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Evercare Pet Mega Roller 50-Layer Refill, Pack of 3

  • Evercare Pet Mega Roller 50-Layer Refill, Pack of 3

Evercare Pet Mega Roller 50-Layer Refill, Pack of 3

AU$ 322.00 AU$ 194.00 Save: AU$ 128.00
AU$ 194.00 AU$ 322.00 You save: AU$ 128.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Mega roller 50 layer refill
  • A simple, convenient cleaning supply essential
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Customer Reviews

Sheets difficult to peel offMy original rolls were bought at Target and I loved them. I decided to order refills on Amazon. Big mistake. The sheets do not peel off correctly. When taking one sheet off, at least one more unused sheet comes off with it. That s if you can even figure out where to start peeling in the first place. It took longer to remove sheets than to remove the pet hair. Im inclined to believe these are defective, hence the cheaper price, and the seller doesn t disclose this. I m going back to buying at Target. I ve ended up spending more in the long run as I m only really going to use half of the sheets. Tired of shoddy products!2Yes-Yes-Yes!!!LOVE these SOOOO MUCH!If you have pets, you need these- the handle is durable -I ve had mine many years & have had zero issues with it.I had to be able to only get these refills for it at (Big Red Bullseye) & at that, only in their stores-Thrilled these are available on Amazon. I keep an eye on the price & but the 3 pack (it seems to be the best value when the price is right) so I don t run out.Our pets have always seemed to make their way onto beds, etc (we end up not being able to say no!)& the pet hair sticks around long after they do- these Mega size roller refills work very well, are quick to use...what more could you want?5Can't live without...Need the Evercare long-handled holder, can puchase via Amazon, with must searching for about $12.99 - shipping was a few days (I'm an Amazon girl, prime since prime born), thus bought handle @ Target. The rollers are each 50 strips of ultimate sticky. I'm amazed at how much is tracked into my home, and it is generally just me & my small dog. Picks up pinestraw, flower stem cutting, sand/gravel, grass. In very short order, I must change the pad, which isn't easy, but pros outweigh this minor inconvenience.The stickys, are ultimate - lint roller extraordinaire. The sticky is placed on a raveling manner. One must find tiny end of spiral to pull off remainder of sticky, unlike clothes lint rollers that come off in one quick pull on long edge. Sometime dining outermost corner is difficult to find. I use on asscent/bathroom rugs, tile, hardwood, furniture. One of my Best ever cleaning find!5Works like a charm on hardwood floors and especially stairs.A must if you have pets or don't have pets and just want to pick up dust and dirt collections. I like this Mega roller for use on my hardwood floors and it's especially good for the stairs. You have to roll it on something fabric, couch, bed, yourself first to get some of the sticky off or it will be difficult to easily roll across a hard surface. I find these rollers the perfect solution for hair, dust, or anything else that collects on floors, stairs, walls, etc.. Plus, this larger size saves me a lot of cleaning time on the stairs and under furniture. Also saves you from having to bend or kneel due to the long extension handle. Definitely picks up more than the eye can see even after vacuuming.ps: Also works on spider webs and bug carcass'. Might be a bit more expensive because you go through a lot more when using on hard surfaces but worth every penny.5Something wrong with these?I originally purchased the stick and rollers at the store and they worked great. These refills are really strange. When you peel off a layer, it leaves behind a strip around the roll of hair, like the layers weren't properly lined up as they wrapped around the roll. This means in order to get a completely clean new sticky surface, you have to peel off TWO layers. I have gone through 2 of the 3 in the refill pack and they are both like this. It's wasteful and frustrating.2I love these for picking up after my birdsI love the Evercare lint roller system. I have birds and could never get all of the seeds and feathers off of my floor until I found these. Now I have one of them at home and one in each of my hat shops. When I'm busy or too lazy to break out the vacuum at the shop, these work great to pick up whatever is on the floor or carpet. The only icky part is peeling off the used sheets, but I can deal with that. I have had a few rolls where one sheet was somehow put on backwards mid-roll. This gave me a fit trying to get it off because the adhesive is strong. Other than that, these are perfect. I won't be without this product again.5Bad quality.Poor quality. They must have used a chainsaw to cut these. See picture. There are also problems with how the layers peel off. For $9 each I d expect better quality2A once well regarded productHas become degraded to the point of being useless. But this Seller should also make *some* effort towards Quality Control and look over what's going out to customers. All three rolls were covered on both ends with filth, both ends were concaved and I knew it would be problematic removing dirty pieces from the roll. It was worse then that. Two of the rolls were in such bad shape I couldn't get either of them, from either end, on *to* a roller wand. The third I was able to get onto the wand but when I tried to pull the covering piece off the entire roll came right off and would not to back onto the roller/wand. This is not the first time I've had problems with the Pet Mega Roller 50 sheet Evercare Refills but it is the last time I will ever buy them on line. Only one merchant has taken care with how they protect this product both in the warehouse and how its shipped out; their price was the best, as well. Like I have sadly found out over and again, *I* an the Kiss of Death to anything worth buying or to a company worth knowing. I've lost tack of them. I can only remember sold them in packs of 2, 3 rolls. Receiving bad refills has happened so frequently that it is the last time I flush my life savings down the toilet. I'm furious, quite frankly.1Do not buy! Not manufactured correctlyThis is the second time I ve bought a three pack. I gave a pass on the first three Now I m having the same problem with this pack. The refills are not manufactured correctly. They do not peel off well AND the rolls are not wound correctly. I waste more sheets than I end up using. I buy this same product from local retail stores quite often so I know the problem is isolated to the ones I buy from this seller on Amazon. The seller is probably getting these discounted because of a manufacturing error and then passing it on to unsuspecting customers. Not happy as they are not cheap!1Bits and pieces...Terrible product...takes 3 times as long to unravel a used sheet as it did to actually fill up a sheet. Does it pick up??? YES...IT'S A LINT ROLLER...That's it. Took 30 seconds to fill up a sheet...took 15 minutes to unravel it. It came off in shredded bits and pieces. I'll use it to finish it...won't re-order until they improve separating the sheets.1
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