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Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener

  • Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener
  • Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener
  • Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener
  • Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener
  • Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener
  • Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener
  • Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener

Epar Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups, Cutter, Spoons - Easy Eggs Opener

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AU$ 93.60 AU$ 156.00 You save: AU$ 62.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • COMPLETE DELUXE EGG TOPPER SET: Your Epar egg topper set has everything you need to make enjoying a perfect soft-boiled egg breakfast simple and easy. You get the precision soft-boiled eggshell opener and sleek stainless steel egg cups and spoons.
  • PERFECTLY CALIBRATED EGGSHELL CUTTER: Our eggshell separator is equipped with a finely calibrated vibration-activated shell remover. It's easy to operate: gently pull up on the plastic ball grip and release for a cleanly scored eggshell every time.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CUPS AND SPOONS: These elegant stainless steel cups are perfect for dips, sauces and desserts. The spoons are a perfect complement. A secret weapon that can up your entertaining game with sophistication. Epar value par excellence!
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR FOODIES: The classy continental style and fun versatility of this egg topper set makes it a gift foodies friends will love. They double as soft-boiled egg stars and elegant sauce or dip bowls, making this set a much appreciated gift!
  • EPAR? TRUSTED QUALITY: You will receive one (1) Egg Topper measuring 5.5 inches tall, two (2) spoons measuring 5.25 inches long and two (2) cups measuring 1.75 inches in diameter. We stand behind our quality.
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Warning: The cup's edges are sharp. Be very careful with this product. It is made from very thin low quality metal and it is easy to cut yourself on the egg cups. The edge of the egg topper is sharp, as it should be, but you shouldn't have to worry about cutting yourself on the edges of the egg cups while using or cleaning them. The scooper spoons are fine, but I notice that egg residue sticks to it very strongly, unlike polished flatware. 1Well made, works like magicI was waiting for my husband to use it for the first time to write a review. He finally used it today and was very impressed.It worked perfectly and is super convenient. He actually said "the guy who invented this, is a genius". I am not sure Epar invented it, but there you go- now you have a big fan. My husband is actually thinking about buying one for his mom, so you may see another order soon.5Do NOT use on breakable egg cups!I could not figure out how this thing worked based on the description and the reviews, but I was sick of cutting the tops off my soft boiled eggs, which usually resulted in pieces of shell in the egg. I found that this little gadget works GREAT! So this is how the thing works: The outer rim of the cracker is somewhat sharp and scores the egg shell. By pulling back the plunger and letting go, you are basically just "tapping" the cracker onto the egg, and scoring the shell. I found it works best to do the plunger thing 2-3 times in a row without removing the egg from the cracker in between plunges. This way, it scores in the exact same place each time. After the last plunge, I twist the cracker back and forth until the shell snaps off. Super easy and you are left with a nice clean cut without lots of tiny broken egg shell pieces like you get when you cut the egg with a knife. Some reviews say to use this on the wide side of the egg, but I found it works just great on the narrow side. I used eggs from my local farmer's market, which tend to be large/extra large size.WARNING: Even tho the plunger only makes contact with the egg, and not the egg cup, it *will* shatter a breakable egg cup, even a very thick sturdy one (I found out the hard way).Now...my next challenge is to figure out what else I can do with this little gadget, because I hate having "unitaskers" in my kitchen. In this case, however, I feel an exception to that rule is well warranted.5BEWARE---THIS PRODUCT LEAVES SHARP METAL SHAVINGS IN YOUR EGGSWARNING: On my 2nd or 3rd use the egg topper device left METAL SHAVINGS protruding from the egg. I noticed them before I ate anything and we discarded the eggs. I also found additional sharp metal shavings in the egg topper itself as well after that discovery. We're hoping we didn't ingest these sharp metal shaving in the first use or so, but hopefully we would have noticed. This egg topper appears to have a very DANGEROUS flaw. We contacted Epare and received NO RESPONSE. BUYER BEWARE!1super!Love the set. I saw couple reviewers complaining about flimsiness of the egg cups. I would say in response - if you want the same quality you see in Nambe brand, prepare to pay Nambe range price. This set provides just fantastic value for the price. It's nearly impossible to find just the egg cracker for under twenty dollars. And here you have the egg cracker, that cuts the top perfectly round (no need to describe the process, if you wonder how to use it just search youtube for the videos), perfectly sized cups, and very nice and solid contemporary shaped spoons. I tested it right after unpacking and was very pleased with my purchase. Sleek and modern, looks very nice in my kitchen, with bunch of accessories from Trudeau Bianca series (combo of white porcelaine with stainless steel).Just one note for those who love using dishwasher for everything: I would do the egg cracker by hand, so to make the mechanism and sharpness of the "teeth) last longer.5This is a really cool product if you like boiled eggsThis is a really cool product if you like boiled eggs. When I lived in Europe I saw egg pedestals in the restaurants and at first did not know what to do with them. Many European like soft boiled eggs for breakfast, deftly crack open the top of the shell and then spoon out the warm, soft yolk. The Epare Cracker allows you to do the same, only with a spring loaded hood that actually scores the top of the egg quite accurately so that you can just lift off the crown. I like my eggs medium hard boiled, so I don't spoon out the innards, but the scoring makes peeling the rest of the egg much easier. If nothing else, it makes a great conversation starter if you invite someone over for breakfast.5Can't believe how I lived life before without it!I recently discovered soft boiled eggs. I realized I love them! It was really difficult trying to break open the shell and peel it off when the eggs were so hot. This is the perfect device, makes it so easy to take the shell off, and I absolutely love the spoons. I love the spoons so much that I find it makes eating yogurt and ice cream way more fun! This is a good quality product and I'm so thrilled I bought it. Now I can eat my soft boiled eggs while they are still warm instead of waiting for them to cool down too much for me to be able to remove the shell.5Glad I Bought This!I bought this out of curiosity and English friends raved about the joys of a soft-boiled egg and toast "soldiers" for breakfast. I wanted to try it, but needed the little egg holders. I stumbled across this set that had the holders, small spoons and the egg topper. The topper was the selling point as I imagined the mess I would make trying to top the egg by tapping around the sides-tested this theory and I was right. The topper makes a pretty good circular break and allows you to easily lift off the top with little mess.5I love my Epare egg topper set I was very skeptical at first about this product. My Italian grandfather would make us these fancy soft boiled eggs put them in shot glasses and cut them open with just a butter knife. I was on Amazon searching for just egg holders when I came across this tool Epare egg topper set. I read reviews which I don t always trust on Amazon then I watched some videos on different sites and thought to try it. I have to say I LOVE this tool! It s super easy to use and it really works. It s fun to use and makes clean cuts. I thought the spoons that came with it would be to wide to use but they work very well. In my kitchen I use jumbo brown eggs and they fit perfectly in the egg holders. I would highly recommend Epare egg topper set.5Great product; small size is a plusGreat little device! I didn't read the dimensions, and was shocked by how small the package turned out to be. The topper is only about 5" long, which is perfect because I don't have room in my kitchen drawers for anything bigger. I was skeptical about the small size of the egg cups too, but it seems we buy much smaller eggs than I thought as they fit with room to spare. The whole thing works beautifully! It's sturdy and well made and it actually does what it says it does! (I'm very excited, as I have only seen these "fancy" eggs on TV.) We have a little rust under one of the egg cups after the first wash, but that's to be expected; it's nothing detrimental to the product.5This product will up your soft boiled egg game!The Epar egg topper worked perfectly right out of the box. The "crack" was a perfect, precision cut that came off clean and smooth with no small shell fragments or membrane to fish out. The two egg cups are nothing more than factory fabricated brushed stainless steel with a simple tack weld, but they, together with the two spoons, got the job done as far as presentation and serving.5
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