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Deflecto Stackable Open Cube Organizer, Desk and Craft Organizer, Clear, Large, 6"W x 6"H x 12"D (350501)

  • Deflecto Stackable Open Cube Organizer, Desk and Craft Organizer, Clear, Large, 6"W x 6"H x 12"D (350501)
  • Deflecto Stackable Open Cube Organizer, Desk and Craft Organizer, Clear, Large, 6"W x 6"H x 12"D (350501)
  • Deflecto Stackable Open Cube Organizer, Desk and Craft Organizer, Clear, Large, 6"W x 6"H x 12"D (350501)
  • Deflecto Stackable Open Cube Organizer, Desk and Craft Organizer, Clear, Large, 6"W x 6"H x 12"D (350501)

Deflecto Stackable Open Cube Organizer, Desk and Craft Organizer, Clear, Large, 6"W x 6"H x 12"D (350501)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Don't allow clutter to hinder your creativity! Organize your craft supplies or office tools, and store everything from glitter pens and embellishments to highlighters and tape for a clutter-free creative space or work area
  • Keep small items at your fingertips for easy access! Refilling the cube and reorganizing your supplies is easy and convenient
  • Clear color makes it simple to find what you need while the modern design looks good in any home, office, or craft room!
  • Modular organizers stack together with clips (1 included) for a custom system; configuration options are nearly endless with this highly versatile desk organizer!
  • Great for craft and scrapbooking storage, sewing supplies, office tools and school supplies so you can stay focused on the project, not the clutter!
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Customer Reviews

A must buy.....so versatile!These cubes are amazing! Very roomy and takes up little space. Shipping was super fast! You are able to stack them and two connectors are provided per cube. This makes it easy to connect the cubes from any of its four sides. It connects very easily by sliding on the clip and then placing them horizontal or vertical. I use them to store my Copic markers. I have 87 markers and they fit perfectly with a ton of room to spare. I purchased two and I will probably purchase more. I turned them on their side and the markers don't budge or slide out. They lie and stack perfectly. Making it easier to see the colors and use them. The X-dividers in the middle can be removed and you can use just the cube itself. It all depends on what you need. I love them and I will order more as I sort through my craft supplies. I would recommend it to anyone that needs to store small items that they can get to easily, but also what them contained neatly. They seem to be very durable and I'm excited to see what else I do with more of them! Happy shopping!5Visually, an organizers dream!Typically I can be VERY messy, but when I'm in the mood I LOVE to organize -- and I have really been needing a solution to organizing my pens in a way that I can access them easily and finally get them used. These Deflecto containers have been great for that! They store Prisma color, Copic .Too, Sharpies, and micron fine-liners great! The drawer version DOES NOT store Copic and Prisma markers flat (so if you are debating, go for the open cross divide version). They do fit my pilot/casemate pens and sharpie highlighters perfectly though! I wish there were more attachments to make the x have even more compartments -- I made my own using cardstock paper (where my Copic and metallic sharpies are in the photo). I would not store colored pencils in the x divide unless you have other similarly long objects, I've attached a photo of what an unsharpened pencils looks like compared to the markers.The x divider and drawers do pull out completely. So that is nice!I'd say if you own far more pens than I do, then there might be a more affordable solution for you, but otherwise, these look really nice and work very well with artist markers!5Perfect for Zig Clean Color Brush PensFunny how the right storage can make such a difference on how much you enjoy and use your beloved supplies. I've tried zippered pouches, cases with individual elastic holders, but this little bin works best for me with the zig clean color brush pens. Minimum hunting for right color pen, easy grouping by color families, easy to pulling and plunking back. You spend more time creating and less time hassling. BONUS: Here's a little hack that made it even better - slid in a scrap piece of heavy (300 lb) watercolor paper as an additional divider. (heavy cardstock, etc, would also work). Two of the sections have grooves that can hold the paper inside the cube when you wedge the other side of the paper into the center - giving you 5 compartments, instead of just 4. Pics show my first added divider. It holds surprisingly well. You're welcome! ;)4Great way to organize pens and markers.I took the trick of one of the other reviewers here and added some cardstock paper to make more dividers.I originally bought 2 cross dividesrs and one had a small crack and the other one had a huge crack, so I requested a return and they said I could keep them. so I bought one more cross divider and one small open box. I really like these, the way it looks, and how accessible everything is.I take off 1 star because my first order was defective and instead of receiving 4 connecters ( 1 for each cube ) I received only three - so I cannot connect the top two cubes to each other. Wish there was another listing where I could purchase the connecters themselves.4Sturdy and far roomier than expected.I discovered this via a blog post by one of my favorite lettering artists (Dawn Nicole) and loved the way they looked in her office space. I ordered 6 for my ever-growing assortment of supplies and I'm super glad I did. They fit 3 across perfectly in the cubby of my desk hutch and 2 high with enough space for a clipboard of color swatch pages on top.Overall, these are a fantastic option for pen and marker storage and I'm super happy I bought them. They're much sturdier than I expected them to be and hold an incredible amount. My only complaint would be that only 4 of the 6 cubes came with clips, the rest had bags taped to them that the clips should have been in, but since they come in open-topped bags (as opposed to a ziplock style bag) they simply fell out at some point and didn't make it to me. I knocked off a star for that, though I would have gone for half a star if I could.To help you get an idea how your markers might fit in these cubes, I've attached a picture showing mine all filled up and listed what is in them along with quantities below.Top cubes, left to right: Ohuhu alcohol markers (80), Aquarelle brush markers (48), Ohuhu gel pens (120)Bottom cubes, left to right (clockwise from left): Various Pigma Microns/Pilot Parallel pens/Uni-Ball Signo white pens, Arteza real brush pens (95), Sharpie brush (12) and oil paint (5) pens, Sargent Art metallic markers (9), Sharpie ultrafine (48), June Gold mechanical pencil crayons (36), Sargent Art watercolor pencils (72), Crayola Signature dual tip markers (16) and blend & shade pencil crayons (50), Sharpie art pens (24)4Perfect These are fantastic for my touch five markers. It fit my personal crafty space and the markers like glove. I couldn't have asked for a better product. It is visually pleasing and easy to use so I know I won't get lazy and leave my markers out. It fits 17 snug. If you need to save a few dollars I suggest you do what I did and make sure you look at the used section. I was able to get all four of mine from Amazon warehouse. I can't tell what damage they saw. They are visually pristine to me 5LOVE these organizers!This sits on my desk and holds the entire collection of Tombow Dual Brush Pens with room to spare! So, I included a few Wink of Stella Pens, and there's STILL room for more! You can get the entire collection of Copic Sketch pens in 4 of these, which are definitely on my wish list! Made of very strong clear plastic & included clips to hold together multiple organizers. You can even take the dividers out and have 2 vertical or horizontal shelves instead of diagonal.5Absolutely great for marker storage!Totally love these cubes for my marker storage and plan to get more. I saw a video about these on Youtube. They do hold about 24 or 25 Copic Sketch markers in each section or 35 Tombow markers, the same amount for Distress Markers or 15 Spectrum Noir markers. The Copic and Spectrum Noir markers fit flush with the depth of the sections while the Tombows, Distress or Memento Markers stick out by an inch and a half.Hope that helps!5Love it!!I bought six of these for my pens and pencils and can't be happier! They're made of sturdy plastic and the clips hold them together just enough that they aren't sliding all over the place. The inserts can be used in the x shape or you can remove one for just a diagonal divider or you can take them out completely, depending on your needs. This takes up so much less space than how I was storing them before, I have better accessibility than I used to and I can store my pens flat, which is SO important for some of these! My inner nerd is geeking out over my new setup.5Great Marker StorageI love these. I am using them to store my many alcohol,watercolor,etc markers,colored pencils.It is a much cheaper way to store them . I found them on sale at a craft store online for under 5 dollars apiece. I purchased a ton of them.I would love to use the organize more or the stamp n storage marker holders but they are too costly. I have 6 filled Color Cubbies but that company went out of business again. It is amazing marker holder but half the cost of the organize more one, or the stamp n storage one .I am going to keep my most expensive stuff in the Color Cubbies and my specialty markers in these. Each section stores a ton. I have the full set of the memento markers,Spectrum Aqua,Spectrum Noir,Spectrum Illustrator, Zig Clean Color brush markers, gel pens, paint markers,colored pencils,watercolor pencils etc etc. As you see I need a lot of them. They have clips that clip them together .I haven't decided if I am going to clip them together.Its easy to take one of the cubes to my desk and use the markers/pen/pencils. If I had them connected it would take too much effort to put them back together if they were clipped. These are great cubbies. I am very glad I didn't spend the money on the expensive ones. These work great and I don't have to spend 500 dollars just for containers to store my markers.The only thing I don't understand is why the seller only allows you to purchase one at a time. Makes no sense to me.5Great organizer for artistsI have more pens, markers, colored pencils, and specialty pencils than I probably should, but with two of these my life is a bit more sane. They hold a ton of pens!!! It makes getting and storing my supplies easy and takes up so little space, especially when you stack them. The cube has a removable X divider and comes with metal clips to connect multiple cubes together. You can have it upright if you like, but the pens don't slide out like some other organizers. I'm definitely getting more if I get more supplies.5
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