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CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder

  • CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder
  • CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder
  • CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder
  • CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder
  • CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder
  • CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder

CLC Custom Leathercraft 1104 Construction Multi-Purpose Poly Tool Holder, Cell Phone Holder

AU$ 84.00 AU$ 51.00 Save: AU$ 33.00
AU$ 51.00 AU$ 84.00 You save: AU$ 33.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • ATTACHES TO ANYTHING: Versatile three way attachment for pants, web suspenders, work aprons, etc.
  • SECURE HOLD: For small tools or accessories like pliers, mini-flashlights, small screwdrivers
  • EASY ACCESS: Keep all of your small hand tools and supplies within reach
  • Dimensions: 7" H x 4" W
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Customer Reviews

Sturdy and useful belt pouch, with some caveats UPDATE: After about a year, the bottom has completely frayed away from carrying my Leatherman Surge. I m knocking my review down to 3 stars. At least it s not that expensive.This belt pouch has three compartments, two small ones suitable for several pens each, and a larger pocket that can fit a large multi tool and a few other items. I keep a Leatherman tool, two of the screwdriver bit sets for it, and a couple of pens in there. My Mini Maglite flashlight fits nicely in the exterior loop on the pouch. There is both a belt loop and clip on the back. I only use the loop, so I can't speak of the utility of the clip.The pouch is made from thick fabric, and it seems to be very sturdy. I've been wearing it every day since I bought it and it seems to be holding up very well. (UPDATE: lasted about 11 months before the bottom fell out from wear.)In the end, it does what it says, provides a storage place for a bunch of tools that I don't want to stick in my pockets.UPDATE: I still think it s a good size and useful, but I wish it had lasted more than 11 months. At least it was economical. 3Great Maintenance pouch!! I've had the Custom Leathercraft 1104 for about 8 months now and I wear it at work everyday. It fulfills my needs as a Maintenance Technician very well!! I'm always on the go and my tasks over the course of a day vary drastically so I'm often looking over a job in order to plan it and this pouch carries all I need. Hooked on my hip it easily holds a small flash light, utility knife, Leatherman multi-tool, sharpie, carpenters pencil & ink pen (laying next to the pouch for scale) along with a 12' tape (outside of pouch). The only negative thing I can mention is that the fabric attaching the metal belt hook is starting to fray somewhat. Allot of this is from user abuse due to my climbing into tight places, banging it off door jams, in & out of work truck, etc. Even if the metal belt hook pulls away I could still use the fabric loop in order to continue to utilize the pouch. I would have no issues suggesting this to a friend or family member and I certainly plan on purchasing another in the future. Especially considering the price it's hard to beat in my opinion. 5Why did they cheap out on the velcro? So much potential, wasted on crap hook and loop tape. I was very pleased at first with this, but the hook and loop closure that is the heart of the whole system is junk. It has failed completely in just a few weeks of occasional light use.Pros include adequate room for my Note 3 (barely), my Maglight mini, and a couple pens. It has an excellent attachment system for your belt or waistband, and is made from strong materials.On the con side, my multitool is just about impossible to remove from the pocket designed to hold it because the slot is way too deep. That's not quite a design flaw, I guess, because there could be multitools much, much longer than my Leatherman Wave. There could be, but I've never seen one. I would stuff something down in the slot to make the tool easier to remove, but since the velcro has totally failed I can't risk it.So this is an excellent tool pouch crippled by crappy hook and loop tape. It's a shame. But since I can replace the velcro myself (it won't be easy to hand-sew through that material, let me tell you!), I'm giving it 3 instead of only 2 stars. 3Great for the price, and well-made Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. I had read the reviews that it was too small for much of anything, but I wanted something small, and it would work for my purposes according to the dimensions. I had also read the reviews that it was too unyielding to be much good, but I really needed something sturdy.When it arrived, I was happy to see that my iPhone 6, which is pretty big in its rugged case, would fit.I wasn't thrilled, however, to see that the rear of the 2 main pockets was separated into two uselessly skinny pockets (which they curiously neglect to show in any of their own photos...?). I pulled out my seam ripper and set about separating it. When I got about 3/4 of the way down, I left it, as my aluminum wallet isn't very long, and I didn't mind the separation in the very bottom. Plus, this will keep my aluminum wallet from getting stuck too far down, making it hard to get out. This is perfect. I can also now just keep change in the bottom, under where my wallet will rest, which is great for me since there isn't a place for change in the aluminum wallet.I was also disappointed to see that the loop they show holding a flashlight is much too small for any flashlight I have. That must basically be a penlight in the picture. I will probably end up just using that to hook my keys to, as I'm not thrilled with how flimsy the plastic hook is that they show holding keys in the photo. I really would have liked to put my own fairly small flashlight there, though, since it is also a weapon and in my job that is a good thing to be able to carry. Ah well.I took a extendable canvas strap I wasn't using and I threaded it through the permanent loop on the back, under the metal clip. I intend to basically wear it like a purse, but with the pouch across my chest like a sash.So overall: It's not perfect, and it's lacking in several ways. But it's well-made, and now that I've customized it a little bit, it will work almost just exactly right for my needs. For the $4.99 price, though? It's fantastic!Note: I obviously couldn't photograph it with my phone in it, but for some of the photos, I put my phone case in the slot where the phone goes. The phone fits very well there. 4Great for basic EDC This is about the same size of the phone pouch I was using. What I love about it is that it is low profile, I can buckle my seatbelt without the pouch interfering. I had another pouch that was very uncomfortable when I was buckled in. I wear this on my belt, on my right hip. I EDC a pen light and pocket knife in the 2 rear sleeves, my phone (S8) in the front pocket. Not using the side loop or keychain.My 4" Browning pocket knife is a little snug, a smaller knife with a slim profile would be easy to slip out. This is better than keeping my knife clipped inside my front pocket. Saves the wear on my pants as well as having the knife rub against the back of my hand, freeing my pocket up. 5Well-designed, well-made, and practical. It's well-made, it's large but still fits on your belt, and it's truly practical for those times when you're working outdoors or will be out at a sporting event or a park for an extended time and you need to carry several extra items "just in case." All my "just in case" things, like small flashlights and multi-tools, have their own individual carry cases, but this one case has room for several different items. I like the simplicity of the one flap that covers both of the roomy interior pockets and is held shut by velcro, making it easy to open it up, find what you're looking for, and close it back down quickly. I know I'll be getting a lot of use out of this nice case. Thinking of ordering several to give to some of my bud's for Christmas! 5Will haul a Motorola Nexus 6, with Project Fi case, snugly in the big pocket Not my first CLC product, won't be my last.Very much like my backpack/toolbox/laptop pouch from CLC, it's not leather. I don't know why they have Leathercraft in their name, since I've never seen a CLC product actually made of leather.That said, it (and the backpack) wear very much like leather. Kinda stiff and hard to work with at first, but this pouch has about 12 weeks on it, the backpack has over a year on it, and neither are even showing a loose seam. They both got more flexible over time, and the tools seem to almost snap into place in them after a few weeks.This pouch in particular goes everywhere with me, it managed to eliminate the sheath for my leatherman, my MagLite, and the holster for my oversized (Motorola Nexus 6, with Project Fi case) cell phone. On top of all of that, it holds a black sharpie, a silver sharpie, two ballpoint pens and a mechanical pencil, and only adds about 3" to my overall width. Make no mistake, it's NOT light with that much in it; and it took some practice to get the Nexus 6 into it one-handed, but it holds all of that well enough to be a daily driver.Given what I've just told you about what I haul everywhere with me, and my toolbox/backpack; yes, you can safely assume I have a very active job, and not once have I had any qualms about my beloved Nexus falling out of it. I can actually get 2/3 of the phone into the big pouch. The top of it comes to the red band in the flashlight on the Amazon pic, and the Velcro still has a 100% engagement patch, so it is completely closed.The one (very very tiny) gripe I had was that the narrow tool/pen/pencil pockets are deep enough that I lost my Leatherman Wave in it the first time I put it in there. Once I got it out, I folded a paper towel down to a 1" strip and rolled it to the diameter of my thumb (say 3/4") and wrapped it tightly with electrical tape. I then stuffed the electrical tape/towel cylinder, on its side, down into the bottom of the pocket I wanted to use for my leatherman; causing the leatherman to stick up about 1/2" past the top (so I could get a grip on it to pull it out).Since I'd define my tiny gripe as more of a "need to modify a Multi-purpose pouch", it didn't cost it a star. It says right on the description "Multi-Purpose" meaning any expectations I'd have of a custom fit would be somewhat ridiculous.Besides, show me some other options for hauling around a Nexus 6 w/case, that aren't just as bulky if not more so, and I'll show you a specialty pouch that won't carry your pens, flashlight and multi-tool. Considering you'll probably get that solution for the same price as this.... No-Brainer.Only thing I can't speak to is the key clip. Only used it for about a week when I was forced to use a car that wasn't mine. It worked, I could operate it one-handed, but I didn't use it enough to get a feel for long-term wear or durability.In the unlikely event that it wears out on me, I'd absolutely buy it again; and more importantly, I'd absolutely recommend it to someone I like who has a phablet, multitools and pens. 5Good size, poor construction Looks nice but very poor construction. The loop of fabric on the side is barely hanging on. Part of it is already detaching without ever having used the loop. Were it well stitched, it can accommodate a MiniMaglite but is too small for typical LED lights (Streamlite, Fenix, for example). Other than the poor stitching on the loop, the main compartment is otherwise a good size to carry a multi-tool, pens, a 18650-powered flashlight, and a small multimeter. I plan on keeping it despite the flaws and certainly would have given it 4 or 5 stars were it properly stitched. 2I love it but..... I bought this case in July of 2015 to carry my work phone (Razor with an Otterbox), LED flashlight with a laser pointer, spare pen, and a thermometer. I am a Building Inspector for a small town on a big lake, so my work involves inspecting jobs on 9 islands as well as on the mainland. I wanted something versatile and secure. I do not use the clip hook, and because my flashlight fits inside, have not used the outside loop.There is more than enough room for either my work, or personal phone (S4 with an Otterbox Defender) and the accessories, it rides comfortably, and the material is showing virtually no wear. I have had good experiences with CLC's products over the years, the last 17 years working in the refrigeration and construction fields, but........The quality of the Velcro SUCKS!!!!!! I'm not normally given to comments like that, but the material began to fail within a couple months. The hook material (case side, not the flap side) has fallen apart to the point that I constantly have to check to make sure it's closed, and the stitching has pulled through. I fixed the stitching issue temporarily with my office stapler. Fortunately I know a couple guys who work with canvas, etc, so I'll get one of them to sew on some new Velcro, removing the clip hook at the same time, but it's not something that should need to be done 9 months into ownership. This case is built well enough that I should be able to hand it down to my grandsons.I did see comments in other reviews about the Velcro problem, but had hoped that CLC had noticed and corrected the problem by the time I bought the case. But for this issue, this would be a 5 star review. I can't afford to have things falling out of the case when on jobsites, particularly on the water. 3Works better than I expected, and I am very pleasantly surprised! As a person who carries different items with him (I'm a firm believer in the philosophy put forth by that eminent preparedness person "Justin Case"), it often was cumbersome to find a way to do so. I stumbled across this on Amazon and ordered it. In truth, i wasn't expecting much, but was VERY pleasantly surprised! The item itself is well constructed, and the belt clip holds it very firmly in place on my belt, even when moving actively. (I tested it while kicking a soccer ball around with my son) The pockets themselves are quite roomy, and I am able to hold quite a number of items in them. The larger pocket, for example, is capable of holding my HTC-One X phone quite handily, and this while it's in its Otterbox case! (Not the belt clip attachment, of course - the case for the phone body itself). I also tested it and found that the larger pocket would hold this item as well: http://www.amazon.com/First-Aid-Survival-CPR-Pocket/dp/B00FDVYB9C/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1435666431&sr=8-10&keywords=CPR+Survival+First+Aid , which was VERY helpful to me as a trained First Aid/CPR/AED responder. I currently hold my tactical flashlight clipped to the outer loop (it is slightly too big to go through the loop, though a smaller diameter one may), a small multi-tip screwdriver and pen in one of the smaller pockets, my Leatherman Super Tool 300 in the pocket beside it, and finally a tube of glucose tablets, small bottle of hand sanitizer, and spray applicator of Neosporin "Neo to Go" in the largest pocket.Some have said that you need to push at the bottom of the pocket to retrieve items at times; I have found this to be true as well, depending on what is in the pocket and their height relative to the depth of the pocket. However, I have NOT found it to be a significant detriment to the use of the holder, thus far. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a convenient way to carry a number of small items with them. 5This pouch is way too small. It has a ... This pouch is way too small. It has a flashlight loop on the side that is too small for my tactical flashlight which is barely wider than my thumb. The internal pouches are 3, two smaller ones (one smaller than the other) and a larger pouch that goes around them. The flashlight was too large to fit into those as well, and I had to stick it into the larger pouch. I have a 3.75 inch folding knife and even that didn't fit in the two smaller pouches. I have no real idea what the makers had intended for you to stuff in this pouch which is way small. I'll have to make do with it in the meantime, but I suggest looking for a larger pouch unless the things you need to carry are all keychain-sized objects. 3
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