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Cuisipro 13.2-Ounce Foam Pump, Black

  • Cuisipro 13.2-Ounce Foam Pump, Black
  • Cuisipro 13.2-Ounce Foam Pump, Black
  • Cuisipro 13.2-Ounce Foam Pump, Black
  • Cuisipro 13.2-Ounce Foam Pump, Black

Cuisipro 13.2-Ounce Foam Pump, Black

AU$ 136.00 AU$ 82.00 Save: AU$ 54.00
AU$ 82.00 AU$ 136.00 You save: AU$ 54.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The convenient soap dispensers turn your favorite liquid hand soaps into rich, thick and soothing foam
  • To fill, simply fill pump with soap and water as the fill lines on the bottle indicate (or mix 1 part soap to 4 parts water and pour into pump)
  • The foam pump reduces soap usage up to 75-percent which means fewer chemicals, making it better for the environment than traditional soap dispensers
  • The suction cup on the bottom stabilizes the bottle and prevents the foam pump from slipping off the counter
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Customer Reviews

New design is a vast improvement over the old! I had previously purchased the older triangular design in chrome. Loved the product, hated the chrome! It started chipping and tarnishing by the second month. I saw the new round design - with different colors and purchased a black one (to match my oil rubbed bronze fixtures). I never thought I'd get excited about plastic, but the black plastic feels great - like suede! I've only owned it a few days, but I have the feeling it'll last longer (and in better shape) than my cheesy chrome one did. Although the triangular container looked nice, the new round bottle is easier to use when "swirling" (as directed) the soap/water mixture. Hint: round is better than triangular when swirling! If you like foam soap, I'd highly recommend buying one of the round fashion-colored bottles - Cuisipro obviously listened to customer comments when re-designing the new bottles. PS - my black container looks better in person than it did on my computer screen (it's always a nice surprise when that happens!) 5This newer model has a much better round suction cup that stays putMajor upgrade since last model. Cannot live without one of these foam dispensers. I don't have a dishwasher so have to do everything by hand. A one handed foam dispenser is literally indispensable! No pun intended. This newer model has a much better round suction cup that stays put! The older model was triangular. The slight angle of the bottle keeps the foam from dripping onto unit and aims directly into the sink. The only downside was the spring action gets weak after about a year. Then I must pull the top back up with each pump. Maybe this one will last longer. It seems to have a stronger spring action. Love it! May just purchase a backup so I will never be without. Foam works so much better than full strength dish soap because it rinses off easier and saves soap and the environment.5Broke/company replacedI love this pump!!!! I bought two more after buying my first and falling in love with the design. I make my own hand soap with Dr.Bonner's Baby Mild, and I have to add glycerin and/or almond oil to avoid dry hands. (Just in the winter). The suction base is great. The big tilted foam head is nice.I am rating this low because one broke. BTW: U r not supposed to take the foaming mechanism apart because the tiny ball bearing which makes it foam will fall out when u r trying to refill. I usually can find the ball and reinsert it but last time it went down the drain. It will not foam and is useless. Whensoap and water is involved..it gets slippery and this head just popped open and dismantled. It happened the first time refilling and continued to do so unlike the other two pumps. So do NOT take it apart to clean it,etc as stated in the directions.I am also upset because the fill line markings on the bottle have worn right off. This was a major selling point for me. I took a sharpie marker and made lines as the old ones r wearing off or already faded. I am ticked cuz they were not cheap.Updated 7/20/14. I upgraded my rating because the company warranties these pumps for 20 years! They sent me a replacement for the one that broke and it has been fine for the past three months. The other two ones are still working great. The chrome one has a bit of a tarnish on the head so I will only by the colored tops now. The company did not request the broken pump be shipped back. It was a no hassle deal and I am a happy customer! I did suggest that they improve the water and soap markings, but they had no response to that.After awhile of making soap, it is easy just to eyeball it anyway. I am keeping the broken one for back up parts. Worth the money!!! Oh and ignore the person who commented Castile soap will clog or break the pumps. It will not. Even the company rep just wanted to make sure that I wasn't shaking the dickens out of it to mix the soap and water. Lol4I AM BACK TO BUYING IT AGAIN...I've been buying this dispenser for approximately 5, maybe 6-yrs now. Out of 5 different manufacturers, this one has outlasted the best for foaming hand and dish soap dispensers! In my opinion, the clear plastic base is VERY HIGH GOOD quality. The silicone-type top holds up amazingly for hand soap. We are still using the original hand soap dispenser in the bathroom. However, when using it for dish soap, the top base breaks down and the pumping action no longer "pops up" in a matter of 2-3 years... (the company product information does state that using certain liquids, such as lotions, are not recommended for the dispenser. So, I am assuming this product is probably not recommended for dish soap...) After comparing this product with several other dispensers, some which are listed for kitchen soaps, I am still finding myself going back to this product for a foaming dish soap dispenser... I'm looking forward to Cuisipro reconstructing this product, without the suction cup, more upright, strictly for DISH SOAP. But, for now... I'm buying another Cuispro Foaming Soap Dispenser for my 2015 kitchen dish soap soap dispenser;),4Thank you for such a great productBest foam dispenser I've ever used. The lines make it easy to get the soap/water ratio correct, and the suction-cup base prevents it from tipping over during use. This is an important bonus for anyone with coordination problems. Aside from saving money by using less soap, there are a couple other bonuses as well. When taking a shower you can foam up first then simply rinse off thus saving on the amount of water used. It also helps with energy conservation for those with chronic fatigue if you use an all-in-one type of natural soap that rinses easily off ( I like Dr Bronner's). Just lather up head/face/body then turn on water to rinse off. You're done. If just the thought of having to take a shower makes you tired due to coordination or endurance, then this method is for you. This also is convenient if you're the one helping someone else who needs assistance with bathing. I'll be getting more for family.5A personal favorite!I first purchased a Cuisipro in Canada about 5 years ago. Unfortunatly, I failed to remember that you shouldn't use soaps with antibacterial 'beads' and I had to replace. Otherwise, the unit has been going strong for the 5 years since purchase. This replacement that I purchased is nearly identical to the initial dispenser and I am very satisfied. I particularly like the guidelines on the side of the container with lines to illustrate how much soap to add and then how much water.5Absolutely terrific item for near all sinksI love this because it's 1) clean and sleek 2) Both the black and the chrome one go with my decor 2) It has a suction cup which is great for holding it in place. 3) Replaced the retail pump that was on the counter next to by stacked front loader W/D and the sink. The retail one got knocked down and I had a heck of time fishing it out from behind the dryer!! The suction on this one would have prevented that. 4) Bonus is that it has lines to guide you how much regular hand soap to put in and the rest water for perfect foaming soap without paying for mostly water! But if you have a favorite, you can still fill it with store bought foaming soap and it works great.5Revolutionary. Seriously. Almost.Revolutionizes the kids bathroom. always what a friggin mess. No more! or at least 90% reduced.this thing is super clever:-Foams, so uses less soap-Sticks to the counter top, so no sliding around/fallage/breakage-Leans over, so it leans over, further reducing the mess-Made of nice plastics, looks good, while being light/inexpensive/non-breakable- - WORKS. We have 7(!) kids using 1 bathroom (one at a time...) and it has held up well.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED5was skeptical but now I'm a believerI hate ugly store bought soap dispensers, especially the ugly blue one that my soap comes in. I looked at several places for an attractive and functional one and kept reading how the dispensers worked for a short time and then pooped out. I finally picked this one because the design fit my needs (black ones are hard to find). I have been delighted with it. It functions perfectly after several months of use. I am able to dilute my soap a bit and still get the same performance (the dispenser works even better when the soap is a bit thinner, though I use the Dawn Direct which is super concentrated and also wonderful, so I was worried if I thinned it out it would not work as well).Please keep in mind that the soap I use takes only one pump and its not all fluffy (though a less concentrated soap would be more fluffy). Also, there is a tiny, clear plastic square thing that is inserted where the soap comes out. We thought that it was not a part of the dispenser and took it out, but it should remain in. You'll want to clean it maybe every month or so.5PerfectThis thing is just plain awesome. We were looking for a solid dish soap dispenser, because everything you find at Wally World and Lowe's in poop. We were looking for the suction cup feature to keep the thing from going into the sink, and boom, this is what we came across.At first, I thought that having the dish soap being foamy might have some drawbacks, not to mention my wife thought I was crazy (more so than usual anyway) for going with foamy dish soap. I filled up the dispenser to the pre-marked lines with soap and water, stuck that sucker on the counter top and we went to town on some pot and pans. We use a fraction of the soap now.I want to get one for all of our bathrooms.Build quality is great. It is solid, and I never fear that my brutish man-hands will destroy its will to serve.What is also cool is that it comes off of the suction cup if you need some sort of fancy pinpoint accuracy foamy soap application, and then it pops back on.Is $15 pricey for a soap dispenser? Not for this one....you get what you pay for, and this soap dispenser is so awesome that Chuck Norris and the Bionic Woman probably got it as a wedding present.5I love it so much, I bought 2 more!I bought my first one (black) for the bathroom. I used Dr. Bronners Liquid castile soap to fill to the bottom line and then filled to the top line with water. Put the top back on...swished it around a bit (the directions say don't shake it and don't turn it upside down) and ta da! Foam soap. I was so thrilled that about 2 weeks later, I purchased 2 more (also black).The second I filled to the bottom line with liquid handsoap and then to the top line with water...swished it around and I magically had foam soap...yay!The third I filled to the bottom line with Dawn dishwashing liquid and then to the top line with water...swished it around and now I have foam dishwashing liquid to handwash dishes!A few of things:1-don't fill it COMPLETELY to the top line or else the bubbles will overflow when you put the cap back on.2-it DOES come with directions...they are found on the back of the paper inside the dispenser.3-I read a few reviews where it said the suction cup didn't work well. All three of mine work GREAT...I am in an apartment with formica countertops.I am THRILLED with this purchase and couldn't find anywhere where it said I could use dishwashing liquid in it, so I made myself the guinea pig...WORKS GREAT.I am going to purchase two for my job...we will save a ton of money on dishwashing liquid and handsoap!5
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