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Bananagrams Party Edition

  • Bananagrams Party Edition
  • Bananagrams Party Edition
  • Bananagrams Party Edition
  • Bananagrams Party Edition

Bananagrams Party Edition

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fast, fun-filled educational word game that requires no pencil, paper or board
  • Perfect for travelling or at home, Bananagrams is the grab-and-go game for the whole family
  • Get ready shout SPLIT and race to create your individual word grid
  • Interactive and exciting language game Can you become the Top Banana?
  • Bananagrams Party edition captures the fun of the original but with 14 chaos-inducing new tiles
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Customer Reviews

SO much fun!My 11 year old daughter wanted this game and we bought it even though I'd never heard of it. It has turned out to be a game that our entire family has enjoyed! We have always liked word games such as Scrabble and Scrabble Jr, but this is more fun because there's no need to keep track of points and there are zany twists with the party tiles. This is going to be our new go-to gift for birthday parties. Love this game!5Really fun. Better than Scrabble because it's less interactiveI love this game. An AirBnB guest brought it and we played several times. It is sort of like Scrabble, but you just work your own "board" rather than playing on the same board, so it is less of a pain in the ass. You have many letters to work with instead of being at the mercy of just one stupid rack. I hate Scrabble. But I love Bananagrams.5Such a fun family game!Our family loves this game so much that we have several versions of Bananagrams! The younger kids like to play in teams with their parents. There is no scoring in the game, so it helps to build confidence and work on their spelling skills. We purchased the Big Letter edition to play here at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and we gave this Party Edition game to our 12 year old granddaughter for her birthday. She and her siblings love to play the game with the special tiles. The entire game stores neatly in it's special bright banana case. Much easier to store and transport than most board games. Definitely recommend.5Fun Twist on Familiar GameMy family members have been long-time fans of class Banagrams, so when I saw there was a party edition I thought that would be a fun gift for my mom's birthday. Though I was a little annoyed that I had to pay for a whole new set of Banagrams just for the 14 extra "party tiles" there is really no way around it, since the tiles are all black in the party edition, as opposed to white (like in the original version). We played this game with 7-8 people and had a blast every round, with the party tiles adding a new level of silliness and fun. My personal favorites were the "you can't use your thumb" tile and the "you have to switch spots with me" tile. I would definitely recommend this edition to any lovers of the original game who are ready for a new challenge.5What a Party!I'm a huge Bananagrams fan. Probably doesn't hurt that I win most of the time. Well, the Party Edition levels the playing field. We had groups of 5-6 playing for a few hours, and we were laughing so much. Even the ones who don't tend to win stand a chance, and do win!I'm not sure how well this would work with 2-3 players - we did not try that. I also think this should have come with more letters, because when you're playing with more people, the game is over too quickly (as is the fun of watching the people having to deal with their penalties!). But otherwise, even if you have the regular Bananagrams game, if you're a fan, I can't recommend this enough.5Bananagrams is such a fun game!!!Absolutely love this game!!!! I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. I grew up on the Scrabble game but this game is more fun and a bit more relaxed. I loved it so much that I bought myself one too. It is so much fun to play.5Fun gameWe were looking for a word game to replace Scrabble and someone recommended this.We play in a group and the party tiles are a little confusing at first. They start to make sense after you've played a couple rounds...Just be sure to keep the directions handy with new players because there will be questions about what the action tiles are for. When it's just the two of us, my husband and I take the party tiles out and it's the same as the original game (except with black tiles instead of white).5Great family gameWe love this game and my whole family has a lot of fun. We prefer the black letters w white writing and if we are playing w a large family group, its easy to mix in our black tiles w their white tiles and then undo again. The fun tiles add extra challenges and you can pick & choose whichever ones you want to use. I also like that it makes my kids think rather than just playing mindless video games.5Fun, portable, word play gameIf you like Scrabble, Boggle or other word play games, you will love this game. Originally I got one for my daughter and after we played and she took hers to college, I had to get my own. Easy to learn and a blast to play with friends and family. Very portable and you can use with or without the party tiles.5banapurchase #5 slightly more costly than non-partyALL the fun of Scrable with none of the boring! No waiting on slow players! Integrate all your own letters into a crossword grid yourself in real time in competition with the other players. Upon integration of all letters call aloud PEEL allowing you to draw another tile (forcing everyone else to do the same (hint: strategy of drowning)).Suitable for average children in 3rd grade or later. More capable players can be handicapped for a balanced game.I have removed the Flamingo tile from the pouch. I am not fond of standing still and certainly not on one foot. Solved.The remaining party behavior modifier tiles are bunches of fun especially the thief. I am tempted to buy a few more sets to gift after stealing the respective thief for my prime set. The remainging modifiers comprise: Spell it: inflict this on another player to force them to aloud spell "peel" as a time handicap single handed: another player is one hand short in play. A severe time handicap for some announcers: another player must verbalize each new grid integrated word Pouch head: the fool wears the empty pouch atop her head Thumbless: yup, no opposibility dexterity for your frienemy Re-gifter: dump some of your tiles on someone else. Great for people impaired by JQZ, or those bereft of house-words the one and only thief: take any letter tile, or the shield, or one bomb. Timeout: another player must count aloud to out ten banana units of time Switcheroo: physically change seats with another player (inheriting party impairments) Take a lap: use a large table for best results in a tight space Bombastic: collect both through draw or theft to wrech another's grid The Shield: protect self against every party tile except bombastic Party pooper [not a tile]: those failing to adhere to party tile rules peel themselves an extra two tiles for non comformance each time someone calls them out on their lameness. *House rule allows more than one person to call this per round of peel when called aloud [nearly] simultaneously. Haha!The bananagrams people can still not be incentivized to sell wild tiles or now party tiles individually :( More party tiles please!Play with or without modifiers, sober or not.Adopt a handicap yourself against DUMPing. (It encourages weaker players to play again)A good time had by all. If this game aPEELs to you ... you must be PUNished.Banagrams manufacturer: Please create a party tile version of large tiles bananagrams.5
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