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Bayou Classic 1102 102-Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot with Boil Basket

  • Bayou Classic 1102 102-Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot with Boil Basket
  • Bayou Classic 1102 102-Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot with Boil Basket
  • Bayou Classic 1102 102-Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot with Boil Basket

Bayou Classic 1102 102-Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot with Boil Basket

AU$ 2,490.00 AU$ 1,494.00 Save: AU$ 996.00
AU$ 1,494.00 AU$ 2,490.00 You save: AU$ 996.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Surgical Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Vented Lid. Heavy Duty Welded Handles.
  • Strongest Perforated Basket available
  • Deep Fry Chicken, Fish and Hushpuppies. Steam and Boil Seafood, Crawfish, Clams, and Vegetalbes.
  • Perfect for Backyard Parties and Tailgating! The grade of the stainless steel is 304 and the gauge is 18/8 stainless steel
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Customer Reviews

Has holes that leak hot water. Dangerous.Used for second time tonight after buying July 2015. Has holes all over it spitting out water. Crap 1WARNING - Amazon description does not match users manual for the 1144 44qt stockpotI purchased the 44qt on sale from Amazon, because it says you can fry with the 44qt. However, the Bayou Classic owners manual warns to not fry foods in stockpots over 36qt. I'm sure that's a fire/flashpoint risk, which really dampens why I bought this stockpot. Amazon needs to get it's crap together. It'll still be fine for a boil though. I do have a 10qt fish fryer, so I guess my next purchase will be a stainless steel turkey fryer to have as my backup incase one of my pots fails/gets a leak 1BEWARE! ITEM NOT AS DECSRIBED OR AS APPEARS IN PICTURE!This review is for a 24qt pot. I had done maticulous research on a good steamer pot for seafood (mainly crab legs. I spent WEEKS thinking about what I needed and looking for the right pot TO NO AVAIL in retail stores because of either inferior quality or just not the right style. I want you to look at this picture. To me it is clearly taller than it is wide! This is not the case. Furthermore, the product dimensions listed for the 24qt pot say 14x14x13. Well, the box it came in was 14x13.75x13.75 so I'm going to assume that the "product dimensions" is for the box it's shipped in (even thought that wasn't accurate). The actual product size out of box is 12.5" in diameter and 11" height.Don't get me wrong, it's a great pot obviously, and I wouldn't give it a bad product rating based on misleading details. Just understand, this is a WIDE pot and I don't know if my outdoor portable butane burner will do much to heat this pot. If it were shorter in diameter and taller in height like the picture, it would be perfect for maintaining contact heat to the bottom. Unfortunately, I am just going to have to make do with what I have. Hope this review helped you in your purchase and if anyone from the manufacturer reads this, I ask you review your product pictures and descriptions for accuracy. Thanks! 5The perfect Crawfish pot!I purchased this pot last minute because I had forgotten my other pot back home in Louisiana when I moved to Seattle....and then forgot that I forgot. Alas, with only a few days to go before my first Pacific Northwest crawfish boil, Amazon had my back and got the pot delivered with time to spare.You can easily tell that it's built with quality in mind and cleans up easily. I did four boils pretty much back to back, so it took some heat and performed admirably. The crawfish were tasty and I got to introduce many first timers to the experience. All in all, I'm very satisfied.FYI: For my Louisiana friends, the crawfish in the picture are native to Washington State, so they look a little different than we're used to but man are they tasty. 5pot apparently had a defect in the stainless steel as the rest of the pot is in great shape. I will be asking for a replacement ...Purchased this stock pot June 2014. Expected it to outlast me. When I went to boil potato's for a big family dinner Dec 31st 2017, there was a pin-whole in the side of the pot. Had water on the floor, it was a mess. This 36 Qt. pot apparently had a defect in the stainless steel as the rest of the pot is in great shape. I will be asking for a replacement as this is clearly a manufacturing defect. 1Caveat Emptor...Buyer Beware...cheap, cheap, cheapWas cooking with pot about 1/3 full of water. Was waiting for water to boil on stove. All of a sudden, I heard an electrical fire and water flowing. I ran to the kitchen, besides a complete mess, I saw sparks and gushing water. I immediately went to the panel box and flipped the circuit breaker to kill the electricity. I couldn't believe it. The pot was leaking!!! I took it off the stove. What a bloody mess. See pictures... this pot is crapola. 1Not stainless steelNot stainless steel. It pitted and started to rust immediately on the first use. 1This is great for boiling and steaming all kinds of thingsCooks half a sack of crawfish with taters and corn and whatnot added in. Enough space at the bottom to put water for steaming. Well made. I got it on sale, so the price was right, but I'll be getting a bigger pot to cook a whole sack later. This is great for boiling and steaming all kinds of things. If you wanted to fry with it, it would cook a monster turkey. It's well made and easy to clean, and it IS NOT aluminum. In case you didn't know, aluminum is a neurotoxin that has been linked to Alzheimers. Get rid of your aluminum cookware. I can't believe manufacturers still sell it. The colander is heavy when it is full. I use two hooks. One to get the handle, the other to hook in the bottom for pouring out the contents. It is easy that way. Do not angle it on the lid of the pot to drain the water without holding it. It will slip back in and splash you. 5so shipping was super fast and the item came double boxed and in ...This pot is HUGE!! Just what I needed for our 4th of July low country boil. Before I was using 4 or 5 regular turkey fryer pots but now all I'm gonna need is this one! I ordered this beast on Thursday morning and I received it on Saturday, so shipping was super fast and the item came double boxed and in perfect condition. I haven't used this pot as of yet, but as long as you clean it out and wash it good after each use, I am sure it will last a very long time. Some of the other reviews say it pits and leaks but the only thing I see why that would happen is leaving it full of the water that you use to boil in. The spices that you use for any crab, shrimp, low country, or whatever boil is going to have salt in it and salt if left alone for a few days will start to rust any metal it comes in contact with. So if you take my advice as soon as the pot comes down in temperature cool enough to handle, wash and dry it good and it should last you a long time. But that's my opinion and you know what they say about them. Also I am going to find me a piece of flat metal to use as a heat diffuser on the top of the propane cooker so as not to "blue" up the bottom of the pot with the flame. Want to keep it that nice stainless color as long as possible. Thank you very much "stores 123" you have a great product at a great price and it is gonna help me a lot on my low country boils I have for my family and friends throughout the year. Bayou Classic 1102 102-Qt. Stainless Steel Stockpot with Boil Basket 5Best pot you can buy for outdoor cooking.This is a great pot for steaming out side. Used it for doing some Oysters and Crab legs and it works out so nice. Best part is its stainless steel. Have used other ones that have been aluminum and the bottom and sides get all eaten up from the Oysters and are very hard to clean. NOT this one. The pot and strainer cleaned up with just some soap and water. Used it out side on a Bayou Classics Signal Burner and it still looks brand new. Just slight discoloring on the very bottom where the flame hits it but cleaned up with a SOS Pad to look like new again. I am now looking for more things to cook outside with it because it that nice of a pot and know i can cook, steam, etc more in it because it did not get ruined like the aluminum ones. You would only use it for doing that one thing after just one use with a aluminum pot. This is also a great price, Check it out and I know your are seeing a wide difference in prices. I did the same and just went with this one and i have not been more happy with it. Just love it. Could not see spending like 90 to 150 dollars for a pot just to do some steaming of shell fish, this was a great price and is just as good of a quality pot as the others are.This is a update, May 2016.I have had this pot for some time now and have used it a lot. It works great. The last time i used it was 3 months ago. I forgot to fully clean it out and it was 3 months outside and boy did i think i ruined it. There was some left over water and Crab and Oysters mess left in it as well. The inside was now a mess. What ever that mess was was not fully coming clean with some soap and water. i got off all the slime stuff but there was a black ring and what looked like surface rust, Not sure on that, Still on the bottom of the inside. Well i went back to my SOS pads and it cleaned up like new in about 20 minutes. Did have to put some elbow grease into it but it looks like brand new again. I have seen a few reviews about holes in it and the entire bottom melting. Well let me tell you that is just plane crap. The user is at fault for all that, the only way this pot will ever melt is if there is no water on side and you leave it on the burner. Then yes it will melt. The holes in it is just someone making a bad review for some reason, Most likely paid way too much for one and are upset. This is a great pot and steamer, if i did not wreck it this time there is none thing you can do to wreck it. 5
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