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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • HEAT PROOF OVEN MITTS This set of 2 glove-shaped silicone oven mitts for cooking are heat resistant up to 500 degrees F. Protect your fingers to your forearms when you handle hot kitchenware items
  • A KITCHEN ESSENTIAL FOR HOME COOKS / BAKERS Removing a cake from the oven? Or a pan, pot or skillet from the stove top? This Cuisinart high heat oven mitt set is a must!
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS AND ARMS Each oven glove is lined with super soft cotton and premium insulated filling to protect your hands, arms and fingers from heat, steam, and grease. No more worries or risk of burning your skin
  • NON-SLIP RIBBED GRIP These kitchen pot holders are made with flexible silicone so you get a secure grip on your cookware items. Each mitt can be used on your left or right hand, ideal for when youre in a rush
  • CONVENIENT AND EASY-CARE Stains are inevitable. When needed, simply hand wash and lay flat to dry. Includes a metal hanging loop for convenience, or store in a drawer
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Customer Reviews

Good, but one tore within a month Was excited to receive new oven mitts, but within a month, one of them has had the black rubber pull away from the red fabric. I can't say that they were over-used in that month (we kept using our old ones, forgetting we had these); however, it's sad to have one "broken" piece. Would have considered returning, but honestly is too much hassle. Will continue using the damaged/defective one until it gives up (or things get too hot). Hopefully others don't have this issue and we just got a fluke. Have to say, tho, that the red color is beautiful, and the mitts are nice and thick. Just wish they both were in perfect working order. 3Cuisinart Oven Mitt with Non-Slip Silicone... These are well made and effective oven mitts. I've used them with oven temps up to 450degrees and never felt any discomfort due to heat, unlike the mitts these have replaced. The silicon tips on these really improve your grip when pulling items out of the oven and transporting to your counter space.I have small hands for a man and even so I bought size "large" and I'm glad I did because they fit just about right, neither too small or too big.I've used these approximately a couple dozen times and the are holding up well thus far. Most of the negative reviews for these complained the inner lining came loose inside and rendered these useless. My theory on the matter is: they have fit their hands too tightly and each time they put them on and removed them it pulled on the liner stitching until eventually the stitching gave way under stress. If you pull hard enough on most any seam it will eventually give way. Solution: purchase the largest size, you don't want these to fit like a glove!I'm very pleased with my purchase and would purchase again and I recommend them to others with one stipulation, buy a size larger than you would expect to need, they do run small. 5a little awkward but great protection These mitts offer great protection. Since I've been using them, I have not suffered any of the annoying yet small burns that come with cooking regularly. The only drawback that I have experienced is some awkwardness in gripping bake ware that I would normally pick up with my thumb on the inside and my other fingers on the outside of the rim. I'm also very conscious not to put my hand too far down the inside of the rim whenever there are running hot juices or bubbling sauces in the pan. I don't want to stain the mitts willy nilly. 4I like this style My whole family likes to cook and bake. We all prefer an oven mitt that is "puppet style" not glove style because it gives smaller or weaker hands a better grip. I also prefer the arm part to be fairly long so that I don't accidently burn the top of my arm reaching into the oven (and yes I know that the racks pull out...). It is very difficult to find the "puppet style" mitts, very difficult! I like these oven mitts. They come in a huge variety of colors. They are thick enough so you can hold a hot pan for the short time it takes you to put it on the counter. They have a silicone "mouth piece" so they stay a little cleaner. I have washed mine in a front loader by putting them in a "lingerie bag" and letting them air dry. The hook allows them hang flat. 4Ripped after 3 months. I bought these for my wife to replace an ancient pair of oven mitts that developed a hole. At first,I thought these were great. Within three months, I noticed a rip (and these definitely do not get every day use). And the rip continues to spread. These are terrible quality and will not last. Don't waste your money. 1Well constructed, but deeply flawed. I want to congratulate the engineers at Cuisinart with discovering the worlds slipperiest substance and applying it to the these oven mitts. The cloth part is ideal, its comfortable, heavy duty, and feel very well made. However, the black silicone part is incredibly slick. The texturing doesn't help at all either, they're slippery silicone grooves that just make big sliding pads for anything you're trying to hold. I would stay away from these. 2Slippery The actual hand grip section is a bit slippery and if you are picking up a large pot with a long handle such as a carbon steel pan it can rotate in your hand if not careful. Otherwise the gloves are exceptionally safe from any heat source. I got mine dirty from the grill surface and just used a little soapy water and they cleaned up nicely. I would highly recommend these gloves 4Works fine, but fell apart after a few years. Ours lasted for a few years of light use, and then the inside lining of the glove wore through and came loose, so that my fingers were touching the silicone grip from the inside. Naturally, that happened while I was holding a 450 degree cast iron pan, and I burned my fingers (though fortunately, not too badly, and I didn't drop the casserole). I checked the other mitt, and it was in the same state of disrepair. So, they were okay, but just not built to last. 2These gloves are a woman's size medium- so too small for me I wear a large in woman's gloves, my husband wears a medium/large in men's. We have similar sized hands. These are extremely TIGHT on us. We can get them on and off but they are uncomfortable. I have never had an oven mitt be too tight or small before. I normally can grab any other oven mitt and they are fine. I'd return these if I had more time on my hands. As it is... I guess I will find someone with smaller hands and give them away for Christmas.If you wear a medium size woman's glove I think these would fit perfectly. If you are a small in woman's gloves I'd say they might be a bit big on you.I read a lot of reviews that said they found it difficult to use but it has to do with how you like to grab things. Personally, my husband prefers these style gloves as he likes to grab with hand open, with thumb up. I don't really care and can use all types easily enough. Love the silicone mouth.I would not buy these again due to size and now don't think I'll be buying oven mitts online ever again due to this bad experience. 2awkward to use We ended up with three pairs of new oven mitts at Christmas. These were the ones we got rid of.I have an oven mitt that is made entirely of silicone. Its thermal protection is below par. However, it is good when handling things that might spill, because it does not absorb the hot liquid like a cotton mitt.Enter these. They are cotton oven mitts with silicone covering the inside of the hand part. They had two prominent downsides.1) They aren't glove shaped. Pinch your middle finger and thumb together. That's the position of the two halves of the hand. I found it difficult to grab anything that had a handle. In addition, the finger and thumb parts didn't open up far enough to allow me normal use of my hand.2) The silicone is only on the inside of the hand. So if you accidentally dip the tip of the mitt into something hot, hot liquids will still soak through the back of the glove. So the silicone is just a gimmick - it doesn't cover enough of the mitt to provide protection in case of accidental immersion.In case any one wonders, the Calphalon twill thumb mitts are the ones we like the best. They have strips of silicone or something on the hand to increase your grip, and it's very helpful. 2
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