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Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tritan Straw Tumbler, 14 Oz, Sprinkles Pink

  • Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tritan Straw Tumbler, 14 Oz, Sprinkles Pink
  • Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tritan Straw Tumbler, 14 Oz, Sprinkles Pink
  • Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tritan Straw Tumbler, 14 Oz, Sprinkles Pink
  • Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tritan Straw Tumbler, 14 Oz, Sprinkles Pink

Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tritan Straw Tumbler, 14 Oz, Sprinkles Pink

AU$ 130.00 AU$ 78.00 Save: AU$ 52.00
AU$ 78.00 AU$ 130.00 You save: AU$ 52.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • No more spills - This kids tumbler features a straw and a spill proof valve so you don't have to worry about spills (even when it's upside down)
  • Seal the deal - Silicone seal around the straw adds extra protection against leaks
  • Material matters -100 percent BPA free; Clean up top rack dishwasher safe lid and body; Straw twists apart for easy cleaning
  • Get a grip- Soft grip bottom pad helps prevent skids and tipping
  • Perfect fit- Fits most car cup holders; For ages 3 and up
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Customer Reviews

Great UNTIL I thought I'd found it - the holy Grail cup that my water obsessed 2.5 year old couldn't spill from. Throw it. Turn it over. Shake it wildly. Not a drop is spilled. No leaky valve easy to clean. I recommend it to my friends and prepare to buy a gross.You'll be thrilled.*Until* your child figures out that if they blow air into it an entire JET of water shoots out of the straw! High with lots of pressure! Water gets EVERYWHERE! Back to looking for the perfect cup :( 3Legitimately leak proof! I was skeptical that these were ACTUALLY leak proof. After all I have a toddler, they can make literally anything leak or spill. I have been through sooooo many cups trying to find ones that will not leave a puddle of water behind when it's left in its near permanent horizontal resting place on the floor or break or pour when my son inevitably bashes it onto the hardwood floor. The only liquid that comes out is what is left behind in the top of the straw after he drinks from it, which there is nothing you can do to even fix that. These are magnificent! They are easy to clean but then again I only use these for water so thicker liquid or drinks that tend to spoil may be more difficult to clean out. Overall this is the BEST cup I've come across when it comes to capacity, functionality, and most importantly ACTUALLY NOT LEAKING! 5Definitely NOT Leak/Spill proof I bought this cup in hopes of finding one that didnt leak as my 12 month old uses straw cups for milk/water. I was hopeful, but unfortunately it leaked when held upside down and/or when shaken. On the package it says "100% leak and spill proof" -- not true. 2Would have been the perfect cup....NOT! Upon arrival I would have rated this cup five stars all the way. It met all my requirements for a cup for my 18 month old; sturdy plastic that won't break, can't take the lid off or pull the straw out and make a mess and leak proof. Everything was fine until I noticed the tiny vent in the top of the lid had started to accumulate build up, just clean it right? Wrong. There's no way to clean it, I thought by pulling the silicone valve on the inner part of the lid would allow me to clean it but they only made things worse because there's no way to put that back in and now the cup leaks. Great cup while it lasted but the design of that vent on top of the lid is really bad unless someone can share how to clean it and how to insert than silicone thing back. I have attached pictures to give a visual of what I'm trying to say. 1Flawed Design Great cup, certainly doesn't spill. The bottom design is flawed, if you wash this cup by hand you will get mold underneath the rubber part at the bottom of the cup. It is a separate part and not built into the cup, so water can get in between the rubber bottom and bottom of the actual cup. This wouldn't be a terrible problem if it wasn't so hard to remove. I think it should either be a permanent part of the cup with no gap, or a simple screw off bottom. We ended up just taking the bottom off and tossing it 3Great truly SPILL PROOF and toddler proof cup! These cups work fabulously well. My little guy chews and eventually destroys the tops of all of his camel back and contigo auto spout cups. It s maddening bc those are not cheap cups. Enter the Spill Proof Tritan straw tumbler. The straw is made of hard plastic. He can t chew it up! And since it s not a soft rubber consistency he doesn t feel the need to chew the straw. Problem solved. These cups really ARE spill proof. Having seen these dropped a number of times I was very pleased to see that not a drop of water escaped. The only thing they do that can be irritating to my son is the major condensation if the beverage is cold. My little guy loves his ice water. So that would be my only complaint. Great cups. We have two and they are holding up well. Make sure to dump all water from the cup at night and shake the straws so the valve doesn t retain any water. So far we haven t had a mildew or mold issue. I also find they hold up well in the washer. 5Impossible to put the air valve back on. I liked this cup on first use. My son doesn t like using this cup. I thought he will get used to it over time. Straw felt loose each time we use it. Then I was cleaning this cup since i read lots of moldy alert reviews. i decided to clean the air valve and i just can t put the valve back on! I tried tried.... my husband tried... we just can t do it! I m giving one star because a good cup should be easy to clean too. This case it is not! No! No! No! 1My almost 2-year-old twins can t suck hard enough to get the water out of the ... If any of you have looked high and low for a truly leak proof straw cup, this is it! My almost 2-year-old twins can t suck hard enough to get the water out of the Contigo bottles (which we love for our older kiddos), but these straw cups are perfect and truly leakproof, unlike many others we have tried. We have 6 of them and none of them have had any of the problems some of the lower reviews have described. 5Amazing but... I love it!!!! We got these and the metal ones which work better than a yeti only down fall is when you wash, water goes into the lid, but if you sit them where the vent in the lid is down, over night it all drains out! We switched to these for our 2.5 year old, we had the childrens contigo water bottles but they were getting mold in places I couldn't clean. Only 4 star because having the let the lids drain is a minor inconvenience. 4This IS spill proof! Finally found a cup that is spill proof!! After a LONG search for a spill proof cup, this is it! The other reviews showing the cup being shaken upside down and liquid coming out... I believe this is just the liquid left in the straw after drinking. I shook and shook and shook this cup upside down and NO leaks. Gave it to my son and after he drank I shook it again upside down, liquid did come out but only an amount that would make sense to have been left over in the straw past the valve. After that small amount was out, it was again completely leak proof. The only gripe I have is the straw is hard but I think that is part of what makes it spill proof. I m just cautious not to let him walk around with it so it doesn t jab him by accident. 5
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