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Copco 2510-9285 Sierra Single Wall Tritan Cold Tumbler with Straw and Spill Resistant Lid, Pack of 1, Brown

  • Copco 2510-9285 Sierra Single Wall Tritan Cold Tumbler with Straw and Spill Resistant Lid, Pack of 1, Brown
  • Copco 2510-9285 Sierra Single Wall Tritan Cold Tumbler with Straw and Spill Resistant Lid, Pack of 1, Brown

Copco 2510-9285 Sierra Single Wall Tritan Cold Tumbler with Straw and Spill Resistant Lid, Pack of 1, Brown

AU$ 116.00 AU$ 70.00 Save: AU$ 46.00
AU$ 70.00 AU$ 116.00 You save: AU$ 46.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • EASY TO CLEAN DESIGN: This 24-ounce tumbler fits in most cup holders
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Single-wall, BPA-free Tritan with textured grip to provide a secure t
  • PERFECT FOR ON-THE-GO: Includes a removable straw to keep your beverage perfectly mixed thanks to a footed base
  • SPILL RESISTANT: Quarter-turn lid sealing design helps prevent leaks and spills
  • DISHWASHER SAFE : Top rack only, hand washing recommended
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Customer Reviews

Spills easily when full, frustrating lid We have both the double-wall and the single-wall tumbler. Both have problems.- When full, or filled half-an-inch (1 1/4 cm) or less from the top, liquid seeps between the straw and cup. This liquid forms a puddle that spills on my shirt when I first drink. I am now in the habit of wiping the lid before drinking.- The double-walled tumbler's lid has cracked. This is a review for the single-wall tumbler of course, but the lids are similar in design and made of the same material: acrylic, so I expect the same results.- The lid can be maddening. If you don't screw it on starting from just the right spot, or just the right degree of levelness, it the threads cross the seal between the lid and tumbler is broken. If you- The tumbler is too tall for some dishwashers' top racks, so it must be put in the bottom rack. That would normally be fine, except dishwashers with heating elements will warp the tumbler, which fortunately Copco did label as "Top rack only." 2Love this for cold drinks, but threads do eventually wear out This is my second purchase of this tumbler; I wore the first one out and the threads would no longer tighten, so one morning I lifted it by the lid, which popped off and I ended up with green avocado smoothie all over myself and my kitchen floor. Yuck. Now I use the Ello glass tumblers for my smoothies and this one for Keto lemonade. It goes everywhere with me, fits in the cup holder in my SUV, and I'll buy another when this one wears out. I love the mixing paddle on the bottom of the straw and the grippy strip on the cup. You do have to use caution when tightening the lid, as sometimes it will slip and contents will leak... but that's more of a user error than design flaw. 4Super Sips! Love these for ice coffee! The agitator on the straw keeps it from falling out which is lovely. I have knocked over my tumbler many times, and been thankful of the tight lid preventing a spill. I do notice some times that liquid will escape through the straw hole or near the seal and then I end up with coffee dribbles on my shirt. Just be aware. Otherwise the seal is tight enough.I wish that Copco would sell the lids and straws separately, as I have lost either in the past and don't necessarily want to buy a whole new cup. To me the whole point of buying a reusable tumbler is that it's better for the environment. Continuing to have to buy a whole new mug each time, negates that good purchase. 4Simple design and good size Good for iced coffee! I don't have any issue with condensation from a cold drink. It is not the usual thick double walled insulated cup,which I like because those are usually clunky and heavier. This is lighter plastic with a rubber "sleeve" that cannot be removed. I find it easy to wash by hand or I put it in the dishwasher. It seems to hold up to daily use pretty well. The only small issue is that your drink seeps through the straw hole a little bit if the cup is filled to the top (same thing happens if you buy iced coffee from dunkin or starbucks). But, the lid is slightly concave shaped which is a plus -- so your drink will pool near the straw hole and not spill all over, even while driving.After 2 months the rubber seal on the lid started to pop off and it is a little annoying to put back in, but it is still a good cup. 3Great cup, I bought every color I absolutely love these cups! I bought them in every color because they are exactly the right size for getting an iced drink at the coffee shop every morning, fit into all standard cup holders well (both in the car and my stroller) and hold up to my toddler swinging them around by the straw when we go to the park. I just pop them in the top rack of my dishwasher and have had zero problems with warping. When the lid is screwed on right, it takes several seconds of the full cup laying on it's side before it will start leaking any liquid.Now for the downsides:If you don't screw your lid on right, it will leak super easy, so I always do a test tip before I walk off with my coffee and end up with it all over my shirt.The green one has white paint on the straw which has been coming off. I'm not too concerned about the asthetics of this, just don't like the idea that I might be drinking paint. 5Great for daily use at home and in the car Bought four of these a few years back and they're still going strong. Use them daily at home, they're also sized well for car cup holders. When the lid is properly secured, they tip over they don't spill very much if at all. It's important to make sure the lid has a good seal, as it's not too hard to incompletely close the lid and get leaks, which is the reason I took one star off the rating.If you like iced coffee, use these mugs with a Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker and Dunkin Donuts coffee to make some great iced coffee you can drink around the house or take on the road! 4A Cold Tumbler not made to be cold I had a free double walled tumbler that got cracked and decided to by a new cup. While I knew this item wasn't double walled I expected it to keep my liquid cold, since it has cold tumbler in the name. Plus, it showed a rubber sleeve as part of the cup as a grip, expecting that you would need it for a cold beverage. What I got was a cup that didn't keep anything cold and when I put a lot of ice in it to try and keep the water cold, the bottom part of the cup as well as the rubber sleeve sweated and so my hand came away soaked when I picked up the drink by the grip, making it less a grip and more a sweaty wet hand hold. Returned in under 24 hours from receipt. Don't buy this for anything you want really cold. 1Addicted to this tumbler I literally could not live without this tumbler. I carry it around like an appendage to the point that I feel like someone has chopped off my hand if I don't have it with me.I have tried many, many water bottles for my incessant water guzzling habit. They all wind up in the recycling bin QUICKLY. But this baby stays, oh how she stays, and for the following extremely important reasons:1) Can be washed, in its entirely, in the dishwasher. This, for me, is the #1 factor in buying any water bottle. Do you really want to hand-wash that crap every day (or, let's be real, even once a week)? I didn't think so.2) The straw! I have found, without a doubt, that I drink far more water when I drink from a cup with a straw than with any other style of bottle. I am so used to drinking copious amounts of water from this cup that I feel dehydrated when I am without it. Great for healthy habits.3) Fits perfectly in a car cup-holder.4) Is surprisingly spill-resistant -- when you do knock it over, you might get a drop or two from splashing out the top of the straw, but if you are quick you, your car floorboard, your carpet/rugs/wood floors will stay dry dry dry.5) Lasts over a year after heavy, every day wear. I generally replace mine at Christmas time (Stocking stuffers!) just as a good habit, starting the year with a nice new cup.The hubs and I have a couple a piece in different colors so we don't get territorial. 5) Perfect! They did scratch a bit after being tuck ... Lol, purchased these to take to an all inclusive resort, in which, they typically provide tiny cups for booze. This resort had no "beach" service.(DR, Punta Cuna.) Perfect! They did scratch a bit after being tuck in lovely deep coral sand etc, but everyone wanted to know where we got them, and what a perfect idea. Yes. No sand, at all, in cup. Best practical purchase ever. Husband more than agreed, this time. The resort had no problem filling them with "whatever" bev, as saving them cups and time! 5I love this cup, period. To address the 3 most important factors- leakproof, yes. Besides having a tight seal around the lid to cup connection, my kids have knocked this cup over so many times (they love it too) and barely anything comes out of the top where the hole is for the straw. Plus as hard as they try, my kids can never get that straw out of the cup (a plus for me!), but you will never lose it whilst traveling. Easy to hold, yes. I carried this around, outside, on a parade day from 11 am to 5pm refilling it with water the whole day. I probably ended up carrying this for close to 4 miles. Easy to clean, yes. All parts reachable with sponge and soap, the straw you may need a pipe cleaner. My husband says to me "you are always in search of the perfect beverage holder" Well I finally found it for my cold beverages, mostly ice water. Im thinking of buying one for each of my kids because they are obsessed with taking swigs from this cup. My 16 mos old. sees this and grunts at it when she wants a sip. Its more leakproof than most of her sippy cups. Anyway A+ from me. I think it actually compels me to drink more water. 5
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