for the spot between the TV and the corner. This product is flawed but it works. First, it's a little bit unstable, but it does come with tools to screw it into the wall behind it if you want. Second, it's not that easy to put together. Plastic, unrivited plastic "feet" securing bolts get screwed on with a custom tool they included - if they'd made these small parts of metal it would have added maybe 20 cents to the cost to the manufacturer, and made set up much easier and stronger. 2nd, while it looks like the sides are 1 piece, they are actually 2 pieces, screwed together. This is done to reduce shipping cost due to the size, but it also makes the product less stable, and the screws and bolts that hold the 2 pieces together are both quite small, and you need the shortest screwdriver in the world to fit over the screw, cause there's a bar just 3 inches above it and you can't get a good screwdriver twist when you have to come in at an angle. The bolts are also small and hard to grip with pliers, so I tightened mine by hand as best I could. The shelves also are not as "gripping" as they should be for this kind of snap together in place design and they shelf floors are prone to things falling through them cause there's too much open space for a "floor"It sounds like I'm trashing this product, but based on the price, I think they're making no claims that this is quality. What it is, is functional and to me, it's worth the money cause I finally have a rack that holds all my DVDs, in a fairly attractive way - in a small space next to the TV. It works for me cause it's just the right size, but I think the people who call this a "piece of junk" have a point too. I wouldn't give this as a present to somebody unless I disliked them. ;-)3.5 stars for the product because it basically works and because I'm happy to have it. 1.5 stars for the manufacturer - sometimes spending a bit more money on better, more sturdy and easier to set up design is the way to go. Dirt Cheapest possible isn't always best.3Flimsy and Not DVD FriendlyWatch out for falling objects! DVDs like to tumble off of this shelf because this has to be (A) the flimsiest shelf I've ever bought, and (B) the shelving is shallow, wire frame, and not meant to really handle DVDs at all. I mean, it technically can in the sense you can fit them onto the shelf standing up (horizontal is too wide for the shelf), but they like to fall forward because the wire they use is loose and sparse. For CDs? Sure. Blu-ray? Yeah. DVDs? Not on your life, at least, not if you want to avoid spending each day rearranging them so that they don't fall forward and off the shelf itself.Oh, and as you're sorting and rearranging, keep in mind the little wire shelves will pop off and you'll have to set them again, and they're so loosely hanging on the wire frame anyway, that you will not get them to stay long.Avoid this one unless you're desperate.2HOW CAN ANYONE AWARD THIS LESS THAN 5-STARS? It does what it's supposed to do - so well!I am so pleased with this Atlantic Adjustable Wire Media Rack! More importantly: my wife is too. Yes - I still purchase CDs. In this case, the rack hold a "digipack" collection of rare classical CDs. It holds them securely, and well. The wire-ry design is well camouflaged once it is full (my wife likes that!) I placed some box sets for additional support on the base, and lower two shelves. It feel rock solid. It was very easily assembled. Somewhat intuitive actually. And once it is full, it is quite stable.In this fading age of storage media, it serves us well! It is well designed, and it does what it is supposed to do. And it does it well! Five stars!5Just what I was expectingI saw the review of the guy who posted a video of how flimsy this rack was, but listen, you're paying 30 bucks for a rack that's just a skinny, cheap rack, BUT it holds quite a lot of videos. I got 2 of these and it seems they hold up just fine. I may secure the "shelves" with some wire wrapping or black velcro, but right out of the box it's a decent buy for just 30 bucks and it's perfect for the small space I want to use.5Watch out for quantity limits.It was pretty easy to put together, but it is meant to be attached to the wall as it is a bit unstable. It works in my area though where there is no traffic and fits perfectly depth-wise in the spot. I liked the idea that there would be no "dead space" for my DVD storage and this didn't quite accomplish that. There are extra shelves that would be needed if you were storing CDs on the shelf. The middle row where the connection is between the two halves of the stand doesn't allow a connector as it is too thick so I lost some space there. If they had made the shelf just a bit wider DVDs would fit crosswise. Using it for all DVDs there is not quite enough width to lay a standard DVD down flat. Would probably work with a Blu-ray, I just have more standard size DVDs than Blu-Ray DVDS. It is a bit pricey for what it is, but it works in my space, hence the three star rating. When I tried to order a second one of these I was told I was only allowed one. I even called customer service and they said I have to wait seven days to reorder a second one. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! I'm returning the first one. I don't want to walk around my old shelf for seven days until I can order a new one.1
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