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Fisher Space Pen ST Space-Tec Pen with Black Ink, Medium Point, Black Rubber Coated

  • Fisher Space Pen ST Space-Tec Pen with Black Ink, Medium Point, Black Rubber Coated
  • Fisher Space Pen ST Space-Tec Pen with Black Ink, Medium Point, Black Rubber Coated

Fisher Space Pen ST Space-Tec Pen with Black Ink, Medium Point, Black Rubber Coated

AU$ 126.00 AU$ 76.00 Save: AU$ 50.00
AU$ 76.00 AU$ 126.00 You save: AU$ 50.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Writes at any angle, even in Zero Gravity. Simply the most versatile pen ever made.
  • Writes in extreme temperatures from -30F to 250F
  • Each Fisher Space Pen is precision assembled, hand tested, and carries a lifetime guarantee against all manufacturing defects
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Customer Reviews

A pen changed my life.Why oh why did it take me so long to buy this pen?!?! There are numerous other reviews telling you that it writes upside down, sideways, in extreme temps, under water, etc. And it really doesn't matter why I use it, but I'll tell you anyway: so I can write at night when I'm lying in bed. You have your own reason(s) for wanting this pen. I'm simply here to say BUY IT ALREADY. It costs about the same as a dozen "okay" pens. Don't let another week, month, or year go by while you keep settling for "okay" pens or whatever other workaround you're doing, because trust me... when you finally get this thing, you'll also wonder what the heck took you so long. 5Purchased for my 6th Grade Astronomy StudentsWhen the price was down at seven dollars each I bought a number of these pens to give to my 6th Grade Astronomy students. The pens work great but what I love about them is the provenance. My students feel a connection to the Apollo astronauts knowing that the pen s filler is exactly the same type as those used on the moon and in lunar orbit. Another bonus is that my students can look forward to taking these pens with them when they re old enough to fly in space. It s never too early to start planning. 5To note-taking and beyond!Novelty aside, I love the whole Space Pen line. They're affordable, well-made, comfortable, and thanks to the pressurized ink cartridges, work on everything from greasy food labels in the kitchen to my desk notepad and beyond. The cartridges last a very long time (over a year for me with daily use) and are only about $5 each to replace. I've had this model for over a year now and have given a few as gifts; of the four different models I've tried, this one is definitely my favorite and I find it elegant in its simplicity. 5$1 build quality with a $9 ink barrelSo $10 for a space age pen that writes at any angle..... That has a very cheap hand feel and basically feels like your holding and looking at a $2.39 Bic click pen. Ok don't get me wrong it writes beautifuly. I feel that the cost of the pen doesn't match what I'm holding in my hand. The barrel of the pen just feels cheap and lacking of quality. I spent $9 on a pressurized ink barrel, and maybe $1 on the build qaulity. I work in a 28 degree production line and I've found that the cool temp keeps my pens from flowing nicely, so I'm giving it a try. I just feel like I could have gotten more for my money on build quality OUTSIDE of the ink barrel. Everything is cheap feeling plastic. 1affords a wonderful sense of control over your writingCategorically and without exception the best one I've ever used, bar none. It's the manual transmission of pens: gives you a very precise sense of control over the written road, even if your calligraphy and printing are as utterly hideous and indecipherable as mine. I think I've now ordered about six of them, so as far as I'm concened, the only discernible defect of the Fisher space pen is that it does not magically resist the preternatural forces of the universe that cause pens of every kind to disappear into an alternate universe, whence they can never be summoned back. So I keep losing them, but to be fair -- and even Douglas Adams makes reference to the aforementioned alternate universe, though he believed it to be populated by pens of another variety -- *no* pen is able to resist the extradimensional gravitic forces that make them disappear, sooner or later, so the problem can't be blamed on Fisher. 5If you need an all-weather pen, this is the one!My husband had requested that I purchase a "space pen" for him because he works outside and needs to be able to take notes in any type of weather... I had no idea these things even existed! The selling point for me was the fact that it was retractable, which seems to be slightly uncommon for these types of pens. This pen is comfortable to grip and it seems to be well constructed. It doesn't feel cheap. But how does it work? It poured down rain here all day yesterday and the hubby said had no trouble at all writing with this pen - in fact, he said it's amazing! If you have a need for a pen that writes well in any type of environment, try this one. It's worth the $$! 5Love this pen...I love Fischer space pens. I have several models, but this is, so far, my favorite EDC pen. It's not a dress pen, but performs very well. The click work great. Has a good amount of resistance. I would certainly buy it again.UPDATE: After having this pen for a bit, I am unfortunately experiencing a small issue with issue with its "click" feature as the insert sometimes sticks and does not go inside of the tube. It has to be forced down. I have two of these pens and it is an issue on both. Still a very good pen for the money and I would still buy it. However, I felt it warranted an updated review and the loss of one star. 4Solid Pen With Minor FlawsSo far, I'm pretty impressed with the pen! Solid 8/10.Pros - Obviously the pen uses the well renowned Fisher Ink cartridge, so when it comes to writing this pen is a beast. I bought fine tip replacements for the pen as I prefer a sharper line and they work great. The pen and it's body are also of decent quality. I'm not worried about dropping it or even stepping on it. The rugged design of the pen combined with the thin layer of rubber that coats it really makes for a decent overall construction.Cons - Even though the pen is covered in a layer of rubber it is a cheap design for 10 dollars. Others have said it and I'll say it too, the only thing which really sets this pen apart from a G2 series pen is the cartridges. The body really isn't all that special. For $10 I was expecting something more. But it isn't the end of the world.Overall a decent pen, and I would buy it again, but I'll be looking for soomething else to use as as "lifetime" pen. 4Love This Pen!Needed a pen to carry as part of my scouting leader uniform. Decided to get one that was better than a basic BIC pen, and after research landed on this one. It is awesome! Writes upside. Writes on glossy paper. Writes on wet paper. Super comfy to hold and use. The retraction works well - click the point out, click it back in.Love this so much that I bought one fo each of my sons, plus a few spares for my backpack, in my car, etc. Plan to give them as gifts to friends as well. Great pen at a very reasonable price. 5VERY CHEAPLY-MADE & FRAGILE (SEE MY 10/1/19 UPDATE FOR DETAILS)I work in law enforcement and had a more expensive metal Fisher pen made especially for the profession (even said Police on the barrel) that I promptly lost within 2 months of purchase. As the features make it perfect for my job, but I did not want to spend over $20.00 on a new one that may also get lost, I opted for this version. It works just like my former one, just has a slightly less durable barrel, being rubberized plastic instead of metal (even so, it has a much more solid, heavier feel than other plastic pens I have, and it writes very clean and consistent). I am buying several of these as Christmas gifts for my fellow officers and our secretaries, too. Additionally, I have an extra that I keep in my truck. Writes in any weather, even underwater they claim though have not tried this, in any temperature, at any angle, including upside-down, through grease and oil, on wet paper, etc + a lifetime warranty...I don't know of any more bulletproof writing instrument on the market, cannot be beat for $10.00 in my book...highly-recommend it.10/1/19 UPDATE---REDUCED FROM 5 STARS TO 2 STARS BECAUSE ONE I HAD THE BARREL SEPARATED ON ITS OWN, WHILE STORED IN A JACKET LOOP (WENT TO USE IT ONE DAY & ONLY THE TOP WAS LEFT); ON THE SECOND ONE, TRIED TO USE GORILLA TAPE TO KEEP THE BARREL FROM SEPARATING LIKE THE FIRST ONE AND THE CHEAP, THIN PLASTIC BROKE WITH ALMOST NO PRESSURE. I AM BUYING A ZEBRA X-701 WITH THE SAME FEATURES, BUT A STEEL BARREL WITH 2 EXTRA REFILLS FOR LESS THAN THIS ONE COST, LOOKS LIKE IT WILL BE A LOT MORE DURABLE. 2
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