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Emotionlite Plug in LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Kids Nursery Light Warm White 2700K UL Listed 4 Pack

  • Emotionlite Plug in LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Kids Nursery Light Warm White 2700K UL Listed 4 Pack
  • Emotionlite Plug in LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Kids Nursery Light Warm White 2700K UL Listed 4 Pack
  • Emotionlite Plug in LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Kids Nursery Light Warm White 2700K UL Listed 4 Pack
  • Emotionlite Plug in LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Kids Nursery Light Warm White 2700K UL Listed 4 Pack

Emotionlite Plug in LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor Kids Nursery Light Warm White 2700K UL Listed 4 Pack

AU$ 96.00 AU$ 58.00 Save: AU$ 38.00
AU$ 58.00 AU$ 96.00 You save: AU$ 38.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • [SATISFIED SERVICE]: Pack of 4, 45 days money back and 1 year support, offer 100% satisfied service with replacement or money back for unsatisfied or quality issue.
  • [AUTOMATIC ON/OFF]: Built-in smart light sensor, automatically lights up when ambient light is insufficient.
  • [NIGHTTIME NAVIGATION]: 2700K Soft warm white glow, easy for eyes, ideal light for night time safety, convenience and security
  • [MULTI-APPLICATION]: Plug in and compact size which not obstruct the second outlet, Perfect for Kid's Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Stairways, Corridor, Nursery Decor or Any Dark Corner etc
  • [ENERGY EFFICIENT]: 0.3W LED without bulb replacement, less than 25 cents cost for annual power consumption. up to 50,000 hours lifespan. UL list approval. 4 pack
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Customer Reviews

Not as "warm" as you might expectThese weren't as "warm" as expected. Some years ago, I went to a local drug store and picked up some nightlights, just like these. They have incandescent bulbs and cast nice, amber warm light. These don't--see my pic: the top nightlight is the old, incandescent one, and the bottom is the one I got here.These aren't bad lights--they're LED bulbs, so I guess that saves energy. But I dinged this star rating down because I just don't think these can legitimately be called warm as listed. Could send them back, but I'll probably just figure out a way to tint or shade the bulb myself to get that amber glow.3Beautiful! Ambient! Safe! Affordable!I chose to buy this product after my granddaughter fell down the stairs trying to go to the bathroom. SCARED TO DEATH! They arrived as promised and pretty.When I plugged them ...I was thoroughly impressed! The light is ambient and I LOVE that they come on automatically during low light times.My granddaughter is ecstatic and I am at peace.Thank you so much for providing a product with a great price point, that made my home safer for my little ones.I would purchase again AND I would certainly recommend to anyone.5Perfect bright but soft tone LED night lights. These are NOT amber shields, nor amber lights. Perfect LED night lights. These are NOT amber shields, nor amber lights. The graphic in the listing I think is simply to help online buyers choose it. They appear bright white in the package, but the actual light is kind of a soft amber tone. Not a white light, not a yellow light output. The perfect in between soft light tone I was hoping for! They are quite bright in straight lines. They are not so bright in this amber tone that they can offer light around corners by way of reflection off surfaces. On the counter next to a cabinet, no light extends to the rest of the kitchen. But when I put it in an outlet at knee level with nothing block it, it lights up the whole kitchen in a bright warm glow. It does light up the whole bathroom in a soft light, perfect for middle of the night. Exactly what was needed. Highly recommend. 5Great nightlightI needed nightlights that could be plugged into an outlet in both directions. I have some things plugged into my top outlets and I needed a nightlight that would go in upside down and these work perfectly. I like that they go on when it's dark and turn off in daylight. The color is a nice white color and not that obnoxious bright white. I have them in my bathrooms so that it makes it easier for my son to go to the bathroom at night and not have to turn on a light. They are also nice to have in my hallway downstairs so it's not totally dark at night. Overall a great purchase.5Buying these a bright idea!We found these night lights while looking for yet another pack of 7 watt bulb replacements, as those bulbs seem to burn out very quickly nowadays.The LED lights turned out to be a great find! No need to install or replace any bulbs. The light is much more subtle and glowing than bright...this is preferable for the basic purpose of a nightlight. They're newly installed; so the durability factor is unknown. But, we're very pleased with the purchase.5This Little Light of MineGreat little night lights. Just plug them into the socket and they activate when the light goes off. I use them in the hallway and the bathroom so no one is tripping all over if they have to get up in the night.. My grandsons like these cause it leaves a nice subdued light in their rooms when the light is turned off.. Great buy.5Does Commitment Scare You?This is a fairly-priced alternative to other brands for night lights which charge nearly double for a similar product. The light is warm but not dull, and I have these installed in the doorway to my apartment for when I come home after dark.That said, these products have a fatal flaw: if you attempt to remove them from the socket they are in, they may stop functioning entirely. I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch, but I unplugged two of the lights to move them from my test location to another, and they will no longer turn on. I have tested the output of each respective socket, and those are not the issue here. So if commitment scares you, maybe this is not the product for you. It's a shame because I was planning to purchase more of these for my family soon.3Works greatWorks great. They come on/off at appropriate room lighting levels. Plenty of light. I love the warm white color temp.I bought these to replace some other very similar LED night lights that turned out too white/blue for my liking. However, the diffuser isn't as strong, so the light casts stronger shadows and feels brighter when looking directly at it, compared to the old ones. I would have preferred a stronger diffuser. If not for this, I would have given them 5 stars.4Well they blow out with nearby when lighting strikesMy earlier review for this product was about the color. They now have this described correctly as a white warm 2700K,My latest issue is that two of these both stopped working right after a thunderstorm. Lightning hit nearby and these two lights both failed. Nothing else in the hose was damaged as best as I can tell. This is likely because other eletrical devices are either a) not sensitive to secondary lighting effects or b) they have internal built in protection (such as a protected outlet strip.Now being the engineer, I opened up one of the dead units and found a perfect space to solder in a MOV (metal oxide varistor - V250LA10P). This will protect the working units from at least some secondary lighting strikes. I know it voids the product warranty but it will save me a whole $1.42 each when the next nearby storm comes (and they will).Of course the manufacturer should build this protection into the device themselves. But then they will cost 0.20 more each.Enjoy and remember the engineer in me did NOT tell you to do the same thing to your devices. I take no responsibility for what you modify.3Two out of the four are duds.I needed night lights in the house (bedroom, bathroom, and hallway) because my two pre-school aged grandchildren were moving in. And I chose this pack because of the average customer rating. Now maybe I just got a defective pack, but so far, two out of the four lights have turned out to be complete duds -- they worked for about a day, then gave out. It's way too much of a hassle to return them, so I'm just calling it an eight-dollar lesson learned. In any case there's no way I'm buying them again, and I do NOT recommend them.1Good night lights, but brighter than expected All 6 lights work in the package that I received, but they are brighter than expected; maybe they meant "bright" amber glow, not "slight." The specification for these Amber LED night lights (both in the Amazon listing and on the package) says output is about 5 to 8 lumens. But based on comparison with various low-power-mode flashlights in my collection, I estimate about 12 lumens actual output for these lights, which is easily enough for reading a newspaper half way across the room if the light is falling directly on the page, and really too much light just for getting around if your eyes are night-adapted. The higher output was fine in my kitchen and laundry room, but I really wanted a much dimmer light in the bathroom for those middle-of-the-night visits. To make the light for my bathroom less bright, I ended up cutting a strip of paper from a yellow legal pad, rolling it into a tube, and placing the paper tube around the LED assembly, inside the clear plastic outer lens / cover as a "lampshade." (This shouldn't cause any problem since these LEDs produce virtually no heat.) Now I have a much dimmer night light for the bathroom, and unmodified brighter amber lights for the rooms downstairs. Oh, I was also initially confused by the first product picture that appears to show amber colored lenses for the night lights; at first I thought that I had received the wrong item. Actually, the LED output is amber but the LED bulb itself and the outer lens / cover are both clear; that first picture is an artist's conception, but the other pictures show what the lights actually look like. With my added "lampshade" for the light in the bathroom, I much prefer these Amber LED night lights over the very cool white (bluish) LED night lights that I had before. 4Too bright, but fixableWay too bright!! But as others have said, it can be easily "turned down" by covering the LED with tape or paper. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice tint of these lights - a nice neutral white. The description says 2700-3000K but it's definitely closer to 4000K or more. Still nice for a bedroom or anywhere really. Again, these are very bright for night lights. I put one in my 22x26' garage and it's great! I can walk around, take the trash out, get shoes, go to the work bench, etc. without tripping on stuff. If your eyes are night-adapted, like waking up in the middle of the night, the brightness would be even more overkill. For hallways in my home, I had to wrap the dome over the LED about 6 times with a strip cut from a sheet of paper, then some tape, to reduce the brightness. The bonus was that it softened it up real nice so there wasn't a bunch of "streaks" of light from the clear cover.I can't comment on the life of these yet, so hopefully I won't be coming back to report them dead after a short time.4
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