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Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle

  • Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle
  • Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle
  • Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle
  • Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle
  • Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle
  • Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle

Glass Baby Bottle with Silicone Sleeve Banana Lifefactory 4 oz Bottle

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Customer Reviews

Best glass bottlesThese are by far my favorite bottles for my twins! They re easy to clean by popping them in the dishwasher on the sanitizer cycle, they pack well and never leak, they re super cute and - most importantly - the nipples are very easy for the girls to drink from. I feel much more comfortable having them drink from glass than plastic, and I chose Lifefactory glass bottles specifically because they have the sippy cup lids you can get to have them grow with the babies.5I myself have a Lifefactory water bottle and love it. The design and toughness are worth the ...I myself have a Lifefactory water bottle and love it. The design and toughness are worth the money. However, for a newborn this just doesn't work. While I'm sure it can be dropped a bunch of times without breaking, it's very heavy. Not just for the baby to try to use, but the parents to lug around. I know glass is the safest way to go, however, if you're looking for a good lightweight alternative, the silicone bottle we finally settled on is Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green, 8 Ounce, 2 Count. And yes, I did say settled on because if you're a new parent just now searching for a good bottle, it is a mission. Every bottle is different. Every nipple is different. And every baby is different. There are some very good choices out there but the way to go is definitely either glass or silicone. We tried glass for a while (Avent) but, as you could imagine, they all broke. While I like the idea from Lifefactory, I just think it's too much for a newborn. Maybe we'll try again when our son is a toddler.3great bottles, terrible color choicesWe've used these bottles through three of our kids. They're wonderful bottles. They work well, wash up nice and clean, and seem to prevent gas without any extra fussy pieces or valves to deal with. The only problems we've encountered is that after several years of nearly continuous use (being passed from one child to the next) the rings tend to get cracks outward from the center and need replacement and the silicone sleeve gets loose on the bottle even without being removed for cleaning.The reason I'm giving them four stars rather than five is the abysmal color options in the 9oz size. I'm back ordering more in the larger size and the color choices haven't improved. The smaller ones have nice pastels but the larger ones have these awful late 90's jewel tone colors as the only choices. Please, please make the softer colors from the smaller bottles (or from your larger water bottles) available on these 9oz bottles! Even plain white would be a welcome addition for those of us who don't care for these super bright colors.4Great bottles for your baby! Worth the premium that you pay for glass!Love these bottles, long lasting, durable, and easy to grip. They have some heft and width to them so be prepared for that. My wife has smaller hands and has a hard time with these because they can be a bit heavy. The grip on them is very nice and allows for less slipping especially when warming the bottle.The few downsides to this bottle is the fact that it can be hard to actually get exact amounts of water as the markers are lined up in a way that you can't see the water line. The stage 2 nipple that these come with also tend to go pretty fast so make sure your infant is ready for that! Beyond that these are the best you can get. They are a bit pricy but if anything try 1 out and you'll find yourself dishing out the money to buy the set.5Love a little strongerI like Lifefactoy bottles and I continue to keep them in stock. Though I may change to the Evenflo version because they cost concerably less. I like that these come with a sleeve and food grade silicone nipples which I also hope to use on the Evenflo bottles if need be. My issues with the Lifefactory brand is first that they charge more than their worth. I wouldn't mind the price but they break easy. My family goes through them quick. At first they seemed hard to break because they were lasting a while then boom boom boom- they just started breaking left and right. If they fall the right way- that's it. The grip is good for the non slip aspect, especially when washing. Let's see what else... you have to figure out how to twist the cap just right when your using the sippy lid or else nothing comes out. You get used to it. I'm just glad they don't leak like crazy when the lids are on tightly. Other than that I like them. Just wish that they could withstand a fall or a chuck from a baby a little better.. especially when you go through two a month sometimes...3Quality changes =(I have been buying lifefactory glass bottle since 2011 and always have been so pleasant with the products. However, this particular one is not as good as others. Maybe I had just hit the bad luck and got the defect one. First off, when I first received the product, I noticed the color is slightly different (more dull) from the previous one I have purchased. Then after just the second wash, I have the split on bottom of silicon sleeve (as shown in picture). I have also noticed that the bottle is made a little thicker because my bottle brush really has a hard time to go in out of the bottle. And the the last, the old lifefactory bottle are made in France all the way, and the new bottle is made in USA (you can see it in the picture as well).3Great for pumping momsI was worried about mold growing between the silicone and the glass as these got heated up in hot water all the time, but many months later than thankfully no such problem. They are sturdy, heat milk well and still go in the fridge, and they work with my Medela pump parts so I pump right into them and they aren't too heavy either. Fantastic and my favorite!5We purchased 5 Lifefactory 9oz bottles, total, after ...We purchased 5 Lifefactory 9oz bottles, total, after purchasing a number of 4oz bottles for our baby. All of the 9oz bottles have what appear to be a crack alongside the bottom that zig zag and splinter. I sent Lifefactory an email with the image, and they told me it was a seam but it is quite clear that this is not a seam with the unusual shape and splintering. They answered only 1 of my 2 questions and after two tries to communicate with them, I just gave up. Will be researching other glass bottles instead of repurchasing Lifefactory bottles to replace these.1Baby swallows a lot of airI really want to love the bottle. It was love at first read when I saw the description and customer reviews. Safe, good quality, heavier, can continue to use as sippy cup. They look really cute, too. I was sold. But I ended up returning mine.What I liked:- solid construction, beautiful craftsmanship, just like everybody described- heavier than plastic bottles so I don't accidentally knock it over- really cute- can use Dr. Brown's nipples- less pieces to wash comparing to Dr. Brown'sWhat didn't work for me:- I tried 3 times, each time I could tell immediately that my baby was swallowing a lot of air. He was on Dr. Brown's bottles before and only needed to be burped at the end. With this bottle, I had to burp him 5 min after feeding started.- maybe mine was defective, but it leaked a bit from the collar when the bottle was set back down, dripping onto the sleeve- oz markings are on the sleeve. 3oz marking is at a level with rubber all around (not where the round holes are), which means there is basically no way to tell with any precision if there is 3oz or 3.5oz or how much inside.- no ml markings- can't use the volume markings on the bottle to measure water and mix baby formulaIf you premix baby forumula, then some of these won't be an issue for you.2They leak quite a bit around the bad that holds the nipple onWish I didn t buy these. They leak quite a bit around the bad that holds the nipple on. Enough to get baby wet. I exclusively nurse and only offer a bottle twice a day at daycare. My 9 month old only eats 5-6 ounces which fits in the smaller bottles. I figured since these suck I will just get the soppy cup cap... Turns out those hunks of junk crack and break over time without being dropped or overtightend. Go elsewhere for glass bottles. Expensive and unoractical1
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