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Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

  • Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker
  • Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker
  • Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker
  • Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker
  • Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker
  • Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker
  • Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

AU$ 124.00 AU$ 74.40 Save: AU$ 49.60
AU$ 74.40 AU$ 124.00 You save: AU$ 49.60



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MAKE RAVIOLI THAT TASTES LIKE IT CAME STRAIGHT FROM ITALY: Load them up with your favorite fillings: lobster, sausage, mushroom, parmesan... Easily makes 12 fat, delicious raviolis.
  • MAGICALLY SEALS EVERY RAVIOLI FOR YOU: The metal cutting frame does all the hard work for you - no need to spend hours pinching raviolis by hand or fussing with egg and water washes.
  • EVERYONE WILL BEG TO KNOW YOUR SECRET: But whether you decide to tell them how you managed to create perfectly uniform, 1 square raviolis is entirely up to you. Were not telling.
  • WILL COMPLETELY RUIN YOU FOR STORE-BOUGHT RAVIOLI: Your family will never be satisfied with dried out, stale store-bought ravioli again. This is next-level ravioli that will have your family bragging about your cooking to the whole neighborhood. You might want to make extra.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ASSEMBLE 12 HEAVENLY PILLOWS OF PERFECTION: The hand-washable metal cutting frame and stick-resistant plastic mold are all you need. Youre going to love how easy this is going to be.
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Customer Reviews

Ravioli Form...I have been wanting one of these for a long time. Definitely glad I ordered it! Easy to use, (this is probably [definitely] common sense, but I still forgot the first time) just make sure you sprinkle it with flour before laying the dough on it- my first 12 stuck and more than half ripped when I tried to remove them- after flouring they came out beautifully! The item was exactly as described/pictured and arrived right on time. 5Not sure if it is Food GradeAfter opening the package, I immediately observed that the item material started leaving some 'shimmering residue' on my hands. It was a very small amount but still left me questioning on whether this item is even food grade. Not sure what the residue is, perhaps aluminum or maybe something else. I returned this item since I wasn't sure about the safety. Maybe the piece I bought was defective. Please check carefully before using it. 1Love this gadget! Not one that s gonna collect dust!This ravioli maker is AMAZING!!! I ve just started making my own pasta after 30 years in the kitchen...I know, shame on me. I tried other ways of creating ravioli after pressing out my dough but it was always an epic fail with air pockets and bled out fillings until I tried this product. Perfect spinach, ricotta cheese filled ravioli for my hungry teen this past weekend. He devoured it all and this pasta maker made homemade possible without any fuss. Highly recommend! By the way, the pic is prior to cooking but I was so thrilled with how easy it was to use and how awesome they came out, I had to snap a pic. 5Great Kitchen ToolSome say spray oils and others say different. All I did was used flour on the bottom of the dough sheet. They all came out well. I own all the Kitchen Aide rollers and the flat roller rolls dough wider than needed - perfect. Just finished my 1st attempt at making raviolis. Used the manacotti filling recipe using a ball of fresh mozzarella and a Parmesan wedge and can not wait to try some tomorrow. I almost did not buy the Catch The Wave DOUGH Pastry Crimper Cutter Roller but ordered it just after this purchase. In my opinion it makes this easier. I do not think I will ever use my kitchen aide ravioli roller ever again. This was so easy I thought I did something wrong. If you like fresh raviolis this is a MUST buy!!!Oh, one more thing. Pressing too hard when rolling them out will scar your maple roller :( 5perfect raviolisThis worked great. I made pasta dough in my kitchenaid mixer, then rolled it out with my kitchenaid pasta rolling attachment. I made a butternut ravioli filling, then used this device to dimple the dough. I then filled each dimple with about a tbsp of filling, covered with another sheet of pasta dough, then rolled with a rolling pin to crimp the raviolis. After removing the sheet of raviolis from the metal frame (I recommend flouring it well before you start), I went over the crimps with a pasta cutter wheel to separate them and ended up with perfect raviolis. 3 eggs / 2 cups of flour made enough dough for 2 sheets of raviolis (20 raviolis). 5Don't be like me and learn the hard way!The directions don't mention the need to oil or flour the metal frame before using it, which is a pretty significant detail to just leave out. After the first dozen were irredeemably stuck and I had to scrape them out of the frame, I dried my tears and started again. I applied a liberal spritz of olive oil spray to both the metal frame and the underside of the plastic mold, and the next 4 dozen came out of the mold easily, and in one piece.Some other tips that I learned the hard way... I found that rolling the dough on setting #4 was the correct thickness. Be careful that your dough isn't too dry, or it will break when you press the plastic mold into it. Also, I found that a scant tablespoon of filling was the perfect amount. I happened to have a cookie scoop that was just the right size, which made for quick, easy, and consistent filling. 3This may drive you insane! Stay away.Don't waste your money. This ruined ravioli making for me. It is so much easier the make ravioli without this terrible contraption. Just say no. I had to throw away a lot of delicious ingredients because I choose to use these things. And since I bought two to make the process go faster, I decided to wash one by hand and put on in the dishwasher. The one that went through the dishwasher was ruined, but no matter as both are going in the trash. 1Easy to use and well constructed.Product is easy to use and well constructed. As other reviewers have mentioned, a liberal sprinkling of flour will lessen sticking. The extra plastic depression maker is not really necessary - I found that a consistently sized portion of filling will make its own depression. I am using a Marcato Atlas pasta roller Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, Chrome, Includes Pasta Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions on setting 4 and had no trouble with tearing at that setting. Pasta could probably be rolled a bit thinner depending on your own preferences but if too thin I could see tearing become a problem. That said, don't get cranky if your results do not match mine - your sauce will never be as good and your fillings will always pale in comparison - you will have to learn to live with it and not blame your personal shortfalls and inadequacies on this product. 5Best raviolisI bought this one because it is slightly narrower than other brands. The dough I roll out from my pasta machine fits perfectly. The other wider ravioli makers would have been too wide for the sheets my pasta machine makes, which is a standard size. Be sure to dust the bottom sheet so it doesn't stick when removing. Also dust the top sheet (the one you roll). After rolling, flip and just slightly push towards the center the outer radius of the raviolis and they all drop out. I put them on a sheet pan and into the freezer for a few minutes or hours until ready to use. You may have to play with your dough recipe, thickness, filling, and cooking time. My second batch was slightly over cooked, but they are better than store bought. Made another batch this morning, and will drop them frozen into boiling water and be ready to eat in maybe five minutes. I bought a wood dowel at Home Depot for 2.87. It would be nice if it came with a roller, but overall I'm satisfied with the quality, function, and price. 5I saw that at least a few other people had complained about the poor metal castingI panicked and almost returned this after I opened it and found the sharp edges around the metal holes. Reading back through the reviews, I saw that at least a few other people had complained about the poor metal casting, saying the edges would tear the pasta and make the whole thing worthless. I decided to give it a try anyway. It ended up working pretty much like a charm. Here's what I learned along the way:1. You need to flower the thing like you really mean it. I covered every bit of the metal with semolina flour before each batch. Most of them came out without any hassle, after I tipped the finished batch onto the counter quickly and forcefully. I tried white flour, a combo of white and semolina, and finally just semolina. The straight semolina was easiest and most effective, and that stuff just sinks to the bottom of the pot when you cook the ravioli.2. On my Atlas machine, setting 6 worked well for me.3. You shouldn't need to wet the pasta with water or egg whites. Just don't let it dry out before assembling (cover sheets with kitchen towels at all times). I used the recipe from Marcella Hazan's Classic Italian Cooking book - which calls for a Tbs of milk per three eggs, to make it a little stickier.4. I found they could hold exactly one tablespoon of filling, but towards the end starting using slightly less than that to keep the filling from squishing out to the edges and compromising the seal. I scooped the filling with a tablespoon, then scooped out the tablespoon with a normal spoon right into the mold. It was pretty easy.I'm docking a star because if you do end up with any sticking, the sharp edges are definitely going to make you want to break something, and it just seems like shoddy workmanship. Then again, the thing is pretty inexpensive. Wish I could give it 4.5 stars... 4
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