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HENCKELS - 30707-000 Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black

  • HENCKELS - 30707-000 Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black
  • HENCKELS - 30707-000 Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black
  • HENCKELS - 30707-000 Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black
  • HENCKELS - 30707-000 Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black
  • HENCKELS - 30707-000 Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black

HENCKELS - 30707-000 Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black

AU$ 910.00 AU$ 546.00 Save: AU$ 364.00
AU$ 546.00 AU$ 910.00 You save: AU$ 364.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Includes 2.75 inches Bird's Beak Peeling; 4 inches Parer; 5 inches Serrated Utility; 8 inches Chef; Kitchen Shears; 9 inches Sharpening Steel; 10 Slot Birch wood Block
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Special formula high carbon NO STAIN steel
  • One piece Precision stamped blade for a lighter weight knife without sacrificing strength
  • Ice hardened Friodur blade starts sharper stays sharper longer and has superior resilience
  • Ergonomic polymer handle is Perfectly bonded to Full tang
  • Traditional three rivet Design is embedded with Zwilling J.A Henckels logo
  • 57 Rockwell Hardness is equal to excellent edge retention
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Customer Reviews

The KUPPELS look and feel better. The Zwilling blades are really thin Its ok. the blades are not as thick as you would expect. We replaced a KUPPELS set which we had for ages and I don't think they match in quality. The KUPPELS look and feel better. The Zwilling blades are really thin. Also it is marketed as a 19 piece set leading the buyer to assume there 19 knives but the knives are 18 and the 19th piece is probably the wooden base. There is a socket which will remain empty and you have to buy separately a meat cleave to have all the sockets filled in the base. Also the knives are not standing firm in the base and making it look a little messy. So not really happy with the purchase. I attach 1 photo of how the base looks with the knives and one photo of our old knive with the Zwilling one side by side showing the difference in thickness. Not really happy. 2Nice knives; very limited set. I like these knives, which are sharp and handle well, and seem high-quality. I've only had them for a month, so I can't speak to their durability, but I'm hopeful that with proper care they'll last a long time. My only warning to buyers would be twofold: 1) the knife block is a piece of crap. It's really not worth whatever fraction of the overall price you're paying for it, so if you can find a way to get (some of) these knives without the knife block, I'd go for it. and 2) the set *says* "7 pieces," but be aware that the knife block and sharpener count as two pieces, and one of the remaining five pieces is a set of kitchen shears-- which are useful, but are not a knife. So you are actually getting only four knives. They're good knives, but don't be misled when you order. 4Not the knives pictured on the box! Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature Stainless-Steel 11-Piece Knife Set with BlockI chose a set with one steak knife and received a set with 6 steak knives minus the utility knives I was hoping for. 2 stars for rapid delivery and for sending 3 knives I could actually use, but the box had previously been opened and the knives it contained were not the set pictured on the box (see photo). Also of note, the block that came with this set could not contain either the items I received or the ones pictured on the box. It had no scissor slot. This is a minor issue though since I planned to keep the scissors in a drawer. I merely wanted to point out that this aspect of the product is not the one pictured anywhere. 2Good knife, though design flaw with handle Good knife, lightweight. Flexible & not as "heavy" a blade as I was expecting (not that it matters for cutting). One issue with the knife which has stopped me from gifting them to others... where the handle meets the blade, the handle does not curve at the end towards the blade. Henckels (I guess) presumes that the curve of the metal is protection enough from cutting yourself. Unfortunately, if your hand slips or you have a poor grip, you can cut yourself on the exposed blade. I have done it twice in the last year, and it is annoying. I have had to change my behavior about how I hold a knife. My old set (don't recall the brand), the handle curved along with the blade, to keep your fingers from touching the blade altogether. 4Sharp! Never going back to my old knives. We ve always had budget knives, and decided to actually put some money into a good set. I ll be honest, I m not incredibly knowledgeable in this area, though I did a bit of research around the differences between the twin blades, international, etc. I was a bit reserved because the edges weren t serated, and I ve been burnt before.. but I must say I recommend these knives to everyone.I ve been cooking a while, and my first time using them to prepare some meat and veggies for a soup, the blade slid through so smoothly I was actually terrified of handling it. In 15 years I ve never been scared of a knife. These are the knives that when guests grab one you have to warn them. My cheap knives used to get caught cutting chicken, and tear up meats when I slice them.. these do -none- of that. Yesterday I sliced an overdone tenderloin up smoother than slicing through butter, so smooth in fact that I was shook at the amount of difficulty I had pushing my fork into it after.I can t tell you about balance or how they compare to other top knives but I can tell you they are amazing for cooking and to buy them today.Just as an FYI, this set does not include the butcher knife so if you need that then make sure to grab it separate.. there is a spot in the block for it. We re perfectly fine with that as I ve never had a need for one. 5These are the right tools! I hate having to pay almost 300 dollars for a decent knife set, but we got tired of trying knives that either imitate German design and are obviously cheap (bend, rust, etc.) and knives that may look pretty in their block and be forged and what not yet lack sharpness or are simply not practical in their shape/comfort in hand. So I give this set a definite thumbs up. We do own a set of the International Henckels (made in China) stainless steel serrated steak knives, which happen to be very good, and six of them fit into this Zwilling Henckels block. 4Great quality knives My family only uses J.A. Henckels knives. My mom gave me one of their santoku knives when I left for college. I used it for years until I lost it during a move.Now that college is behind me and I'm now living in my own place, I decided to buy this knife set as a little house warming gift to myself (lol!).. I love using these knives, they are EXTREMELY sharp! I accidentally cut myself with the peeling knife already. It was so sharp, I didn't even feel it. So definitely use with care. I don't recommend putting these in the dish washer. After using the knives, I rinse with soap and water and dry them with a kitchen towel before putting them back in the wood block. If taken good care of, these knives can last you a lifetime. I also bought the santoku knife (same series as these) to add to the wood block. I always look forward to using these knives when cooking/prepping, as weird as it sounds they are fun to use 5Steel snapped into 2 These are decent knives but I recently broke the blade on one of the steak knives. The rivets held up great but the steel itself snapped by dropping on my bamboo kitchen floor. My set is only used for cutting meat and have never touched a dishwasher and I always hand wash after use but people should beware of this. Im still waiting for reply from Henckel for a replacement. 2Terrible Service from Henckels Knives look ok but came with the 9th steak knife instead of the Vegetable Utility knife. Got terrible, cut and paste answers when trying to resolve with the company. Should have paid closer attention to the feedback of others. Will return. 1Great feel, super sharp First thing first, I have done a lot of research on block sets as I have been looking for quite a while to make sure we make an informed decision for our home. From reviews, hunting in stores (for what we could actually see physically), word of mouth and manufacturer details, I really feel we made a good pick here.Pros --My god don't cut yourself, these things are sharp. After cutting through the fatty end of a grilled strip steak like it wasn't even there, I had to warn the kid not to kill herself. Seriously, they are sharp. Yes, we had a less than average set to begin with and that does affect the impression but these did not let my expectations down.- Quality - You get what you pay for, simple as that. When I handled the three I used, steak knife, bread and Santoku, you can just feel how well they are put together. The handle was more comfortable than I thought it would be and nicer looking in hand. My wife really wanted the handle like Henkels International but we really like this. The blade is slightly flexible like some have said but my god, what are some people expecting for a set at $329 dollars? It is not like they are so flexible to be anything negative in my opinion and I think the drama queens need to slow down on that one. When I put pressure on the blade, I didn't get anything crazy regarding blade movement.First impression is nice, we will see where it ends up after some real use.Small cons-It would have been nice to have some variance in the block color. Sure, we can stain it something else but why not just offer it as an option?-We kept the slips for all the knives to keep part numbers, just in case we wanted to add some more steak knives for those party nights. Why no documentation explaining what you have? We cut the list off the box as well to make sure we never lost track. Yes, you can also look at the knives as the part number is there but not if that knife disappears magically.-The block has the extra slot for a cleaver and that we like, but there doesn't seem to be a spot for the pearing knife. I would rather not keep a quality knife rattling around in a drawer that people open and slam. Protect the investment.Overall, good product for the money. I would tell others to buy these, but I don't feel I will have to after they use ours. 5
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