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Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook, Size 7 4.5mm (1032/7)

  • Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook, Size 7 4.5mm (1032/7)

Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook, Size 7 4.5mm (1032/7)

AU$ 102.00 AU$ 62.00 Save: AU$ 40.00
AU$ 62.00 AU$ 102.00 You save: AU$ 40.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Ideally shaped
  • Hook length overall 5 3/8"
  • Golden color/soft touch pad
  • Quality Clover notion
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Customer Reviews

Child sized crochet hookThere's a wide variety if brands of crochet hooks. So I'm experimenting by purchasing different brands of crochet hooks in the sizes I don't have. I was expecting a soft handled crochet hook, there was nothing soft about the handle in this hook. It is hard plastic. The entire hook is also the shortest hook in my collection, very good for little hands. It is very lightweight which I think some people will like.3These are the best hooks I ve ever used.I love clover soft touch crochet hooks. I crochet with a knife hold and have very small hands. They slide in and out of every kind of yarn. No splitting and they re so strong! They take a little bit of getting used to because I was so used to fighting my yarn with other hooks. These are like a knife slicing through butter. I wish they were available in every size imaginable because I would use them on all my projects if I could. They can be a little pricey but worth every penny. I crochet professionally and either give my projects away to my family or sell them.5Youtube hitNot gonna lie, I got this strictly because almost every YouTube crocheter user these. So there you go. I like it. Tiny bit pricey but its comfortable and my sttches are more uniform.And now I'm a cool kid4Handle short makes hand hurtThe hook is smooth and does slide over the yarn easy, however the handle is to short and it is square like. After using it for a short time my hand and wrist start to hurt. I will use it in a pinch but not for long. It just does not fit in my hand and it isn t a smooth hold, I do not like the flat side of the handle at all.2comfortable grip As someone with arthritis, I can recommend this hook without reservation. I can comfortably crochet again! This hook is much better than the thin, rounded, metal/plastic ones. Much easier to hold onto and glides smoothly through the yarn. This is the second one (different sizes) that I have bought and will probably buy more as I do more projects. 5Love Clover Hooks! My favorite!I love the Clover hooks. I crochet everyday and Clover hooks are the only hooks I use. They are comfortable to hold, the hook angle is perfect for crocheting (some cheaper brands have a bad hook angle). I ordered the Clover set of hooks that comes in a case -- this hook size is an "odd" size that I needed and was glad to find that Clover had it!5Nothing Special I have been crocheting for decades. I use an overhand or "knife" grip. I've always been happy with the Susan Bates metal hooks. Based on the reviews, I decided to try this product. I used acrylic worsted weight yarn. I didn't find it any more comfortable than my other hooks. It was actually a little cumbersome for me. It wasn't especially soft or cushioned. 2Hate it!I m sorry I just don t like this hike! It s definitely NOT soft, the handle is hard plastic. I had lost my soft touch 5-1/2 one a few days ago and I wanted to finish my project before Christmas. I forgot I ordered the G before and it s sitting in my old hook pile. Have already ordered my favorite brand in H with a Soft easy to grip ergonomic hook. Next time I ll doubke check what I ordered before.2Glad I tried it! Love the grip, and use it for all my amigurumi projectsGreat hook. I am an avid susan bates type hook user and I was afraid that I wouldn't like this hook style, but I decided to try it anyway because people said good things and I wanted to try the comfort grip for my smaller hook sizes.I am glad I did because the hook is great! It took me a few hats to completely get used to it but I love it now. I still use susan bates when I am using 6mm hooks and bigger but for anything smaller than 6mm clover hooks are my go to because the grip really makes a differance for me with the smaller hooks!It is my go to for all my amigurumi projects!!!5This one works best for my hand/wrist arthritis ...I have fairly severe osteoarthritis in my hands and wrists -- especially in my right hand, my "hook" hand. I've tried almost every hook available, and this is the one I use most often.It's not perfect, but it IS the most comfortable for me. It fits my hand nicely, isn't too long or too short, and the shape is easy to hold and maneuver. I should add that I hold my hook "knife style," rather than "pencil style."I'm using this 3.75mm (size F) hook to make some daisy-shaped coasters with cotton yarn. No issues at all with quality; the metal part is securely embedded in the plastic handle, and it's totally smooth (no snags). I have these Soft Touch hooks in several sizes and use them for both yarn and thread (I have the 1.75mm, 1.50mm, and 1.25mm sizes for thread work).No more searching for the "best" hook -- for me, this one works the best.5The best hook for small handsI have tried just about every brand of crochet hook and many are good, but the Clover Soft Touch hooksare my favorite. If you have small hands they can't be beat. The hook itself is extremely smooth and theyarn just glides over it. The small size and the slim plastic handle make crocheting faster and smoother thanwith any other hook. I'm not sure they would be as good if you have large hands. I read somewhere that theywere initially made in Japan where hand size averages small. I have them in every size available and I alsofind them easier on my wrist (if you are a "knife style" crocheter as I am this is important in enabling you tocrochet longer without wrist fatigue.5My Favorite Hook I love the Clover hooks, and I crochet pretty much every day and have a side crochet business. I find them easy to grip (not too thick, not too skinny), and the finger/thumb grip is the perfect placement so I'm not choking up on the hook itself. They are also durable; I've dropped my Clover hooks many times and they have yet to scratch, dent or break. The shape of the hook itself doesn't split my yarn.The 5mm is my go-to hook because many of my projects call for this size. I buy this brand over any other. 5The hook so nice I bought it twice!I love this hook!It glides easily while I'm crocheting. It doesn't snag or catch. It's just so smooth! I've been making progress on my projects faster since buying this hook.I didn't think the handle shape would make too big of a difference but it really does! My hands don't get tired near as fast as they do with other hooks.I love this hook so much that when I lost it mid-project I went out and bought a new one instead of going back to the other hooks I have. I don't know what I'm going to do with them now that I've used this one. I think I'm spoiled. Lol5
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