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Green Direct Sippy Bowl 22 Ounce Plastic Cereal Bowl with Built in Straw for Kids Assorted Colors Blue-Red-Green-Yellow Pack of 4

  • Green Direct Sippy Bowl 22 Ounce Plastic Cereal Bowl with Built in Straw for Kids Assorted Colors Blue-Red-Green-Yellow Pack of 4
  • Green Direct Sippy Bowl 22 Ounce Plastic Cereal Bowl with Built in Straw for Kids Assorted Colors Blue-Red-Green-Yellow Pack of 4
  • Green Direct Sippy Bowl 22 Ounce Plastic Cereal Bowl with Built in Straw for Kids Assorted Colors Blue-Red-Green-Yellow Pack of 4

Green Direct Sippy Bowl 22 Ounce Plastic Cereal Bowl with Built in Straw for Kids Assorted Colors Blue-Red-Green-Yellow Pack of 4

AU$ 110.00 AU$ 66.00 Save: AU$ 44.00
AU$ 66.00 AU$ 110.00 You save: AU$ 44.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set of 4 22-ounce Adorable Sip-A-Bowl with built-in straw for every child (and adult)to enjoy and get every last drop of it!
  • These bowls are dishwasher safe and BPA free.
  • PRECIOUS Assorted colors, Units to be received are Not necessarily the colors showed on the Detaile page
  • Great for cereal, ice cream or any other EXCITING food for kids!
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Customer Reviews

Poor quality The straws on these bowls are obstructed by plastic buurs and plastic mould flash. On one of of the bowls the opening on the bottom was completely closed. I emailed the seller and they sent a replacement ser that was just as bad. I was able to drill and file the straws on 3 of the 4 bowls to make them usable, but was unable to get them perfectly smooth. I have concerns with our ability to keep the inside of the straws clean long term. 1I love these I bought these to replace the ones I raised my 30 something children. I was using them for their children, unlike me they don t make their children sit down and eat. They take their food with them and the bowls have disappeared. So I needed to replace perfectly good bowls. I don t mind though, because I will again get my Monroe s worth from these nice sturdy bowls. The kids love to eat their cearel and drink the milk without picking up the bowl. It s great to dunk your grilled cheese into tomato. Soup then drink the soup no spill as with a spoon. Greatest bowls ever!!! 5Straw holes are blocked First. Straw hole is blocked almost 95%. Look at the picture.Second, some straw are ultra thin and some are normal thick. Quality is really not reliable.Third, It's impossible to clean the straw well. Because inside there are many plastic pieces built-in block it. The thin straw brush can only reach inside 50%.I love the ideas and the design. Was so excited to try but very disappointed at these. 2Just as pictured! I really like the bowl. It makes it very easy for me give my 2.5 year old cereal and for him to drink the leftover milk without having to put the bowl to his head! He loves to choose his color bowl so it reiterates his ability to decipher colors while getting voice and choice. The one thing I think would make this bowl better is a suction on the bottom but besides that, I love it. 5They are fun bowls! My children had these growing up and when my daughter had her son, she asked for her bowl. I found it, but somehow over the (last 13 or so) years it had gotten cracked. ;) So, I went on a search for the bowls. I wasn't thrilled with the price of these when I remembered purchasing the first four pack of bowls I had for $2.00 - this seemed a bit steep. Also, I knew I'd seen them at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it - a dollar! I went ahead and purchased these because I couldn't find anything cheaper and wanted these as a Christmas gift for my grandson. Right after I bought these, guess what I found at the Dollar Tree... I bought a few from the Dollar Tree too and compared them to these - they are THE EXACT SAME BOWLS. Search your local Dollar Tree and save yourself a $1.50 a bowl. 4Very satisfied! Came in on time. The hole in the green bowl was shut and the tip of straw was a bit off. Contacted customer service. The service is beyond words amazing!! They treated this under 10 dollar item like you spent 1000s on it and your time and satisfaction was their priority. I was honestly extremely amazed. They sent replacement without hesitation and I know wasn't worth much or a big deal but when you have a 2 year old whose favorite color is green and refuses to use any other color bowls it was comforting to have easy people to talk to. Issue solved before it even really became a "problem". Overall wish I could give more stars. Even 3 good ones out of 4 for that price is WELL WORTH IT! I'd recommend. We spend more on a meal than the 4 bowls and it truly is inexpensive and kids love them. 5Great for my kids! Our genius kids had figured out how to take the straws from their cups out of their cups to slurp the milk from a traditional bowl. We then decided they needed a set of these bowls, so they didn't have spills all over the table and milky juice from switching back and forth. The kids love these, and they sip the milk very easily and without a mess. I have a boy and girl, and surprisingly they don't fight over the colors, they are just happy to eat their cereal with them! 5Please do not buy for your children There was mold already growing inside one of the straws when we received them. And all bowls contained sharp jagged pieces that will only further trap mold if used. Please do not use these with your children 1Making cereal fun.... A couple of years ago I bought some bowls like these for a child but his mother didn't want him to have them so I used them and loved them!! Recently I was staying in a strange situation with the little ones I nanny in a very sparsely furnished house. Knowing it would be I brought my bowls and the kids like them; for different reasons. One liked being able to drink her milk from her cereal and the other child not liking cereal milk liked having his snack in the bowl and being able to carry it around by the "handle". I was able to coax him to drink plain milk from the bowl a couple of times....anything that works...right? Anyway, they are durable, easy to clean, fun and brightly colored. The green one, however is more a pea green than a bright green. 5FUN I bought them for my granddaughter and she loves them. They are fun colors and fun to use plus she can finish her milk without spilling it in herself. I prefer supporting small business owners and will continue to do so. Thank you 5
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