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Charles Viancin Lilypad Gift Set

  • Charles Viancin Lilypad Gift Set

Charles Viancin Lilypad Gift Set

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 1099 LilyPad Gift-Set (Large 11 Inch, Medium 9 Inch, Medium/Small 6 Inch, Extra Small 4 Inch)
  • Food Grade Silicone is BPA-Free
  • Unique design fits on any smooth rimmed bowl
  • Microwave, Oven and Dishwasher safe
  • Eco friendly
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Customer Reviews

Attractive and functionalIf you're like me, you may think saran wrap was invented as a cruel joke. Every time I need to cover a bowl to put in the fridge, I have to weigh how much I want to save the bowl contents vs. how much energy I have to wrestle with the sticky plastic from hell.These lids have single-handedly saved numerous leftovers from the trash and also lowered my blood pressure. With a full set of lids, just grab one that somewhat fits whatever you're trying to cover and you're good to go in less than a second.They create a perfect seal and reduce trash from disposable coverings. Easy to wash, too, and super cute!Oh, and you can cook with them - no more digging through the lid drawer to find which one fits the pot you're looking cooking in. Buy these for yourself, buy more as gifts - they're worth every penny and you won't regret it.Like most people, I rely on honest product reviews to make purchase decisions. Because the experience of others has been so helpful to me, I try to provide honest, helpful reviews to assist other shoppers in selecting the right products for them. I hope my review has been helpful to you! 5Best lids ever!I should just throw out the lids to all my pots and pans because now that I have these I never use them anymore. Easy to clean, handles the heat, seals well. I use them more for cooking than I do for storing food. Although they work great for that too. It creates an airtight seal on my bowls and although I could pick the bowl up by the lid handle like on the package picture, I don't. I have been using these for over a year now and they are just as flexible as the day I received them. They do not pick up any food odor or color, there are no stains on them. Highly recommend these. 5Useful and very prettyThese are cute and handy for covering a bowl you want to stick in the fridge, or keep covered until people are ready to eat. This is much better than having to pull out the plastic wrap when covering a bowl.The suction is strong when lifting from above, but it can be easily dislodged if bumped from the side, so not good for transporting foods.I also found that this works nicely and makes a cute sink stopper for doing dishes. It covers a good portion of the bottom of the sink, but that gives it better suction.This looks much better in person...it is not flourescent yellow like my monitor is showing it, but a nice bright, soft spring green that looks like a Lilly pad, with a lovely pink flower handle. I also have the pink ones with the flower (the color reminds me of pink lemonade), which is also lovely, but this Lilly pad style is my favorite.The Medium/Small size is great for almost any size eating or soup bowl (as long as your bowl has level edges, not scalloped or some such thing.) 5Highly recommended!! Makes great giftsThese are amazing! the packaging is great, too! I love that they work in the microwave, the oven, that they are BPA free and have suction so you can lift them up by handle, and that they store in the fridge covering containers creating a perfect seal without using plastic wrap. These have been a lifesaver in the kitchen, and outside for patio parties! I've bought some for family, too, and they love them! If you can't decide what size to get, go bigger because you can always use them on smaller items. 5I love this product for a couple reasons.The material is perfect for its intended purpose. I especially love the lily pad design. I have the small size which is exactly what I was looking for to keep my little boy kitty from sipping out of my glass when I'm not looking. He always has fresh water in his bowl but prefers to drink from a stemmed glass. He's so civilized. It's great to place over my glass when I'm outside to thwart any temptation from other critters too. They're lightweight, easy to clean and fun to use. 5Fantastic product!These lids are the best! I threw out most of my other lids and use these (in various sizes) for almost everything. They are flexible, don't stain, form a great seal and are so pretty. I will never go back. I have a set of Rachel Ray lids that are heavier, but they are less flexible and I would recommend these as a first choice. 5This is such a fun item. I find myself using it for so ...This is such a fun item. I find myself using it for so many different things. When I'm sticking something in the refrigerator until the next day, I just pop this lid right on it. When I'm cooking something on the stove and need a lid, I just pop this baby right on it. When I microwaving something that needs to steam with a tight lid, again, pop this baby right on it. Do you see a pattern here? This is very easy to use, seals tightly, and cleans easily. What more could you ask for? 5My favorite new kitchen productI first saw these Charles Viancin Lily Pads in a local magazine showing new kitchen products a few months ago. I was happy to find that Amazon carried them in all different colors, styles and sizes. I ordered the green Lily Pad (I think this was the original) in the 11 inch size which fits my big mixing bowls, Corelle Livingware 2-Quart Serving Bowl, Winter Frost White that I use to microwave frozen vegetables and even several of my large pots and pans.These are my new favorite kitchen accessory because they are so useful. When you set them on top of any smooth surface they create a tight seal. (They also stick to granite countertops!) But lift them from the edge and they remove easily. They go from oven to stovetop to refrigerator without any problem. I've set mine on top of a large pot of chili to get it from splattering on the stove as it cooked. It formed such an airtight seal that I could pick the pot up by the little stem handle on top. I wouldn't really try to carry it anywhere because it would be easy to drop it and make a big mess, but it was cool to see how tight the seal was. As the chili began to boil it lifted slightly around the edges to let the steam out, but not enough that it spattered on the stove. Even with a tight seal, just lifting the edge removes the lid because the silicone is soft and flexible.These are wonderful in the microwave for steaming fresh vegetables in a bowl or thawing frozen vegetables and heating them. I also use them for heating refried beans which can spatter. They're great for covering bowls at a picnic or BBQ or storing food in the refrigerator. The only thing to watch out for in the frig is that they don't bump up against other containers so the seal is broken. I've used one of these over the flat cut side of a watermelon to keep it fresh. It's silicone and food safe. They are dishwasher safe but they rinse off so easily it takes only seconds to wash them by hand.I liked the Lily Pad so much that I ordered these in the same size Charles Viancin 1201 Hibiscus Lid Large, Pink and Charlies Viancin - Pumpkin Lid - Large 11" and several others in the medium and small sizes. I needed a rectangular one and ordered this: Charles Viancin Banana Leaf Lid, Large Rectangular. I guess you can tell that I really like these. I use them practically every day for one thing or another. I have the round ones hanging on the side of my refrigerator with these little Command Small Plastic Hooks Value Pack, 6-Hook. They would make a great gift for any cooks on your list. 5So convenient!I was hesitant about the usefulness of these lids but they have turned out to be quite handy. Great for quickly covering bowls of leftovers in the fridge, and perfect for keeping microwaved liquids (like melting butter) from spattering. I've used them successfully to cover pots on the stovetop, too. 5These lids are just kind of magical...The 4 stars are because, with limited use, we are impressed, but don't have long-term experience with the lids. We first saw these lids in a little kitchen gadgets shop in Quebec City and were "intrigued." Convinced that they were practical as well as novel, we purchased large, medium, and small lids for our own use and then sent sets of the lids to our children. These lids can be used anywhere, i.e. in microwave or regular ovens, on stove tops, in refrigerators. They seal containers and prevent splashing and dripping. The seal created seems secure enough that we walk across the kitchen and carpeted areas with containers filled with liquids that might otherwise spill over the top when transported....a glass of milk, bowl of soup, pan of "something", etc. That said, I must note that while it's easy to place the lid and get it to seal, it takes some practice to lift / carry some containers with the lids on and not break the seal (because the lid must overlap the top of the container and is easily dislodged). In any case, the lids are handy, lightweight, easy to clean, and just kind of fun and novel. Recently, we showed some guests how they work and their responses added to our expectation that the lids will prove to be a satisfying purchase. While these lids seem rather expensive (given that we have lids for all our pans and containers for food going into the refrigerator), they are useful and, as I said, "fun" and, at the least, would be good gifts. 4
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