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BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black

  • BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black
  • BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black
  • BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black
  • BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black
  • BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black
  • BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black
  • BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black

BlenderBottle Radian Insulated Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle, 26- Ounce, Matte Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Double-wall vacuum insulated BlenderBottle, for mixing supplements and smoothies, keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours
  • Features a 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall Whisk that mixes when the bottle is shaken, for smooth shakes in seconds
  • 26-ounce capacity (markings go to 18 ounces) offers plenty of room for supplements, meal replacements, or water
  • Twist-on cap with center-mounted spout seals with a quarter-turn and is backed by a Leak-Proof
  • Made from high-quality BPA and phthalate-free materials; hand wash cup, dishwasher-safe lid; not for use with hot liquids
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Customer Reviews

Doesn't Keep Liquid ColdI was so excited when I received this. The look/feel is great. But the reason I bought this was to keep my protein shake cold for 5 hours (in an air conditioned office). Unfortunately, it does not meet the mark. I even tried putting it in a lunch bag with an ice pack, and adding ice to my protein shake. Neither of those tricks improved the results. I'm left with a protein shake that is a little cooler than room temp. Very disappointed! 1Works as advertised. Allows me to blend my shakes before heading to the gym and keeps it cold for hours!I've been using this blender bottle for nearly 3 months now for my protein shakes as well as my daily water container. It keeps my shakes cold for hours. Add ice and it can easily keep liquids cold for up to 12 hours (The product page says 24 hours, but I have not tested this). I have recommended this item to friends who prefer to have their protein shakes blended with milk at home before heading to the gym because they can't stand using the lukewarm water dispensed at their gyms. I was worried the blender ball would scratch the wall of this container and be noisy, but neither of those have occurred. I highly recommend this insulated blender bottle to anyone who currently owns a standard blender bottle and wants to keep their liquids colder for much longer. 5The best for protein powders! Durable, easy to use and clean!I am impressed with this version. I have gone through many blender bottles l, i lose them, and tried every version and this one takes the cake. For protein shake powders which i drink daily blender bottles are the best brand out there. As you can see in my picture my shake is blended smooth and even a little frothy. I use gnc high protein lean shakes powder and almond milk. This bottle is very sturdy Stainless Steel yet light it's definitely more durable than i expected. There are measurement lines with corresponding amounts on the outside and then directly opposite on the inside you can see a line made in the steel so you can easily measure since it isn't see through. My first picture shows these lines inside. The lid is see through at the top so you can look in and see if your shaken enough. I like the screw on lid with screw on cap and the hook that detaches makes for easy cleaning it is also a little rubbery for grip around both the lid and cap. The hook is also flexible rubber. It's easy to unscrew and drink from no loosing the cap or anything dripping on me. 5Not a bad idea, but just get a HydroFlask or LifeFlask*update* have contacted customer service since writing this review. They were helpful and replaced my lid for free, so chanhed review to 3 stars from 2.This worked really well... while it worked. For the first few months I was loving the extra durability and insulation of the stainless steel. Unfortunately the weak point for this bottle is its lid, and specifically its lid cap. After several months the plastic threading on the cap became warped, and no longer completely closes to create a good seal. Therefor, my bottle now leaks constantly. Fair enough. That would be probably a 3-star review in and of itself, but it gets 2 because BlenderBottle customer service is lacking. I submitted a warranty claim for my cap, requesting a replacement, submitting photos of the issues etc... and never heard a word from their customer service and never received any replacement. I'm left wishing I just invested in a more bulletproof HydroFlask or something else instead. 3Worst Bottle EverIf you have an extra $100 for car cleaning, go ahead, purchase this bottle.The lid is so weirdly made, that you think it's tightened enough, then you start shaking your protein shake, next thing you know your car is covered with protein shake - dashboard, seats... everything. It happened three times and the third time went on my shorts as you can see from the picture. It pisses me off, you literally can't tell if the lid is tight enough, this is how this bottle is made. Every time I put a liquid in it I start shaking it slowly to see if it leaks before I go full power... 1Though it is stainless steel, it WILL hold smell.I have now bought 3 of these. I left one without cleaning it overnight and the gaskets are holding the smell even after I let it soak in bleach. My problem right now is the white one I just received is dented (see the picture). I need it for a gift by Monday so I am just going to keep it. Having to return damaged goods to receive the thing you want is such a frustrating process when the buyer is at no fault, but has to put in extra effort. So that's why the 1 star. I have read reviews about these leaking and they are false though. It's very easy to place the cap on wrong, causing leakage. I believe that might be many people's problem, but is not an actual fault of the design. 1Leaks sometimes! Overall quality product.I've used it almost daily for maybe a month & a half now, and I've got to say - - if the lid is not screwed on just right, it can leak little droplets when you shake it vigorously. Not the little "drink from" screw-on lid...the main lid.There's no real way around this. Screw it on TOO tight & it "pops" & resets on the threading much looser. I try to avoid this, as that can't be good for the lid. I find it really frustrating because you know it would have cost $8-10 more to develop a quality lid (maybe even a metal one with a rubber o-ring!!) & have the Chinese manufacture it.The good news is this: the body is all stainless steel, so at any time (at least in theory) you can either buy replacement lids for this or a better metal lid (that they develop & release in the future as a design upgrade). I'm very happy with the shaker itself; the metal body holds up nicely & has no flaws.Star withheld for the crummy lid that sometimes leaks small droplets of product when you shake to mix...come on, guys. It's 2018. I know we can do better than this. Design a leak-proof metal lid & I will buy it. 4BlenderBottle DOES NOT WARRANTY Amazon Purchases! I received this BlenderBottle Radian as a Christmas gift. While it did a good job keeping my morning shake cold the plastic cap is now stripped and no longer tightens as demonstrated in the accompanying video. I have cheap, generic shaker bottles that have lasted for years while this supposedly top-of-the-line bottle has become defective after less than 2 months of use. (NOTE: During these 2 months, it has only been hand washed and has never been placed in the dishwasher.) BE FOREWARNED: While BlenderBottle has a limited lifetime warranty that only applies to purchases made directly from BlenderBottle s website and NOT from Amazon and Amazon s return/replacement period ended 5-6 weeks after the purchase so that is, in fact, your effective warranty. My recommendation is to buy a different shaker cup from a company that actually stands behind the quality of their products. 1Stays cold, but leaks.The bottle is mostly pretty good, but it leaks when you shake it. Considering that shaking the bottle is part of it's intended us, it shouldn't leak, even a little. Gentle shaking isn't an issue, but vigorous shaking to blend in powders will cause leaking. You definitely don't want to put this in your bag on it's side, it will leak. Besides the leaking, the bottle looks great, and is well insulated. You can make a shake with milk and not worry about it warming up too quickly. If the bottle wasn't purpose built for shaking, I wouldn't be so hard on it, but considering it is built with the sole purpose of being shaken, it should seal well enough to avoid all leakage. 2Product started to rust. This was supposed to be stainless.The bottle started to develop rust inside bottom. Not looking to use it for liquid any longer. Defective or low quality. Tried to wash..the rust will not come off. 1
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