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Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)

  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)
  • Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)

Chinet Comfort Cup 16-Ounce Cups, 50-Count Cups & Lids (Assorted Colors)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 16 oz. Size
  • Made in USA
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Customer Reviews

Great ProductThese cups truly make my day each morning as I drive to work. I make a great pot of coffee, and the stuff at work is nasty. Stopping at SBUX is a pain. Two of these make my morning commute enjoyable. I really tried using travel mugs, but invariably I forget to wash them and then have to stay a little bit longer to do that at the end of the day.These cups are not reusable, and the lids fit tight (I've used them for a couple of years and NEVER had a problem). The coffee stays warm enough for my 35 minute morning drive. People that try to re-use them should not do that.Update 6/1/14...I still give these cups a 5 star rating (I'd give them more if possible). They don't leak, don't taste funny, and are insulated.However, the price on Amazon is now absurd. I last bought these on Amazon for $9 or so, as an add-on. I can get a pack of 10 at the local grocery store for less than $3, and that isn't even the sale price. I won't be buying them at Amazon if they're more than $16. I'm sure the Costco price is around $11, but it's not convenient so I'll pay Amazon a small premium for the convenience.Update 5/25/15I've been monitoring the price of these for over a year now, and Amazon is still pegging them at over $0.40 each, and that's the cheapest. The local mega mart has them for under $0.30 each, and that's not even a sale price.Amazon, what are you doing? Why are you gouging us? 5Perfect for on-the-go coffee when you can't carry around a reusable mug all dayI'm so glad I bought these as I have a really hard time using reusable coffee mugs but I always need coffee to-go in the morning. I can't use a reusable mug because if I take it to work with me I have to carry it around all day and I've lost so many of them because of this. I like that these are an affordable way to make my own delicious coffee in the morning, take it with me and then just toss the cup.I try to use my reusable cup when I know I will be in one location the entire day but if not, these are my go-to for sure. They are a great size and hold a 12 or 16 oz Kcup brew (I use a machine that let's me choose individual ounces like 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16) so I can adjust the amount of coffee liquid based on how fancy I want to make my coffee in the morning. I usually do 12 ounces of coffee and 1-2 ounces of some sort of creamer which still leaves a bit of space at the top so it doesn't spill out of the hole as I walk/drive.The lids fit securely. The cups are of good quality. They aren't super insulated so if your brewer makes super hot coffee it will feel a little warm to the touch and will get cold easier but other than that they are great. I'd rather have a little less insulation and not have to use gross styrofoam cups.Will be buying again. 4Good high-end cup, especially if you're used to Starbucks cups.I live in a big city and walk around a lot. It used to be that you would not see me walking around without a Starbucks cup in my hand. I since switched to home brewed coffee drinks and teas, but still enjoy drinks on the go, and these cups are perfect for that. At 16 ounces these are comparable to a Starbucks "grande". For me these are the Cadillac of paper cups.They are sturdy and the sip lids match closely what I was used to with the Starbucks cups (except for being black instead of white). The white cup part seems exactly the same as the typical Starbucks cup too, but with the extra layer over it which is insulating and adds design. It doesn't quite insulate as well as the seperate cardboard sleeve, but works well enough unless your drink is extremely hot (such as near boiling for tea).I have never experienced any of the leaking that others stated they have.These are also great for use in the car.Update 12/16 - I saw some other reviewers write that their cups arrived in poor condition. I have never experienced that after re-ordering these 5 or 6 times. They always arrive in a sturdy cardboard box and in perfect condition. I always make sure my order is being "Fulfilled by Amazon" rather than shipping from a third party.The graphics and colors of the cups can vary from order to order, but the cups are exactly the same. 4Consistent from cup to cup. Perfect for multiple refills and hot or cold...I was looking for a coffee cup that I could use at home and on the go and then turn around and use them again for multiple refills without them turning into a mess and soaking. That's what I got. I find the insulation to be perfect where I can tell if the coffee is still warm or not but at the same time not burn myself. I can then wash them out with water and use them for a cold drink like juice afterwards and not have to waste a fresh cup. These are exactly what I needed. Also should mention that the cups I received all performed the same. Not one of them was manufactured differently. Very solid cup and the product is very consistent from one to the next. There is never a variation from cup to cup. Couldn't be happier. 5The best quality disposable cupThis is about the seventh order and I love them! Now when they come individually they come in their own box and ever cup is in perfect shape. But if they come in a group order they are just in their bag and some might get a little smushed.These cups hold up well for any use around the home, office or car. These are perfect for a large brew (12 oz) of Tassimo coffee which I then drink in the car on the way to school and work. There I sometime take the cup in and rinse it out so I have a small collection at the office to use for an afternoon cup of coffee or tea or even some other healthy concoction.I make my wife's cup too with five scoops of sugar and heavy whipping cream. All of that fits in this cup with a Large Tassimo Gevalia T-Disc so everyone should find this cup large enough for single cup automatic brewers.The cups are thick and well insulated so you will never burn yourself holding your hot cup, and I've never had a top pop off either. You do need to press the top down firmly and run your finger in a full circle to seal it well, especially if you plan on taking it on the go. I also recommending placing the top so the mouth side is not aligned with the seam of the cup. It was rare but I did have a few drops leak out through the tiny gap created by that seam. 5Great cups-however the price increased to twice the price.The cups are great, however when I tried to re-order they are no longer an "add on item', so now they are OVER twice the price I paid for them. so I am dropping my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars. 3Great for Commuters - Not too Short to grab out of cup holders like Some CupsI've never gone out of my way to choose a coffee cup that I will eventually throw away as I am used to just taking whatever starbux or dunkin hands me. However that changed when I started having to commute for work with no time to stop. These cups are a LIFE-SAVER for commuters. They don't burn your hand and because they are 16oz they stand up tall enough in my cup holder to grip without worrying about accidentally gripping the lid. Also I really like the pattern, makes me shine a little as I walk into the office (I've even matched my clothes one time.......) . I've also found myself drinking more than coffee out of these cups and also use it for Oatmeal sometimes. I will be continuing to use. 5Love these cupsNever used this brand before seeing it on Amazon. The price was right so I ordered the 50 count box. Love these cups!!!! Best ever and I reallyliked my Dixie brand. But these are so functional and are so well made. Fit well in your hand which was a problem with the other hot cup I usedas my hands are small. Love the small hole on the lid. Helps keep warmer longer. Use in micro to reheat lid and all. Will reorder again andhighly recommend to friends. Came quickly, too. 5Nice, cheap disposable cupsWork pretty well for my morning cup of coffee or tea while driving to work. They are big enough to get some use out of, and you don't have to go through all the irritation of trying to wash the coffee smell out of your metal travel mug. I'll definitely buy these again. The double lining is good about protecting your hands and it stays warm for a nice long time. 5Well made product BUT..... Upon opening the bag, the cups SMELL like MILDEW!Cups are sturdy and the size is perfect. Lids fit securely. I use Chinet cups everyday for coffee or cold drinks. Fits into a car cup holder without a problem. BUT UPON OPENING THE PKG.. THERE WAS A STRONG ODOR OF STINKY MILDEW! My previous review was written before I opened the plastic bag. DO NOT ORDER products from this seller. I called Amazon customer service and let them know. Also FYI... Sams Club shipping box and packing material was used to send the product. I plan to follow up with Sams Club as the seller doesn't include Sams Club in their description and the seller doesn't provide any return address to send back their garbage. Sad! 1
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