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Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Rocks Glasses, Set of 6, 9 1/4oz.

  • Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Rocks Glasses, Set of 6, 9 1/4oz.
  • Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Rocks Glasses, Set of 6, 9 1/4oz.
  • Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Rocks Glasses, Set of 6, 9 1/4oz.
  • Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Rocks Glasses, Set of 6, 9 1/4oz.
  • Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Rocks Glasses, Set of 6, 9 1/4oz.

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar Stackable Rocks Glasses, Set of 6, 9 1/4oz.

AU$ 200.00 AU$ 120.00 Save: AU$ 80.00
AU$ 120.00 AU$ 200.00 You save: AU$ 80.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tempered Glass gives additional strength
  • Stackable for easy storage and tight spaces
  • Capacity: 9 oz
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Made in Italy
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Customer Reviews

Perfect size & shapeWe love a 16-oz. size for our favorite mixed drinks, and it's not easy to find in a durable tumbler shape, so are happy to find this set. Perfect size and shape! The decorative fluting at bottom adds a nice grip and look. They're sturdy and dishwasher-safe. Stack/nest in cupboard to save space. And the price for 6 can't be beat. Only reason I give them 5 instead of 5 stars is most of them have some small flaw like a bubble or slight scratch somewhere. Only one is very noticeable. For us and our casual beach-rustic house, it just looks sort of hand-blown. If you're formal and picky, these aren't for you. 4Great glasses! No explosions yet!Beautiful glassware! I love that they stack neatly & save room. However, I've begun to see reports on spontaneous explosions with these glasses, so I did some research. These are tempered glass, and what I've learned is that any sort of tempered glass--whether drinking glasses or windows--can spontaneously explode. It has to do with the nature of tempered glass. To put simply, it's created with a certain tension that helps it break into smaller, less dangerous pieces & at the same time resist breaking. This same tension can, under certain circumstances, make it burst for what appears to be no reason. I've seen reports on this glassware, Pyrex ovenware, etc. of this happening. So, at this time, there's no absolute solution. However, I've never had any of my tempered glass spontaneously explode, so it must be a rare event.These glasses are gorgeous & have sufficient weight that they don't tip over easily. Love! 5The glass may explode!I rarely give low reviews on anything. But, I found these glasses to be defective and dangerous. I owned these glasses for about a month and was very happy with the style and how nicely they stacked. However, one glass spontaneously exploded sitting by itself in the dish strainer on my counter that I had hand washed earlier in the day. The only thing I can think of to explain this is it had been washed in my dishwasher many times and may have altered its inner glass bonds because it s tempered glass. Maybe it s created with recycled glass? It was bizarre. But, at least someone wasn t drinking from it at the time! The pieces exploded into many cube like shapes, and not shards of glass. 1Very durable, also perfect for juice!Perfect glasses for my morning juice. I drink about 8 oz of apple juice every morning in order to tolerate the dozen or so pills that I have to take daily. I also have to mix an herbal tincture into my juice, so I needed some appropriate sized glasses for this. I like that they are space efficient since I have limited space. I can stack all of them in one stack in my cabinet. I was also shocked that they had zero insulation or padding in the packaging (just a cardboard box with a cardboard divider) and that they arrived with not a single scratch on them. This tells me that they are quite durable. 5Durable Borosilicate Glass in a Soace-economizing ShapeThese glasses are stackable, which helps if you have limited cupboard space. This is real borosilicate glass, which although not indestructible, resists breakage from tapping against the sink or heat shock better than regular glass, or sadly modern Pyrex. Pyrex glass changed it s chemical makeup and no longer lives up to its old reputation for durability. Therefore, I prefer Bormioli or Luminarc (Duralex). Who knows why Pyrex, an American company, reduced the quality of their glass? Planned obsolescence? Costs of materials? Environmental reasons? 5High quality, immensely practicalGood: Hefty and well-balanced, will not tip over on the slightest excuse, even when full, as so many glasses do. High-quality tempered glass makes them shatter-resistant, although they will break if abused sufficiently. Mold marks are all but invisible. Stackable even when hot or wet with no risk of glasses jamming together.Bad: A bit high-priced, but you do get what you pay for. When they break they don't explode into slivers like regular glass, but they also don't break up into car-window-ish rounded bits as I was expecting when I saw "tempered glass." (Also, see below.)Ugly: Nothing; a pleasant minimalist design.Bottom line: I ordered a set of these - the 6-, 12.5- and 16-oz. sizes - in 2010, and was impressed enough with them to order another set this month when attrition made it needful. Five stars.Afterword: I have yet to see one of these glasses spontaneously shatter, as a few reviewers have reported, but I'm not all that surprised. I strongly suspect that these incidents were the result of running a scratched or chipped glass through the dishwasher or microwave. Tempered glass is intolerant of anything more than very minor damage; subjecting a deeply-scratched or -chipped glass to sudden heating or cooling is an open invitation for it to release the internal stresses that make up the "tempered" part. This is inherent in any tempered glass; it is not a product defect, but rather the trade-off for an overall stronger material. A glass with a significant scratch or chip should be thrown away. Fortunately, tempered glass is damage-resistant in the first place, so this won't happen often. I have yet to have to do so. 5Great cups, but assume 2 from each box will be flawed/damagedThese are great glasses, but quality control is abysmal. I've ordered these cups in a bunch of different sizes (6 3/4 oz, 9 oz, 16 1/4 oz, and 21 3/4 oz) and each pack of six glasses has one or more cup with a crack in the lip, a big bubble in the wall, a warp along the rim, a chip in base, etc. Some of these are manufacturing defects that should never have made it past Bormioli Rocco's Quality Assurance team and others I suspect are due to the not so great packaging, where there is minimal if not outright missing thin cardboard separators between the cups in the shipping box.What worries me is that it seems (from other reviews) that these cups will spontaneously explode if a weakness forms in their structure, and the defects/damage seem like structural weaknesses to me.I'm somewhat wedded to the product line already, but if I weren't I would consider cups that don't quite cause me as much stress when using them.The three or four cups per box without problems are great, though. Love the design. 2Durable + Stackable + Stylish = LOVE!These rock glasses are great!I do not have a lot of room for glasses, so I wanted stackable glasses. These are, but they are stylish and heavy-duty too!I am deducting one star because the description says they are made in Italy, but the attached image of the sticker clearly shows it was Spain. Not a problem for me, I would have bought them if the description stated that, but a buyer *should* know accurately what they are paying money for. BTW - the stickers on my glasses peeled off with no difficulty at all.The glasses rock :) !! 4Fine glasses I guess, but those STUPID STICKERS on them...There are bar-code stickers on every glass. They don't peel off and have to be removed with hot water, soap, scrubbing, and scratching. Times six. Two, three minutes each (yes, they're that stubborn). Getting them off leaves surface scratches on my brand new glassware. Seriously, what madness is this?Also, shipped five days late, and packed inadequately with virtually no padding the carton of glasses was rattling around inside the shipping box. It's a minor miracle that none broke. 3Best glasses ever!I have the Bormioli Rocco stackable glasses in multiple sizes, and am completely happy with every one of them. I will never buy another type of glass again for two potential reasons: 1) these will probably last forever as they seem to be virtually indestructible, and 2) if I were to need more, I would just rebuy and hope they never stop production.These glasses have a nice heft to them without being heavy, and have a nice feel in the hand. They are not flimsy and I actually have no issues giving the smaller ones to small children at a table. I have yet to experience any hazing from the dishwasher, and they definitely appear to be of a very high-quality glass. The fact that I can stack them in the cupboard and double my capacity is merely a bonus!I have never been disappointed in any of the Bormioli glassware products and would highly recommend them to anyone in the market for glassware. 5
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