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Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap

  • Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap
  • Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap
  • Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap
  • Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap
  • Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap
  • Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap

Cable Matters 2-Pack 3-Outlet Grounded 180 Degree Swivel Wall Tap

AU$ 110.00 AU$ 66.00 Save: AU$ 44.00
AU$ 66.00 AU$ 110.00 You save: AU$ 44.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • AC OUTLET CONVERTER creates 3 outlets from a single grounded outlet; Ideal solution for managing multiple cords under a desk or behind furniture
  • 180 DEGREE SWIVEL wall outlet rotates to connect cords facing up, down, or out in front; Adjustable swivel adapter can be positioned to not block the top outlet of a single-gang AC receptacle
  • COST-EFFECTIVE 2-PACK of AC outlet wall adapters provides a 3 outlet plug for two separate locations; A lifetime warranty is included with these swivel wall tap adapters
  • AC CORD COMPATIBLE with 3 prong grounded cords and 2 prong polarized electrical cords; Accommodates two bulky wall wart power adapters on the outer left and right receptacles
  • STURDY & SAFE construction of this grounded swivel wall tap includes a 15 Amp / 1875 Watt power rating; Simple installation into an standard grounded, vertical AC outlet
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Customer Reviews

Handy to have in my travel bag.This is exactly the product I needed. When I go to the airport and I'm waiting at the gate, there are usually far too few electrical outlets for all the people and their devices. I just bring this and then I can share electricity with others. Also, when I go to my local airport, my regular 2 prong computer and phone plugs won't stay in the wall outlets. I guess over time those wall outlets get loose. Anyway, when I bring my 3 prong adapter, the connection is secure and I get the charges I need. Later when I get to the hotel room, there aren't enough wall sockets for all my stuff, so I bring this along and I can get all my devices charged.5Helps keep your electrical cords out of the way while adding connectionsI use this for my coffee maker and a separate grinder on one side of the counter wall outlet, while the other side of the wall outlet continues to be used for a toaster oven. The rotation keeps the cords along the wall instead of sticking out where they would be in the way and take up counter space. The wall tap is perpendicular to the orientation of the wall plug outlets, and its rotation does not change that. You can only put two of the larger style plugs, even if two pronged, in the wall tap because of space limitations; three of the old, standard type electrical plugs would fit okay, I think.5Work good to swivel attachmentI use this with the Victor Pestchaser rodent repellant. I attached the Victor Pestchaser to it and swivel it toward the ceiling. The Ultrasound is probably reduce quite a bit in decibel when it pass thru the ceiling, but it is enough to disturb the rodents. The area between the ceiling and the roof is small, but to a rodent it is a penthouse. And even though the ultrasound is reduce quite a bit passing thru the ceiling, it is enough to disturb the rodent when they try to sleep that they will go away. It has only been 2 days and I can notice that the rodents has been repelled by it and is no longer their in the ceiling. Must get item to be use with Victor Pestchaser rodent repellant.5BEWARE of the size of this Outlet! EXTREMELY difficult to attach 3 items to it!I love the IDEA of this product way better than the actual product itself. The ability to move it up and down is awesome! It is VERY useful in tight outlet situations. I have one by my nightstand that a drawer kept hitting until now, when I turn it to the down position, and now the drawer opens without issue. I have another behind the couch, and it was impossible to plug anything in because of the tight space, but swivel up, and now I have ALL the room I need. So why only 3 stars? I really only wanted to give 2 stars, but gave 3 because of the swivel option. The bad news is that even though it offers 3 outlets, the design is very POOR, because most devices that require the ground plug (the 3rd prong) tend to be a bit larger than a device with only the 2 prongs. So what happens is that you end up ONLY being able to use 2 of the 3 outlets here, because of the VERY small space in between the outlets. You cannot get 3 devices plugged into this thing at the same time, as they will not fit. The only way I have found is if all 3 items connected only have 2 prongs, and in that case, you would have purchased the much cheaper model that has 3 outlets for 2-pronged devices. There is a BIG price difference. This company needs to re-size the whole thing and give some space in between plugs. That item will get 5 stars from me! You better measure the items you intend on connecting to this BEFORE purchasing. I am attaching some photos to look at, and help you decide if this item will work for you. As you can see when I attempt to connect a 3rd device, there is NO way to push it in, even forcing it! Not going to do that. The device seems like a good quality, and works well, except for the size issue for me. So, if it meets your size requirements, then it is a very affordable option compared to competitors, otherwise, you might want to find one a little wider.3Great adapter for tight spaces, but tightly spaced so realistically will probably only fit 2 plugsI wish I could give this 4.5 stars but will explain why not the 5 stars it comes close to deserving.This should realistically be described as a "2 outlet grounded 180 degree swivel . . .", because the three outlets are very close to each other.This would take into consideration that the reason anyone would be needing an outlet adapter would MOST LIKELY involve at least one thick/chunky block type of plug.Unless all three of your plugs are small, standard plugs, there is no way you will be getting 3 plugs into this adapter. The space between each plug is so tight that even three small plugs are a tight fit.That being said, I do love the swivel ability of this. It allows anything that's set in front of it to be pushed up pretty darn flush with the wall. The swivel ability also makes it easy to plug into the adapter initially, b/c you can angle it at whatever comfortable angle you need to reach it.The added fact that this adapter is 3 prong grounded is great too, as previous versions of this that I've seen are only 2 prong capable.Great price for great product - - - it would be perfect if the spacing between the outlets were just a tad further apart.4Deliberately designed so it can't be placed side-by-side on a surge supressorHeadline says is it all. I'm trying to make efficient use of my surge suppressor while travelling -- least space in my luggage. I want to be able to plug in my camera and my cell/tablet (USB) chargers. BUT, this makes it impossible by preventing me from using them side-by-side. I have to leave an empty outlet between them. Really thoughtless. As bad as the old "wall warts".1Not to many and not to little... just right!I have these everywhere. I kind of hate extension cords that have like 6 outlets. It s very rare that I use that many except for places that are heavily electrically needed, like my office computer or tv area. Thankfully these little guys tend to be just the right amount of plugs I normally need. Love them and plan to buy more.5I will only buy this style from now onSo much better than the Basic version I used to buy that just stuck out of the outlet. You can pivot this 180 and push A cabinet much closer to the outlet that with the basic version is that don't pivot. The UL sticker looks like the real deal with the hologram. If someone faked it they went to a lot of trouble for such a inexpensive product. And once again, and amazes me I can find a product on Amazon that is shipped to me for less then the same product at Home Depot. Maybe Amazon will figure out one day how to deliver plywood and drywall 5Problem Solved!I wanted to protect the plug ends of lamps and electronics behind furniture and the furniture stuck out a little to far from the wall. Utilizing these extenders allowed the plugs to be re-directed and the furniture to be moved a tad closed to the wall without worry of breaking the wires in the plugs. Happy with results. quality and pricing. Thanks!5Well made and useful.I've purchased these and similar swivel outlets before. They allow cords to hang down along the wall instead of sticking out. This creates a cleaner look where the outlet is visible (kitchen and bathroom counters) and a closer fit behind furniture. The Cable Matters outlet seem very well made. Very happy with them.5
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