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COAST PX25 275 Lumen Bulls-Eye Spot Beam LED Flashlight with IPX4 Weather Rating

  • COAST PX25 275 Lumen Bulls-Eye Spot Beam LED Flashlight with IPX4 Weather Rating
  • COAST PX25 275 Lumen Bulls-Eye Spot Beam LED Flashlight with IPX4 Weather Rating
  • COAST PX25 275 Lumen Bulls-Eye Spot Beam LED Flashlight with IPX4 Weather Rating
  • COAST PX25 275 Lumen Bulls-Eye Spot Beam LED Flashlight with IPX4 Weather Rating

COAST PX25 275 Lumen Bulls-Eye Spot Beam LED Flashlight with IPX4 Weather Rating

AU$ 176.00 AU$ 105.60 Save: AU$ 70.40
AU$ 105.60 AU$ 176.00 You save: AU$ 70.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • BULLS-EYE SPOT BEAM OPTIC: Consists of an extremely bright, centered hot spot and a very consistent transition halo to increase the effective viewing area.
  • HEAVY-DUTY SHEATH: Durable woven material and High Tension elastic sides keep the light secure at all times.
  • TOUGH & RELIABLE: Backed by the COAST Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. IPX4 rated design for water resistance and durable aluminum body for 1-meter drop protection.
  • SPECS: 275 lumen light output, 127 meter beam distance, 1.5 hours. Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: 3 x standard AAA alkaline batteries.
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Customer Reviews

Poor Quality-Poor Amazon Customer Service I bought this as a Christmas gift for a friend who lives in the woods and walks dogs in the early morning and at night. The on/off switch stopped working within days after she opened it. I returned it for her to Amazon and quickly and without issue received a new one. Now, after 30 days, almost to the day, the on/off switch stopped working again, however this time it is "after the 30 days" to return it to Amazon for a refund (as I would not want another one, with the hassle of dealing with this problem again), so now I am stuck with sending back with the warranty; with a $5.00 check for shipping and hoping they will "repair" it. Avoiding shipping costs and having the ability to have good customer service is why have pay for Amazon Prime in the first place...Certainly a disappointed customer this time! 1Best Compact Flashlight Ever!I't's been a little less than 2 years since I bought the Coast PX1 flashlight. And to be honest I never thought I'd be raving about a flashlight. In a word - AWESOME!Admittedly this flashlight isn't cheap, but it's well worth the money. I wear it in a homemade leather belt pouch along with a multi-tool and I find myself using it almost every day. As tools go, it's one of the best I've ever bought.It's well made; sturdy, compact and bright. I've dropped mine more than a few times and it's none the worse for wear. The lens assembly is well recessed from the front, keeping it from getting banged up. The focusing beam works well, and there are two brightness settings alternating as it's turned on and off. I use the brighter setting most of the time, but the reduced brightness is useful sometimes in close quarters when the brighter setting can wash out visibility.I find that battery life is quite good; I use two sets of rechargeable AAA cells that I alternate between.After two years about the only change is that the anodizing is wearing off a bit on the front and some of the knurling, but it works as well as it did when I first got it.If you're looking for a great flashlight I can't recommend the PX1 enough!5Definitely small but very bright The size of the flashlight actually surprised me. The flashlight it is replacing was about 12 inches long and heavy. This Coast flashlight is less than 5 inches and light. Of course, I should have paid more attention to the product details :-)Packaging.This Coast flashlight came in a really nice black box. Once you open the box, there is the flashlight itself, a pamphlet for other Coast products, 3 AAA Duracell batteries (normally I would have expected a no-name brand so this was a nice surprise) , and also a small carrying case, and one of the rope thingy (can't remember the real name for it) that you can attach to the flashlight, that you can wrap around your hand.As the product description says, it has a lifetime guarantee, has a 208 lumens (how bright it is), a run time of 6 hrs 15 mins of continuous use, and a unbreakable 100,000 hours LEDYou twist the bottom off, and then slide out the battery holder. Make sure you put the batteries in correctly, as 2 of them goes one way, and the third goes the opposite way. In case you forget to notice which end goes back in first, its the red side that goes in first.Took me a few secs to figure how to turn it on, as it really isn't noticeable. I first tried to twist the lens portion to see if that turns it on, or finding a switch on the slide of the unit but nothing. You turn it on by pushing the rubber portion on the battery cap (at the bottom of the flashlight).It is very bright. Way better than the larger one it's replacing, and way smaller too. When you turn it on, it has the bulls eye effect, where the middle portion is extremely bright, and the outer rings dimmer but very good at illuminating the surrounding areas. It seems to project the light pretty far too. I like this so much I think I may get 2 more for the cars. This would also be great for camping too when you're walking to the bathrooms at night, or to another camp site. 5Coast PX25 L.E.D. FlashlightAs an L.E.D. flashlight fanatic and owner of dozens of torches, Coast's PX25 is perhaps my favorite everyday light. At 4.7" length, 1.1" diameter, and weighing in at only 4.2 ounces (with batteries), it strikes the perfect balance between portability, durability, and brightness. Fitted with a Cree L.E.D. and rated at 208 lumens, the light emits a bulls eye pattern with a central hot spot surrounded by a halo of dimmer light. Though a fixed-focus design, I usually set my lights to the tightest beam, and the lack of a focusing head adds to the compactness and durability of the design. As with most Coast lights, the case is manufactured of black machined aluminum, with a nice checkering for grip, and fits perfectly in the hand. Access to the battery compartment is through the threaded tail cap, which is sealed by an O-ring, and also includes a handy lanyard ring. The three AAA batteries are fitted into a removable cartridge within the flashlight body. The L.E.D. is covered by a polycarbonate lens which is recessed to avoid damage if dropped, and the switch is tail mounted and rubber covered. The switch feels sturdy and provides a positive "click" when activated. It may also be partially depressed for signalling or momentary light. Only a single light level is provided. The PX25 is IPX4 rated (splashing/rain). The PX25 is rated @ 208 lumens with battery life estimated at 6 hrs 15 mins. Since it is an unregulated light, brightness will slowly diminish as the batteries become exhausted. In my runtime test, even at six and a half hours, it was still going strong and brighter than any of the cheap, 3-AAA multi-LED units you see everywhere. In my water-tightness test, after sitting illuminated in the sink for one hour, the battery compartment was dry and there was no fogging under the lens. Accordingly, it should handle rain with ease. The PX25 is available in both retail clamshell packaging, or Coast's classy black box presentation packaging. The Amazon units I received are the boxed type. Whichever package you receive will include the PX25, lanyard, a ballistic nylon sheath, and (3) Duracell AAA batteries. Like all Coast L.E.D. lights, it includes a lifetime warranty. While I have dozens of L.E.D. lights (more than a dozen of which are Coast products), I am particularly happy with the PX25, and chose this model to fit in all of my vehicles. It is ultimately portable and provides the perfect "brightness to weight/size" ratio. The fixed focus adds to the compactness & simplicity of the design, and should add to the unit's overall durability. If I could change one thing about this light, it would be to provide one or two additional brightness settings in case you found yourself in a situation requiring maximum battery life. This is a quality product at a good price and I don't think you will be disappointed.5Good light for the priceI use this flashlight to supplement my issued light (Streamlight ultrastinger). That said, I use this Coast light to do building checks and vehicle checks. It is small, reasonably bright, and easily slips into any number of pockets.The adjustable beam is very useful, from focused to flood-like. Both are exceptionally useful in my line of work.The AAA battery compartment is quite intuitive, and I m surprising still on the same batteries that were first put in.I don t believe the intended use of this light is to illuminate in detail, items at great length. For office or home use, it s on point as far as design. The durability is reasonable, as I ve dropped mine several times with no impedance on function.I can recommend this light to anyone who wants to add a quality light source to their patrol bag, home bug out kit or something to throw in the glove box.4Doesn t always work.I am a motorcycle commuter, and sometimes I get home late, in a dark backyard where I have to lock and cover the bike before heading to the apartment. Use a headlamp but I don t want to remove my helmet. Mount a flashlight to your helmet now that s an idea I can get behind!So the mount I use fits this flashlight like a glove!Put it on, test it no issues at all! Perfect!When I would ride in the interstate, at low temperatures, the flashlight would become temperamental and work some of the time I needed it.As rain season came along similar problems occurred until one day it never lit again. I did not detect any moisture issues on the inside of the light so perhaps the rain was not the cause of death.I expected more than 6 months of shotty performance.I m disappointed because this fits my mount perfectly!I replaced it with a cheapo led light I found while camping with my son and that s working great so far...I have other Coast lights and I just expected more.2Great quality, and bright for such a small packageThe PX1 uses 3 AAA batteries (included). The Coast flash lights are mainly water resistant, which means do not get them near water. If you wash them (because they get dirty from working under a car), water will usually get behind the lens and into the circuitry. I believe this is mainly due to the focusing lens which isn't watertight. The click switch works well. The LED is extremely bright, and in the flood light setting, it still provides ample light outdoors. The fully focused beam provides more distance lighting but doesn't make it as versatile for working in close distances (like under a car or under a sink) whereas the flood light provides a large amount of consistent light in a wide angle.Overall: 5/5 stars5Defective FlashlightWe have two of these PX25 flashlights. One worked well for over a year. Then recently, when the light is turned off the LED continues to glow and never shuts off. The other flashlight we have had for about three months. This second one started having the same problems. After the 'new and improved battery cartridges' were received, the following problems started. Some times the light flutters; when it is moved up and down the light goes on and off; other times the light goes from bright to dim and back to bright. Finally, it no longer comes on.Ten days ago I contacted Coast and told the service department the problem. The lady was very kind and said that the catridge that holds the batteries was bad and that she would send me two new improved ones. We received them very quickly. I replaced the old cartridges, put in new batteries and they both worked fine for about three days. Now one won't turn on. The other won't turn on sometimes and after several tries it will come on. Other times it will come on without any problem. But now when turned off, the LED has that faint glow which means it is not off. There are very obvious problems with this product. I believe the switches are no good. But, it could be the battery catridge doesn't make correct contact with the other necessary points/terminals to activate the light.These lights say they have a life time warranty. But, when you read the warranty there are some interesting provisions. They won't warranty them for wear and tear, damage by the customer, battery damage/leakage and other reasons.When I called them this morning, the service department said that I would need to send them, at my expense, to Coast. They will then check them out to see if there is actually a problem. If there is, they will let me know what they might or might not do to fix the problem. The tech's comments did not leave me with a confident feeling that even if they decide there is a problem that I will either have them fixed or replaced without some additional expense to me. So I am not sending them to Coast.These are expensive flashlights. With a 'life time warranty', I believe that when/if there is a problem that the company should pay for shipping to and from their facility. If for no other reason, to maintain good customer relations. Also, if there is truly a life time warranty it should include normal wear and tear. Afterall, as soon as you turn it on, there is 'normal wear and tear'.The bottom line:I will not purchase any Coast flashlights. As the saying goes, Buyer Beware. To bad I cannot indicate a '0' on this review.These flashlights are going in the trash. I will puchase very cheap ones at the local store and use them until they die, then buy some more. That will be a much cheaper solution in the long run.In response to a person's comments, I have to include in my review the following.I've talked to Coast several times. One very nice helpful lady told me that they were having a problem with this flashlight and that the fix was to replace the battery cartridge. We received two very quickly for the two inoperable flashlights. They worked for a couple of days, then the light started flickering, then wouldn't stay on and finally would not turn on. Sometimes, if the end of one of the flashlights was loosened a tiny bit, the light would come on for about thirty seconds then go off. The second flashlight just stopped functioning. I called Coast about these problems and the gentleman would not replace the lights or explain why the "fix" didn't work. All he would say was I should send them in. If they found anything wrong, they would fix them - not replace them.Due to the bad luck we have had with Coast and Dorcy flashlights, we recently purchased at a local store two small 62 lumens 3 1/2" long aluminum LED flashlights for a little over $3.00 a piece and they work flawlessly and put out a good bright light. The brand is called PT.I hope this clarifies my initial review.1Nice, usable item - I hope it durableIn my job, I need a small bright flashlight. Small, because I need to carry the thing on me at most all times since it's required use is unpredictable. Bright because it needs to illuminate things brighter than natural daylight available at some times. This fills the bill.It would be great if this thing is durable - I crawl around, in and out banging it around, then I expect I'll probably drop it with some regularity. So far, it's been great.It's also good that it's not rechargeable. AAA Batteries can be swapped out in an instant.5Great shooting lightNice shooting light, reasonable price, high quality. Very easy to use with a pistol for night defensive shooting. Simple and comfortable to use. Only has 1 mode (that's a good thing!) so when you use the momentary on tail switch you aren't getting lost in a bunch of modes you don't want or need in a weapon light. It's bright with a tight focus. A federal firearms trainer turned me onto this simple but effective light. I'm glad he did, I'm buying 2 more.5A nice replacement for the PX25I carried a px25 for 4 years now. A few weeks ago the batteries that were in it burst and even after repeated cleanings with brass and nylon brushes, it was still having contact issues.I ordered the px1 as a replacement and it doesn't disappoint. It is stunningly bright, and having the ability to focus is a nice upgrade from the px25. The high/low mode is handy too. Sometimes too much light just creates glare if you are examining something close up. The power switch is also slightly recessed, another welcome change. I would sometimes find the px25 switched on in its sheath, I am hoping that will happen less frequently now.All in all, I love this light so far. And for the price, if it has issues in 3-4 years, I will probably buy another.5Incredible light Having only recently discovered Coast lights, I was initially skeptical of their accolades. 208 lumens out of an alkaline light?They made me a believer. Barely 4 weeks later and I have purchased 4 more Coast lights: an HP4 and three G20s. I will be giving them preference over my previous go-to lights, LED MagLites.The PX25 makes a great, durable, compact, stupid-bright torch to keep in a backpack or the door pocket of a car.Oh, and if Apple made flashlights, they would package them the same way Coast does. If you have ever opened an Apple Product, you know that the experience begins as you open the box. Care is taken not only in the design and development of the product, but also in its packaging, and Coast takes the same approach. My PX25 was delivered in what I can only describe as a gift box. I added some pictures to better depict the awesomeness.Bottom line, if/when I am looking for another light of similar stature, the PX25 will be what I go to first. 5You won't be disappointed with this light This light is just amazing. It's almost stunning how much light it puts out, especially given it only uses three AAA batteries ! I purchased this with a Cree 7W 300LM. I first showed my parents the Cree outside at night at our house in the country. It gave off a decent beam. Then I turned on the Coast PX25 and each time it garnered an "Oh my gosh, that's incredible !!". It's so bright that it could easily temporarily blind someone as a sort of defensive measure.Though it doesn't have a zoom, I opted for it just for simplicity no moving parts. It feels great in your hand.I wish that the belt holder didn't cover so much of the light so that it was easier to grab, but that's certainly no big deal. Certainly not enough to tarnish the reputation of this awesome work of engineering. 5Coast does not dissappoint. I purchased this light to replace an earlier generation Coast Lenser. BIG improvement! Brighter, bigger light pattern. Comes with new belt sheath, of course. Extremely solid feel, well constructed battery holder very unlike all the cheapies. I've dropped it, gotten it wet, and generally beat it up pretty well with no problem. And this light just goes on and on. I have accidentally turned the light on and left it, even overnight on more than one occasion, and it is still shining with the original set of batteries. Losing some brightness as the batteries wear down, but remarkably long lived. It does seem vulnerable to turning itself on if I insert it into the pouch with the switch down, but rememberng to insert it with the switch up fixed that problem. I also like the simple on/off. I don't need multiple light levels and flashing on my daily work carry light. On/off works for me. Highly recommended for a compact, powerful, durable tool. 5Unbelievably Bright Let's face it. It's like holding a spotlight in the palm of your hand. A spotlight that runs off AAA batteries. Every time I show this flashlight, everyone keeps saying they're amazed by how bright it is. Battery life seems extremely good for the fact that you're holding a miniature sun in the palm of your hand - you get hours of use. I've taken it on several trips throughout the world and never had a problem running out of juice.Pros:- Build quality - the whole flashlight feels solid. It's got a rubber sealing ring to prevent water from entering. Unscrewing the battery case feels unbelievably smooth and the power button turns on and off solidly, which shows the excellent build quality of this thing. From opening the box to using it, the experience is amazing. If you're looking, this is probably the flashlight for you.- Blindingly bright- Easy to turn on halfway for a momentary pulse of light without turning the light completely onCons:- This isn't a con for me, but there is only on and off. There is no middle setting, no - 'just need a little light' option. It's either a train headlight or its off. This is a problem I solve by pointing the light at the ceiling rather than at what I'm trying to see, which lights up the whole room- You might blind somebody (Ok not really, but seriously, for the love of everybody's retinas, keep it pointed away from your face.) 5Solid build...clunky designFirst off I'm a huge flashlight and more particularly coast fan. I've have half a dozen ranging from the 10 dollar inspection light (which is BTW the the most useful light I own)To the 250 dollar mini sun they have in the high end of lights that doubles as a club to beat people after they are blinded.This one however falls a little short for two main reasons: You have to twist the light to get it to narrow the spread instead of the common slide adjustment you see in many other lights which is fat more user friendly. Along those same lines the light it's self at full focus doesn't penetrate the darkness as well as others at a lower price point with greater ease in that function.2) It seems to be a battery sucker. I use quality batteries that have a longer life in similar lights and this one seems to be lacking in that department.That all being said...this is a solid little light. The build quality as with all coasts is superior. The switch has a solid seal and pressure sensitive adjustment for high low strobe. It's a good small flashlight for people with large hands as the diameter is rather....girthy...shall I say.All and all if you want a solid built light that you need two hands to adjust properly that is also a little battery hungry for around 30 bucks...you found your light and won't be disappointed.3
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