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HIC Harold Import Co. Ice Pick with Cover

  • HIC Harold Import Co. Ice Pick with  Cover
  • HIC Harold Import Co. Ice Pick with  Cover

HIC Harold Import Co. Ice Pick with Cover

AU$ 120.00 AU$ 72.00 Save: AU$ 48.00
AU$ 72.00 AU$ 120.00 You save: AU$ 48.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • HIC's Ice Pick easily chips and breaks up block ice for chilling all types of drinks
  • Create ice chunks that melt slower than using ice chips or ice cubes and won't water down drinks as quickly
  • Squared wooden handle is easy to grip and won't roll away when not in use; using an ice pick adds flare to chilling and serving beverages
  • Perfect for breaking up block chocolate; makes a great hole punch for wood and leather, too
  • Ice pick comes with sheath to protect pick from dulling and prevent injury; not dishwasher safe, hand was only
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Customer Reviews

Great Looking Ice Pick, But Sheath Does Not Fit Properly The look and feel of this is very good. But, it was disappointing to find that the sheath did not fit the pick. The sheath, which fits over the metal pick and connects to the handle, does not fit properly. If you put the sheath on and lift the ice pick by its handle, the sheath will fall off. That's a shame. So, when you put this in a drawer with other utensils, you know what's going to happen. As you use other utensils, the sheath will eventually be knocked off the ice pick. When you pick up the ice pick, the sheath will fall off or if you pick it up by the sheath, the ice pick will fall free. I've read other reviews that says the metal portion of the ice pick flakes off. I have not experience that problem yet, but I will be watching for this. It was less than $6, so I'm not going through the hassle of returning it.3A Very Handy Ice Pick My wife turned to me and said, "I wish that I had a good, old fashioned ice pick, to use for many things." We don't really use one for chopping ice, but have numerous uses around the house. She said, "I can't find them in the local stores anymore." I suggested Amazon, noting that with Prime, we could have it shipped for free. We found this one, read the reviews and had it in two days. It is perfect. The covering case protects our fingers when it is stored in the drawer. We love it. 5Strong, well built ice pick I've had this ice pick for about two weeks now and have been giving it some heavy use. It's a sturdy, well built ice pick. The cover fits snugly onto the pick without any wiggle indicating it could fall off. However being that the cover is made out of a fairly soft wood, probably pine, i expect over time it will start to show some wiggle. We're careful not to snap the cover too hard onto the pick as I assume that would speed the process of loosening the fit. But the wood in the handle is comfortable and had just the right weight in my grip. Theres no slippage when I'm wielding it. So far so good. I'll update this review if I see any signs of the cover fit loosening 5CUSTOMERS BEWARE - POTENTIAL HEALTH HAZARDCUSTOMERS BEWARE !!!Looks good, worked fine until I found small pieces of metal (!) in the ice. Closer examination of the ice pick revealed that the silver coating as chipped off (see pictures). No idea what the metal coating is and whether swallowing the metal is a health hazard but this product is CHEAP and the many good reviews that made me buy it are quite misleading.1It will chip and rust, I don't recommend if you will be using frequently with any actual forceFirst started out great and broke up the frozen block of ice in my freezer perfectly, saved me a lot of time and prevented wasted water and ice. Then the plating started to chip off starting at the tip. Now I see bits of the nickel plating in my ice every time I try to use it. The tip has started to rust and I'm planning to throw it away and look for a different ice pick. A shame, because it worked well and the little cover was really nice.1CHEAPLY MADE!!Ring holding the puck inside the handle fell off the first time we removed the cap. VERY poorly put together.1Nice ice pick with case. Good price, I think I haven't had an ice pick in a while and realized I needed this versatile tool for little things. I like this one, it is nice and sturdy and has a cover to protect the point and my fingers. I used it to punch holes in the plastic bottom of a thin plastic planter, but who knows what will be next. I think it is a good value. 5Already saved party that looked doomedI only bought this because my wife mentioned that she might need to punch a hole in something someday. Little did I think I'd ever need it for ice. But just a few days after it arrived we threw a big party for our many friends....so many that we had to buy a bag of ice from a convenience store. But when we weren't looking, a moron, trying to be helpful, put the bag in the freezer. When I saw that the chunks of ice were all hopelessly stuck together I thought, "Well, that's the end of this party." But fortunately one of our friends, who had studied technology at a local junior college, saved the day by suggesting I break up the ice with this high quality instrument.5If you like nickel plating flakes in your ice, then this is the pick for you!!!Ice pick was purchased for regular use. I buy ice in bags, transport home, and put in freezer. When it is time for ice to be used, inevitably some of the ice has melted during transport and frozen once placed in the freezer. Therefore, I use the ice pick multiple times per week to break up the ice to put in drinks. I have had this ice pick for ~4-6 weeks and the nickel plating is coming off of the pick and leaving flakes of nickel plating in the ice. I thought I was buying a stainless steel pick but obviously not. The return period on the ice pick has expired so I am stuck with a pick that I can't use. I would not purchase this pick again.1) The pick is cheaply made and feels like something you might find at the local dollar store I ordered mine from the "Life and Home" seller. I do not need it as an ice pick but rather a probing tool for metal detecting(basically you poke it in dirt and feel around for the metal object you are trying to locate.) The pick is cheaply made and feels like something you might find at the local dollar store. I can see how it would not stand up to the abuse of using it to jab ice over and over. 3Waste of moneyWhat a joke! It bent the first time we tried to use it! And I can't return it? Absolutely ridiculous. See photo.1Returned and Refunded with no problems Ordered 2 of these. Neither safety cover would stay on. They just fell right off. I found the exact brand at a local store and the covers worked perfectly. They were also cheaper! I gave three stars because the refund was quick with no problem and the same brand I bought locally worked fine. 3Dangerous metal piecesI bought this ice pick on Jan 8th, 2019 and it's now been about 2 months. The chrome coating on the pick itself is coming off in small pieces. Used it for breaking apart ice nuggets (small) for drinks and noticed small pieces of metal in the bottom of our glasses. Looked at the pick and found the problem. I hope nobody has ingested the metal, i guess we will find out if someone gets cuts in their digestive track. I certainly would say this would be a very dangerous risk by anyone else purchasing this ice pick.1Another item I could only find at AmazonPerfect for chipping apart my countertop ice maker cubes. They have water dropping from them as they are expelled from the freezing tray and freeze together when I place in my freezer to store and harden. An ice pick was the tool I needed & couldn't find anywhere else to break the frozen & clumped together cubes. It's very inexpensive item, with an easy grip handle and protective cover so that you're not exposed to a sharp pointed tool when reaching intro the drawer to get it.5Started flaking in my ice.It makes me sad to write negative reviews but this ice pick is pretty bad. I'll first start with the positives - it's easy to hold and very sturdy. Now, the negative - I only used this around 10 or so times before I started noticing little grayish looking specs in my cup that was from the coating/paint on the pick tip. It started flaking and I got scared to use it.2
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