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Authentic iRobot Parts - XLife Extended Life Battery - Compatible with Roomba 400/600/700/800 Series Robots

  • Authentic iRobot Parts - XLife Extended Life Battery - Compatible with Roomba 400/600/700/800 Series Robots
  • Authentic iRobot Parts - XLife Extended Life Battery - Compatible with Roomba 400/600/700/800 Series Robots
  • Authentic iRobot Parts - XLife Extended Life Battery - Compatible with Roomba 400/600/700/800 Series Robots

Authentic iRobot Parts - XLife Extended Life Battery - Compatible with Roomba 400/600/700/800 Series Robots

AU$ 386.00 AU$ 232.00 Save: AU$ 154.00
AU$ 232.00 AU$ 386.00 You save: AU$ 154.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 1 iRobot XLife Extended Life Battery. Robot run times remain the same between recharges
  • Delivers up to 2x the battery cycle lifetime. Use Roomba as directed for longest battery life
  • Compatible with most Roomba 500/600/700/800 Series Robots, Authentic part manufactured by iRobot
  • Not compatible with Roomba 690 or 890 Robots
  • Note: Please refer to the User manual (Page 2 and 6 ) for optimum battery performance. Battery lifetime varies with home environment and usage
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Customer Reviews

A new heart for my aging love, Robert the Robotic VacIt's really not a true "review" on something like this if written right after placing in service but here goes. "Robert" my iRobot Roomba was pretty much dead and when he passed he passed fast. Looking back I saw evidence of his failing. He didn't want to leave home long, didn't have much zest for life and would poop out early in the party. Finally he would leave his house (dock) crawl forward a foot or two then faint crying "charge me!." He had been with me maybe 2 1/2 years and danced for me daily save on Tuesdays - his day off. It was true love from the beginning as far as I was concerned. I called up his birth mom to make sure my diagnosis of a fainting heart was correct. Very helpful. Before buying, I went on line with Amazon to compare prices for heart (battery) replacements against those of his birth mother. I found his bm sold on both sites but priced lower on the big A site by about ten bucks. I also found they offered replacements for Robert's original heart plus a new extended life version. I bought the extended version. Honestly, Robert's worth every penny and more! I did surgery on the kitchen counter. It was easy peasy even for an old lady with arthritic appendages. I cleaned him up good while I had him anesthetized. I do this daily but he got a good cleaning under all arms and legs that day. Oh my, Robert is doing the happy dance now!! He seems to go forever! Not only that but it seems his new heart helped his memory. He can find his way back home better now than he has for a long long time. All is well in our world now. My floors are clean again under this indian's bare ole feet, I hate that crumbly feeling when retrieving my morning coffee. Robert is his jazzy perky self again. Presumably it will be years before Robert ever needs a transplant again. Oh one thing to be aware of - heart replacement does mean temporary situational memory loss. Robert needs to be reprogrammed all over again. I think I'll give him Sunday off in future- just like me. 5Five StarsOriginal product IS always better. I've own a Roomba 650 for the last 4 years or so, worked wonderful, after 3 years the battery started to work less every time, so I decided to save some money by buying the cheaper kind (classic yellow no name brand battery) After a few months it started to say error 1, after I read the reviews about this issue I ended up not paying attention to the error message because it was charging anyways. But sadly it started working for shorter periods of time plus the engine wasn't working to it's full potential. Even though I follow every advice like "use it and let it die by itself before recharging again and etc" so less than a year after, I found myself buying original again, lesson learned. It would be way more expensive to keep buying the cheap yellow imitation battery. Nothing compares with original IRobot parts. It's just amazing so just go ahead spend a little more in original and vaccumm away. 5It works on my 530 model.There is some confusion on whether this product will work on a 500 series Roomba. The main title is silent but some of the description says yes. I took a chance and it works fine giving new life to my older Roomba 530. I stick to the major brand here as the batteries in the pack need to be matched for long like and some of the cheaper ones do not match the batteries. 5Restored the original ZIP to my Roomba 880GREAT! My old Roomba battery had lost all its zip, lasted only fifteen minutes. As part of replacing both drive wheels, I ordered this new battery and now my Roomba 880 runs for 80 minutes or more before returning to home base.At first I was going to use a LiPo battery, but on reading reviews I found that people were experiencing a Roomba setup memory loss each time a LiOn battery disconnected as it neared full discharge. After seeing this, I decided to use a NiMH replacement, and ordered this item. 5Authentic OEM partsI have an older iRobot and was happy to find a brand name replacement This worked perfectly.Pros: OEM parts.No issues with compatibility.Extended the useful life of my iRobotCons: none notedAs an online shopper I rely heavily on reviews left by others when trying to decide what to buy so I try to leave useful reviews for those products that I feel strongly about. Please let me know if you find my review helpful. Thanks so much. 5Replacement Battery did not lastI bought this replacement battery after the original one in our 3 year old Roomba stopped holding a charge. It literally worked for 2 months, and I paid $65 dollars for it. It no longer holds a charge. I have been finding it in the middle of the floor before it is finished running a cleaning cycle. Very disappointing and a waste of money. 1very sad face.The battery would not hold a charge for more than 5 mins... (no Kidding) I contacted the support, which is Roomba. They said the battery SN I received was a 2014 battery and would not fall under any warranty. Had to purchase a new battery from them ....(sad face... very sad face..) 1Don't play games when it comes to batteriesWhen it comes to batteries you cannot mess around. You have seen the news and know airlines do not want them on their jets. So why would you trust one charging on your carpet when not at home? I feel I have no choice but to buy this product. I am getting long run times now, to the point where I can't wait for the Roomba to finally go to bed. Great battery, this is the exact same one I had replaced which lasted 3-4 years. 5Works for about a year.Purchased battery in July 2015. Writing this Review in Nov. 2016 after over a year of usage.Received as expected. Worked as expected for about a year and then started to loose time. After one year and 4 months now its time is down to 10 minutes. Looking for another battery now. 3LegitBased on problems mentioned in another review, I emailed the manufacturer (irobot) customer support a photo of the serial number, and they told me this battery is "authentic", and "was manufactured in 2018" (I bought it on January 3rd 2019). So I'm happy with that.On its first run, it lasted 2 hours and 24 minutes, which I'm pretty happy with. All hard floors, except for a small fireplace rug (doesn't last as long on rugs). To accomplish this, I pushed "dock" instead of "clean", with the dock unplugged. When I push "clean" and it can see its dock, it runs for an hour. When it can't see its dock, it runs for half an hour. I have a model 655.My original battery lasted about three years, and was down to a run time of about 20 minutes.I guess others on a similar timeline, who registered a roomba three years ago, and haven't logged into irobot support since, are likely to have the same problems I had, so: I recommend logging into your account before you send your support email. To do that, you need to re-create your account, with the same email address you used. Because they sort of deleted them all - but once you re-create it with the same address, you'll get all your support history back. But it won't list your roomba as registered. Even though one of my support tickets says I was shipped free filters for registering, and includes my serial number.I can't wait for the cost of self emptying robot vacuums (like the i7+) to come down in price. 4
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