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Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)

  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)
  • Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)

Command Hooks, Medium, Clear, 6-Hooks (17091CLR-6ES)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Damage-Free Hanging
  • Clear hooks, clear strips
  • Holds strongly
  • Removes cleanly
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Customer Reviews

Windows only, do not use on painted walls. These worked great on the windows, but be warned; Don't use on painted walls. I mistakenly thought all command products were the same and wanted clear hooks on my walls for certain holiday needs. They held great, but during removal they did take paint off the walls. This did not happen with the more standard command strips that I also used, so the strips are different for these clear window hooks. Totally user error here. 5Worked great for adding more Christmas decorations to the house. Command Outdoor Window Hooks Value Pack, Medium, Clear, 5-HooksThese worked well for holding up our lighter/smaller Christmas decorations.As long as the directions are followed well.Some of them I put on the house itself and others were on the windows.I cleaned the area first before putting the strip on the house/window.Then I actually left that part on for an entire day before putting the hook part on.Once I applied the clear hook I waited another day before putting on the lights.Months later the hooks are still on the house and windows waiting for warmer weather so I can remove them.We did have one fall off however that was our own fault because the decoration we put on that one simply too heavy.No marks left on the siding of the house. Easy to take off and put on whenever needed again. 4Great for renters. Currently renting a house, so to minimize nail holes, we have a lot of command products. These, picture strips, and small hooks are my wife's go to items when hanging stuff on the walls. We love them! Less holes in the wall, less work for patching and move-out cleaning.We recently ordered more clear hooks to hang 31 snap pockets, a leap frog map, and other small items that will be place on the wall. When we received our shipment, the heavier items shifted a lot in the box and opened the packaging of these hooks. Hooks were all over the box, and there was one missing. No big deal, but the packaging department could put hooks like these in a bubble bag or something for next time. It will prevent stuff flying all over the box and (if the tape rips open during sorting and trasport) there won't be any missing pieces. 4DO NOT BUY Completely destroyed my wall where I used this product. Not only did it take the paint, but a chunk out of my wall. I am LIVID. The whole point of this product is to hang things DAMAGE FREE. Picture only shows 1 of the 3 spots of damage on the wall and the 4th is still stuck on my wall.. the pull area broke right off. Command should be paying for my wall to be fixed. 1works great as a little handle i bought the clear medium and they work great as handles for my shoe boxes! i m not rich enough to build a shoe room but when i started buying valentino rock stars i needed something to store them in since they re expensive shoes at over $950 a pair. i hate shoe racks so i opted for iris easy access shoe boxes for heels and while the lid does have an opening on it, i didn t want to ruin my nails. so i bought these hooks and cut the little pull tab off (since i don t plan to remove the hook anytime soon). the medium are perfect!!! you can slip your finger underneath the hook and it acts like a little handle. and since they are clear, they don t obstruct the view and i see only my shoes and not the hooks. they are strong and look nice and work great and they re affordable. so far i ve used 36 hooks (for each shoe box) and every single hook has been top notch. 5Complete Disappointment. Don t buy these. Do not waste your money. I followed the directions completely removed the backing, adhered it to the wall, and then removed the backing on the front. I waited the prescribed amount of time to ensure successful adherence, but the plastic hooks would not stick to the double sided tape. I pressed the hooks firmly, and nothing I tried, made the hooks stick. They are completely worthless. I won t send them back because to do so, would be a hassle. Learn from my experience, however, and save your time and money. There are holders, like them, from other companies that actually do work. Try them. It will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration. 1Command Hooks don't trust them with anything breakable and valuable. I am finding that when the air is more humid they tend to lose adhesion and I find items on the floor. Handy for a while but not a permanent fix for hanging items. 3I honestly love this product I use them all over my house. In the bathroom I have 2 hooks they have not budged for over 2 years. I have a complete cluster art wall using command strips. Its all in the application. Clean the wall with alcohol, let it dry, apply command strip pressing firmly for a few minutes, let it cure for at least one hour then it ready to use. I am not being paid to say this. I honestly love this product. 5Waste of money Cleaned windows with alcohol, applied exactly as directed (pressed 30-seconds on window, 30 seconds on hook, waited an hr prior to hanging) had 1.5-lb 22-inch wreaths fall, 6 out of 8. Switched to the "large" 4-lb. hooks, had the same problem. Part of the issue is the design, the strips are thinner and shorter than the hook bases, which doesn't really make sense. In some cases, the front-facing backing would begin to peel up the window-facing backing before I could get the backing peeled off. For the price you pay for these, one would think they would have much better performance. 1Great to organize your stuff! It works just as advertised. I really wanted to get something to hang pot holders the in my kitchen, after months of having them lay around.I tried before the really cheap ones you can get from the dollar store but after a while they just peel off and the glue doesn't stick anymore.I recently bought a similar kind of hook to use in my bathroom to hang a towel and it has been working great! So I figure why not trying to find something for the kitchen as well?The hooks are super easy to use: you just detach a strip, peel off one side, attach it to the plastic hook, then peel off the other side and attach it to whatever super face you want, after having cleaned it well with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Done!And the best thing is that there is a little tab that is not sticky and that can be used when you want to remove them, making the job so much easier than the nail-scraping that is often required to remove adhesive!I've not had the hooks for long so I can't vouch for their durability, but so far so good. If by any chance they fail sooner than expected I will update the review.UPDATE 8/26/2016: I've been using these hooks for 10 months now and they are holding up great! I've even used them to hang backpacks behind a door (great if you don't have a lot of storage) and it works well for that too.***Make sure you don't hang more weight than these hooks are rated to hold! These hooks say on the package they can hold 2 pounds. The small green empty backpack (on the top) in my 2nd pic weighs 1.5 lbs. About a month ago, my husband put a 2nd heavier bag (probably 3-4 lbs) on the hook along with the green backpack, and after a few hours the hook came crashing off. However, that was user error, because these hooks are not rated to hold that much weight! After I realized what he did, I just put the hook back on (I even used the original adhesive strip) and the hook has been fine ever since. People who are having issues with the hook falling off are very likely hanging more weight than it is rated for. 2 pounds is not a lot - if in doubt, measure what you are planning to hang or buy a command hook rated to hold more weight.If you have any questions, let me know, I'm glad to help! And if you found this review helpful, consider saying so below, I would really appreciate it. 5
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