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Filtrete Miele FJM Synthetic Vacuum Bag, 6.2" x 3.2" x 8.2", White

  • Filtrete Miele FJM Synthetic Vacuum Bag, 6.2" x 3.2" x 8.2", White
  • Filtrete Miele FJM Synthetic Vacuum Bag, 6.2" x 3.2" x 8.2", White
  • Filtrete Miele FJM Synthetic Vacuum Bag, 6.2" x 3.2" x 8.2", White

Filtrete Miele FJM Synthetic Vacuum Bag, 6.2" x 3.2" x 8.2", White

AU$ 96.00 AU$ 58.00 Save: AU$ 38.00
AU$ 58.00 AU$ 96.00 You save: AU$ 38.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Fits vacuum models MIELE (S241-S256i, S270, S278, S280, S290-S291, S300i-S378, S500-S578, S700-S758, S4000-S4999, S6270 and S6290), Compact C1, Compact C2 Canisters.
  • Allergen bags help trap household dust.
  • Vacuum Bags should be replaced every 30 to 60 days for optimium performance.
  • All vacuum brand and model names are registered trademarks of vacuum manufacturers.
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Customer Reviews

Don't This isn't what you want to hear. You spent a lot of money to have a quality vacuum cleaner that would last many years. Using these bags will not only lower your performance, but wear out your machine. I just went and got my machine serviced. I'd just started using these bags, and there was a lot of dust and dirt in the compartment from the weaker seal. When this happens, the dust gets sucked into the motor. It had also clogged my relatively new HEPA filter. So I replaced that for $60. The servicing I was going to do anyway, so I won't lay that on the bags. However, from now on, I'm going to suck it up and pay the extra $4 a box for Miele bags. You can do otherwise, at your peril ;-) 2Disappointing, going back to originals Tried one of these after 15 years using only Miele OEM bags, and am definitely going back to the originals. Pretty disappointed: - for the first time ever, the 2 secondary filters were clogged with dirt after just 1 bag (usually they last for the full 5-bag package, so clearly the main bag isn't trapping as much dirt/dust). I had to wipe the bag compartment with a damp cloth to get all the excess dirt out. - when it's full & you remove it, the bag doesn't self-seal as easily as the Miele's - very minor, but the secondary filters don't have the cut sizes printed in them, so you have to measure before you trim to fit. 2Will not buy again ! I have pets and need to do a lot of vacuuming . Miele bags are very good , but the expense is adding up you need as many as I do. I switched to Filtrete, known for their HVAC filters. What a mistake ! By the second Filtrete bag I noticed that the vacuum cleaner already lost suction when the bag was only about half full. At that point I knew I would not reorder ( Miele bags fill up nicely before the vacuum cleaner has problems suctioning ) . Today, after losing suction again, I opened the compartment and it was filled with dirt, while the bag was only half full yet again. What a mess ! In all the years I have owned my Miele this has never happened before, in fact this has never happened to me with any vacuum cleaner I have owned. No reorder ! 2Plastic mouth flexed and bag sucked into vaccum and BROKE MACHINE! I have bought this brand in the past without issue. This time I have has TWO bags destroy my machine and this required vaccum repair!!!! This means these bags cost $100 total!!!! Expense made me cry. The flimsy rim on these snaps into machine perfectly but if you use the vaccum on high it flexs too much and pops out Then the entire machine and MOTOR is filled with dust. My bag change indicator is completely shot now. The inside which was perfect was ruined. My hepa filter was ruined. This happened twice now with one box... 2I called the 3M customer service number on the box and the rep was nice and offered to send another box My strong advice is to pay a few dollars more and stick with the Miele version. These #M Filtrete bags leak on my Miele S6270 Canister vac. I called the 3M customer service number on the box and the rep was nice and offered to send another box. I said the bag leaks, so that would not be a good solution. I pointed the difference in the design and he went on-line and confirmed with me that the Miele OEM version has a rubber gasket that the 3M Filtrete leaves off. He said he could send me a new box or I should try to get Amazon to take them back. Buy at your own risk, but these did not work on my model and they did nothing to rectify the problem. 1Acceptable alternative Bought these for my Meile S251i vacuum to save money and cannot tell the difference in performance over the Meile bags. After using 15 of the Filtrete bags over about two years I checked for dust in my vacuum and found a minimal amount, otherwise the bag compartment was clean. My amateur opinion is that these bags are an acceptable alternative to Meile bags.The Filtrete bags are slightly larger and do not fit as well in the bag compartment, and the bag closure isn't as tight as Meile, but for the money saved these are minor issues. 4Bags that go inside your vacuum. Well I'm at a coffee shop waited for my therapist apointment, so I'm catching up on my Amazon reviews! Really got behind there, and I know how important it is to let the Amazon universe know that if you buy vacuum bags, you will, in fact, receive vacuum bags. And you would want to know if these utter failed to be bags or if their bagness was sub par in some way, like if it were, idk, full of holes? Or made of clay? Or if it weren't a bag but was in fact a cloud of glitter? Or if instead of being a bag that sucked up the trash on your floor it spewed trash back into your life and lied about being a veteran with PTSD and was just a sociopath narcissist abusive alcoholic? If that's what arrived instead of Miele FMJ vacuum bags, well, this Amazon review would be really helpful. Like if I had read the Amazon review from his ex-wife and it had said Oh honey, he was never in the CIA, this is a destructive black hole of self-hatred and clinical narcissism that he will aim at you, over and over and over, making you believe that he wants to change, and that it is your fault, that you are not good enough or beautiful enough or hard-working enough and that's why he slept with that waitress from the Olive Garden and he will never go to rehab and will always be looking for a woman who is "good" enough to save him, which is definitely not how relationships work, he will always blame you when the pillow falls apart in the washing machine and one day, you will be sitting in the car at the Burger King drive-thru and he will be outside the car jumping up and down on a hamburger and screaming in a blind rage. And he will never tell the truth about anything to anyone, including his therapist, because he does not want to get better, he just wants a better way to manipulate you -- if I had read that Amazon review I would not have bought those vacuum bags.But these vacuum bags are fine, they don't do that. They are bags for your vacuum. A+ recommend vacuuming your house after you finally kick him out for the last time because you actually contact his ex wife for her Amazon review and she says, Oh honey, no, those problems were there before we got married, they weren't better during, and he's lying about pretty much everything he ever told you, including that any of this is because of a failing on your part. 10/10 recommend contacting the ex wife of your alcoholic sociopath boyfriend before marrying. She'll help you reestablish the reality that his lies and delusions eroded from your life. Help read value back into your needs, and your feelings, and your experiences. Will give you somebody to talk to instead of him, since he has isolated you from every valuable relationship in your life because that's what abusers do. Will tell you that she tried, so hard, to help him too, and she loved him too, and he never treated her like a person, never recognized her as a person with value outside him. Will show you that moving on is possible, that life and love an happiness will come, but you have to let it go. And cleaning your house is a good start but first you need some vacuum bags. 5DOES NOT FIT EITHER OF TWO MIELE VAC's THAT USE 'REAL' MIELE FMJ bags! Low Price is, as often the case - too good to be true! I was quite happy to find an alternative to Miele's rather pricey vacuum bags - which I've been buying for the last fifteen years. I've spent far more on the bags than I ever spent on the actual vac's themselves - but Miele products are superb and do a great job, as well as being incredibly durable.Back to the Filtrete 3 bags: They simply do not fit any of the Miele Vacuums in our household - both of which specify using an FMJ style bag! We have two Miele vac's at home - one that's 15 years old and going strong and another that we purchased last year. These "fake" FMJ bags do not fit properly into either of them! The little plastic plate that holds the bag in place will not fit in the Miele receptacle for that purpose.I'm sending these back, ordering GENUINE MIELE Bags again at over 2x the price, and feel it's only fair to warn others of my disappointing experience with this product. 1Another bad thing is when it is time to empty the ... Diameter of the circle where the vacuum deposits the dirt into the bag on the original Miele is 3cm. FJM is around 3.5 cm not sure if this extra diameter will allow dust to spew back into the vacuum compartment. Another bad thing is when it is time to empty the bag you open up the vacuum lid and there is a tap that you pull to completely block out the dust before you remove the bag. On the FJM the tab does not completely cover the circular opening so if you accidentally put pressure on the bag while removing it will spew out dirt/dust back into your face. This was not good. The work around I came up with (so at least I can use the existing bags) is not even bother to close/pull the bag tap I would immediately duct tape the hole upon opening the lid.Maybe I had a bad batch but really having dust back into my breathing space was the deal breaker no matter how inexpensive the item is. 1These 3M filters suck (and not in the good way) I'm really bummed by these. I've used cheaper 3rd party filters over the past few years and they've been good. I decided I'd "splurge" and spend a few bucks more for a "reputable brand" -- you'd think 3M would be that -- and I'm really disappointed. These are not an upgrade from the generics and are actually a downgrade. The material seems thin. The included filters are also thin, and were tall bent up with creases in them. I think they got folded when installed in the package. I'm not sure how the crease will impact the filtering quality. Finally, and this is the biggie -- these bags don't have the "flap" that normally drops down when you open the Miele vac lid -- that means dust flies everywhere. I can't even imagine how messy they'll be I have to lift out a full bag.I'd say skip these. Go ahead and get the real generics and skip the "name brand" or spend another $5 and get actual Miele quality. 1
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