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CribWrap Wide 1 Long Blue Fleece Rail Cover

  • CribWrap Wide 1 Long Blue Fleece Rail Cover

CribWrap Wide 1 Long Blue Fleece Rail Cover

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Soft padded 100% polyester fleece crib rail cover with waterproof backing
  • Protect your teething baby from harmful toxins and guard your crib rails from teeth marks and drool discoloration. When laid flat, CribWrap measures 51 long by 18 wide. CribWrap fits most wide front and back crib rails measuring 8 18 around.
  • Rail cover is made with soft fleece on top, a padded middle and waterproof back for ultimate protection; Simply wrap and tie this solution to protect your child and crib investment for years to come
  • Rail cover is free of PVC, lead, phthalate and BPA
  • Includes one long rail cover for crib front or back. Coordinating set of two side rail covers is available for separate purchase to offer ultimate crib coverage. Narrow versions of CribWrap rail covers are also available by Trend Lab
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Customer Reviews

It's worth to cover up the pretty design of my crib with this coverWe call our baby a Little Beaver, because he chewed up his crib so badly. When we bough a new, expensive crib I knew that we need something to protect it from little teeth. I was reluctant to cover up the pretty design on the crib with a piece of fabric, so I tried a lucid stick-on. But that held on for a day until it fell off. I realized that my only other choice is to buy a fabric cover. It's not very pretty, but it's worth it. It protects the crib very well, and when my baby will outgrow this stage I will remove it and enjoy the crib. But for now this serves the purpose extremely well. It's also very easy to clean, it goes in and out of the washing machine every few days and it stays fresh. Another point, my baby keeps himself busy playing with the ties... It especially interests him to watch as I put it back on every time I washed it.Yes, I would certainly recommend it for every nursery. I think it's a must-have if you want to keep your crib in a good condition! 5Gonna tell Everybody!My son had just started to bite on the crib rails so I knew I would find the answer on what to do on my favorite site Amazon! I wasn't a fan originally of this one by looking at the picture online because I thought the strings hanging made it look sloppy. However, I ordered it anyway since it had good reviews. When it arrived I threw it in the wash and I must say it washed well. Then I was pleasantly surprised to see that as I was placing the wrap on the crib the strings were long enough for me to tie them in a neat little bow. So, no sloppy hanging strings and they have remained tied through many pulls and bites! This has definitely saved my crib rails! 5Perfect for my little beaver . . .Review for the Wide Long Crib Rail Cover that installs on the front side of the crib. My LO started teething and started gnawing on the crib, so I wanted to find something to protect him from eating wood chips. We have one of the Target Delta brand cribs. This is a good thick protective layer. The front, fill, and backing are 100% polyester. The front/top is fleece. The back/underside is like a plastic waterproof sheet. It makes quite a bit of noise while installing, but is fine after installation. Approximate size is 49" by 17 3/4". Not quite 18" as mentioned, but close enough. It has 7" ties on one side and holes for the ties to go through on the other. There are 5 sets of ties. To install, first put it over the railing like wrapping a hotdog. Match the ties with the corresponding holes on the other side. To tie, pull one of the ties through the holes then tie a knot, a double knot, or a bow. The ties come undone easily by a curious child, so I have now started double knotting them instead of just a single knot. Double knot seems to be holding. For care, I wash with mild detergent with either warm or cold water. Then I machine dry on low/delicate heat. So far it has withstood the first few washes. I took off a star because of the massive descriptive tag. I will definitely be cutting those off. Overall, this is the perfect crib rail protector for my little beaver. 4Great quailty! Fits big furnitire!Finally! A crib rail protector that fits baby's dream cribs!! I love that it ties and doesn't velcro! The last ones I tried were velcro (the brown ones that are on the side rails) & can be easily snatched off by a baby pulling on it. You better believe I just ordered the side protectors like this to replace those! A lot thicker than I thought it would be. And has a vinyl backing to keep drool from soaking the wood! The part you see is a soft fleece. I wish I would have found this one first! 5Not for extra wide crib rails.This wide crib rail did not even come close to fitting my daughters Evulor Santa Fe crib. I immediately sent back and had to make my own out of felt from the craft store. I included a picture of the crib the help fellow buyers. 1Works well and great addition to the cribI was worried about these actually working or holding up, but as it turns out, those were unwarranted. I use this on a Babyletto crib, and the size is perfect. I like that these are tied from the outside of the railing and do not use velcro. My baby has learned to undo velcro, and I don't think these would have lasted with that design. We tied it once, and it's been months and we haven't had the need to retie it. Washing is a breeze. Just wash and hang dry. It's soft, and we haven't had any issues with it coming apart in any way or creating any fuzzes. With the amount of chewing/biting/licking that my baby does, I'm surprised that the rail covers pretty much look the same from the day we got them.Would definitely recommend getting rail covers for your crib to prevent baby biting on the wood itself. Although this is a big pricey for one side, I would recommend ordering 2--one for each side of the crib--if you have the Babyletto (or similar design). It's soft, but don't expect it to be a type of padding for wrestler babies. 5Buy all three sidesWe have a convertible crib and plan to turn it into a bed when my daughter is older so I was worried about protecting it from teeth marks (and her from whatever chemicals are in it)! This was exactly what I was looking for to protect the crib and still look nice.Since my daughter showed no interest in chewing on the crib at the time, I figured I would save money and just buy one for the front. Big mistake. All it took was one night for her to chew up both sides! So I rushed to Amazon and bought ones for the sides as well.Everything is now protected and it also provides a soft surface if she happens to bump her head. I highly recommend. 5Works great!I noticed my baby biting the front rail of her convertible crib and scrambled to get a cover. I read a bunch of reviews on different products and ended up with this one. I made the right choice! My crib has a wide rail that curves and this covers it just fine. The cover has a waterproof bottom layer (white) that is kind of a crinkly plastic material, a layer of light padding in the middle, and a soft fleece layer on top. There are 5 ties made of the fleece that are kind of stretchy, which I like because they tie nice and tight! I ordered pink which is more of a medium pink and matches my decor well. I wash it cold/delicate and hung it to dry and it is holding up well. My baby still bites the cover and I'm happy her slobber won't soak through. She likes to play with the ties but they are short enough that she can't hurt herself with them. The center tie had to be tied a little off-center around the slat but it was no problem, the tie was long enough. A good buy and I would recommend it for cribs with a wide rail. I included pictures to show the bottom and my crib rail as well as the whole product. 5Amazing, worth the money, highly recommend!These are amazing!! Our twins, especially our daughter, chewed on her crib constantly. They're having a hard time teething and she chewed overnight one time to the point that bare wood was poking up in a few spots the next day. Her beautiful crib was covered in bite marks/dents, in spite of all our baby teething purchases. These wraps completely stopped their crib chewing, are very well made, soft, easy to put on, are washable, the wider option worked great for our daughter's bigger/thicker railed crib, and we think the colors complement their crib colors well. We are really happy with them. Also, they provide a little cushion if they accidentally fall and bump their head or mouth. We purchased the covers for the side rails and front rail but not the back rail. It wasn't needed in our situation. We didn't want to use any of the biting deterrent liquids or buy the hard plastic covers, so these were a great option. They're also cheaper on here and arrive quicker than through Target.com. They're definitely worth the money! Yay for Crib Wraps and yay for Amazon! 5Stopped my chewer!As the little man was teething, his crib started taking a beating. I didn't know they made something like this until he already gnawed a few good gashes in his future foot board - ergh! I was going to make something and through googling, found this. I chose this for two reasons - waterproof back and the ties.Waterproof backing was chosen because of drool - don't want it getting through, or trapped between the wood and the fabric and ruining the nice wood finish.Ties - there was no way he was going to undo this, and some others out there are not so secure (velcro was used on some and although easy to get off for the adult to clean, also easy for the child to remove). These ties are nice too because there is a slit on the outer side and one tie goes through that slit, and then you tie it, so it is an extra layer of protection in case your child can figure out how to untie. The ties also are on the outer side/front edge, so when you pull the one string through and actually tie the two strings together, it is facing out of the crib, not inward for the kiddo to play with. Sure he can reach them if he wanted to (but not too alluring), through the slats but would only be able to grab a couple inches of the string, back to his side - not untie it and then pull the one string through the slit.It is also safe for the washer/dryer. When it comes out of washing machine, because of the fleece like fabric, it is mostly dry. I put mine in dryer on very low heat with a softener sheet and that makes it smell good, and to get out a little extra moisture and then hang it for an hour or two just to make sure. already.I wish I had this sooner and will be ready next time with one! 5
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