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Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)

  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)
  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)
  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)
  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)
  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)
  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)
  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)
  • Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)

Dorcy Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with Lanyard, 4-Pack, Assorted Colors (41-4241)

AU$ 160.00 AU$ 96.00 Save: AU$ 64.00
AU$ 96.00 AU$ 160.00 You save: AU$ 64.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Each light contains 6 super bright 5MM LEDs
  • Weather resistant rubber design for outdoor use & durability
  • Run time of 30 hours per light. Long lasting, dependable light
  • Available in yellow, red, blue, and black assorted pack
  • 12 AAA alkaline batteries included
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Customer Reviews

Pretty Good Cheap Flashlights I live in a small town that has frequent short power outages and I have health issues that make it impossible to walk without falling down if I cant see - loss of proprioception, the important sense that you've probably never heard of. So it is very important that I have flashlights available wherever I am. I bought this set of four about 18 months ago, so I could have them in different parts of the house. Over time I had one fail when I tried to replace the batteries (the battery holder is very poorly made) and one has gone to that invisible corner where small items go to hide when they disappear around a house.The remaining two are still working great.So I started another search of Amazon for sets of small flashlights and kept coming back to these. The aluminum ones available would be much harder to find and hold on to in the dark and the ones that don't include batteries end up costing more than these do.Pros:- inexpensive- the textured plastic on the outside makes them easy to find in the dark and easy to hold on to- the colors make them visible when there is light - the black one that wandered off is the only color that is hard to find- batteries are included so they don't need to be purchased separately- while the lanyard is too small to put a hand through it works very well for hanging the flashlight on a hookCons:- cheaply enough made that they are pretty much impossible to change the batteries in, so they're basically disposable- the lanyard is too small to be anything but a way to hang them on a hookSo I'm about to order another set. 4Work Fine.....Just Not as Pretty as Pictured These work fine...... it's just that I bought them because they looked colorful in the picture. But they're not colorful. They are very dull.I decided to keep them, but purchased an additional set of six called EVERBRITE mini LED flashlights......which ARE lovely bright colors and work very well too. I like to attach neon colored shoelaces (45" length) so I can wear the flashlights around my neck when I walk the dogs late at night.Not all 10 at the same time, of course ;)Well, now that I have ten little flashlights I should be able to get my hands on at least ONE when I walk the dogs, right?(I won't even mention how many pair of reading glasses I have.) 3Super buy-Small but mighty! Small but mighty. I have never bought LED flashlights before. My old flashlights were worn out. Replacing the batteries helped but they were iffy when tilting downward & would go out without warning. We have water regulations that state we can only water on certain days & times & these often require me to go out at night & move hoses around, turn spigots on & off etc. Plus the garage has lighting issues that require me to use a flashlight to get things from the tool chest & the garden shed has no lights. The problem isn't just the dark, it's the creepy crawlies. We have black widows, brown widows, recluses (spiders not hermits) & it seems we live on a perpetual ant hill. So between all that I had to spring for new flashlights. When these Dorcy 41-4241 arrived I saw how small they were & thought they could never throw off much light. But I was wrong! These are like carrying daylight in my pocket. I can see so clearly at night it is amazing! I can even take my time to finish chores & not have to worry at dusk that I will run out of daylight to wind up the days work. These are small & convenient & fit in my pocket. I can take them out, click them on & finish up what I'm doing without pause. I can see spiders around the faucets, ants on the hoses & avoid walking into the dreaded clingy spider webs that always leave me feeling I have something crawling on me. These powerful little lights come with batteries which is an extra bargain. I don't know how I did without them all these years & now I wouldn't be without them. Absolutely the proof that 'good things come in small packages.' 5Awesome Deal! I had a little flashlight that I used almost every night for about 2 years, paid around $6 or so at local store, really missed it when it broke. So I bought a 4-pack of these Dorcy mini LED flashlights as a replacement (41-4241, multi-color). Didn't have high expectations since they're so cheap ($10 for 4), but decided to give them a try anyway because the size and style is perfect for my use. I'm extremely pleased, they're great! Nothing fancy, just a small flashlight -- great size for kids, traveling, the car, etc. The light is plenty bright enough and 12 AAA batteries are included (each takes 3). Can't speak yet to battery life, I'll use rechargeables once the included sets are spent, so no matter. I checked all 4 and they work perfectly. 5So handy, bright and inexpensive. !!! Good deal These are just as they appear, 4 small LED flashlights. They take AAAs. Whats so nice about them,,, well, for 10 bucks, you get the 4 lights AND 12 batteries. There are enough batteries to fill them all, and the lights work great. They are plastic with a rubberized switch. I would say they are as bright as any old fashioned flashlight, but with that LED Cold color. They have 6 LEDs that shine just fine, and I put one in each car, tossed one in my motorcycle bag, and tossed the other in my wifes night stand. I would say they are perfect for kids, small and easy to hold, or around the house, car and garage. Not the flashlight for walking in the woods, but into the tent, Sure thing. Well, 4 working flashlights, bright and easy to use, AND yes, they come with batteries. Thats $2.50 each. Note,,, the batteries go into a plastic holder which slides into the light. Its not complicated or anything, but if you put the batteries in and it doesnt turn on, pull out the battery holder and turn it around. Last, LEDs drain very little juice, so you could use these for hours w/out needing to replace the batteries. That alone makes it a decent deal. 5Ok for the price These are somewhat comparable to the 9 LED's that Dorcy sells (which you can find on Amazon). I was tempted to try them out as they are the first SMALL multi-LED to boast of its 'lumens' ('19' for these units). The 9 LED ones have, understandably, a slightly larger and more diffuse light pattern. These 6 Led units concentrate the light more in a center spot, and have less spill area. Their semi-rubber/plastic coating is nice, and I only got one of the four units with a less-than-great pattern (it was sort of unfocused). If you HAVE to have '4' units at a low price (I paid $12 for the four), then these are a decent choice. But Dorcy's waterproof carabineer flashlight at 32 lumens for about $8.00; and their 180 lumen high flux flashlight at less than $20 are better bangs-for-the buck if you only need ONE unit. 3Flimsy inner construction, but can be very userful, nice rubber exterior, one did not work at all My son gave me the yellow one, and I loved it. But then I lost it, so I ordered more. The rubbery outer shell is very nice. They seem poorly made, but are very handy and can be useful. One did not work at all. I will take it to my son and see if he can make it work. At first, none of them worked, but I had put the batteries in backwards. The small metal ring on the edge of the battery compartment came off immediately on all 4 of them. I put it back, but it is not attached so it will come off whenever I change the batteries. They seem very flimsy, especially the little wire springs which press against the batteries, but I like the rubbery outer shell which makes it easy to hold on to. Mine do NOT smell, as some people have noted. The button to operate the flashlight works easily and they give off a decent amount of light. As mentioned by some others the lanyard is very short, so I'm not sure what its purpose is, you can't put it around your wrist, I suppose you could slip it over your finger, in case you risk dropping it, or perhaps you could hang it on a hook and that might be convenient. I cannot say how durable they are yet, since I have not had them more than a few days. I had my first yellow one for several weeks and it worked fine. 3Very handy to have around! Just bought my second pack of these, have one in every room, in my car, in my purse, and several extras just in case I lose one! they last a long time without having to replace the batteries, and they shine a nice, bright light that makes it so easy to see when looking for things (under the bed, behind desks, etc.) It isn't a full size flashlight so I haven't tried outdoors, but I wouldn't imagine this would work for hiking at night, but still handy to have around the house when the power goes out. A great value for the money! 5OK 1-time buy Pros: Cheap price, comes with batteries, nice rubbery-feel to the plastic case, very bright light.Con: Cheap product - If they didn't come with 12 AAA batteries, they might be sold in the dollar store - I had to "fix" 2 of the 4 because they fell apart when I unscrewed the top to put batteries in! That was OK for me but I guess others may not be able to do that or would be irritated that they had to.Con: Very thick packaging that is difficult to cut open. If they spent less money on the packaging maybe they could afford to offer instructions as to how to insert the batteries!Con: No instruction or diagram how to insert batteries. They go in the top - both ends unscrew, so open the top, and a round case will either fall out or need to be pushed in to make it come out. Other parts may fall out, just put them back in before closing it up. The "+" marked on one end of that battery-holder case is only there so you know that end is up when you re-insert. 2 batteries go one way, 1 the other - the spring part of case gets the flat "-" end of battery. Insert all 3 (the case is a great idea, it holds the 3 batteries perfectly) and drop the case back in, "+" end of case up (showing). Screw back together.WARNING: When putting the top back on after inserting the batteries, point it away from anyone's eyes! The push-button to turn it on may be in the ON position, and these things are blinding if the light hits your eyes. 3Great for Wedding photography Fun for wedding photography..I use these to have the wedding party spell out LOVE as I take a long exposure. 5
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