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House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)

  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)
  • House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)

House of Doolittle Combination Lesson Planner/Class Record Planner Blue 8.5 x 11 Inch (HOD51607)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Handy teacher's helper for the professional teacher or home school.
  • Designed for a 9-10 week grading period with 40 weeks of school and 8 classes per year with large squares that provide space for 35 students
  • Includes seating charts parent meeting log substitute teacher page important dates class names note pages and student information pages, plus a 40 week lesson planner section on the left page is goals activities resources on the right weekly assignments for 7 classes
  • Strong wire binding firmly keeps the planner intact throughout the year with a durable blue embossed simulated leather cover that will endure frequent daily use
  • Printed with soy-based inks on 100% recycled paper, which is FSC certified and made in the USA
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Customer Reviews

Happy TeacherI just got this today and already in love with it. Nice calendar as well as lesson planning. I purchased this along with the large grid record book. Tiny squares are horrid these are a okay. My principal laughed when he first saw me using these but quickly realized this was why I am never late on paperwork and can keep track of the 101 thousand things that occur daily at school. Bravo to this product. I teach 3rd grade and I am a department head so I need the clarification that these books provide. I also love the attendance tracking. This year a student missed 43 days of school. None of these days was excused. The school computer showed her having missed 13 because someone dropped the ball. My excellent records were my proof of why the child might fail a standardized test. It works, as much as I love my computer these records are mine and they are unrefutable. 5My favorite plan book!I love this plan book and I order a new one of the exact one every year! I teach high school English and it is exactly what I need.Pros:-Boxes are a great size for plans-It opens flat so it's easy to write on both sides-you can see the whole week spread across two pages-I can use the separate columns within each day for different classes that I teach. For example, I have a column for English 11, English 12 and another for the honors class.-It has extra pages at the end so that I can use them for notes, ideas or I can tear pages out if I made a bunch of mistakes and still have enough to get through the year.Cons:- I wish it came in prettier colors- that's it! I love everything else about this plan book!I have been teaching for 13 years and this is by far the best plan book I have found! 5Pink PlannerI got the pink one; I m assuming that it is the same as the blue inside, but I can t be sure. First of all, the color is NOt bright pink, it rather a raspberry pink and actually looks red depending on the lighting and the angle you are looking from. My cover came a little ruffled , but for the price, I ll live. There are three, 2 page spreads for note and six, 2 page spreads for grades and/or attendance. It lays flat, stays open, and is a pretty simple planner. Overall, great for the price in my opinion. 5PERFECTION for planningThe perfect organizer for any teacher. I am a thirty year veteran as a mathematics teacher and the range of levels I cover is from 6th grade intervention classes to Algebra at the 8th grade level and everything in between. With such a variety of levels and curriculum and planning, this book kept me perfectly organized for my entire year this year. I had extra spaces that provided me with "reminders" and important meetings. The block sizes provided ample space for writing details and the number of weeks provided was perfect. The beginning pages offers a 4 Term Scheduling block so I can remember what I need to prepare for each term. Whatever your planning notes are like, this book provides space and organization to make this aspect of teaching easier. Plan away, teachers! 5Non Traditional- Monthly Budget Calendar for 3 plus years!I ordered mine in 2015... love that it has 40 plus weeks in it! I have used mine as a budget calendar for3 full years now. I use the double pages, originally designated for each week, as a calendar's month and place dates throughout with light marker colors. (They don't bleed thru on next page.)I then utilize the week day that paychecks come in for completing the bills due. Easily done since there are lines.The far right large columns I use to tabulate after payments made.I love that it is large, lined, easy to organize by marking w markers the pay periods, days ofmonth, due dates... etc.Just thought I'd share because I am now ordering another one for the next 3 years plus! 5For the simple folks...Five stars because it fulfills what I needed: quick, flexible "calendar;" simple, clear space for notes; and easy organization. There's really nothing too fancy about this. Even the cover is very plain. I'd even say that it's ugly. Actually, yeah, it's pretty ugly. Silver lettering on fake, dark blue leather sounds elegant, but the words themselves are things like "recycled" or logos. However, I have no problem with this because I plan on making a cover for it anyways. If anything, the ugly original makes me feel better about covering it up.Oh, it is recycled material. It claims to be made of 100% recycled paper and products. It uses soy ink and is made in the USA. If this matters to anyone, there ya go.There are two sides for seating charts, two sides for "Term Program," whatever that means, eight sides for attendance/grades, and two-and-a-half sides for notes. The rest are all what you see in the product picture. 5Some pros over Wards grader.I'm trying this as an alternative to the Ward's books that I have used in the past. I like the texture of the paper, and it seems that the pens I use will work well. The spaces for grades are large enough that they can fit three digits easily, and there is enough space at the sides for student names to be clear, not squished. The name column can easily be ripped off to keep a running section with the same names without having to rewrite. The cover seems to be about the same quality as the green, Wards covers, and the spiral diameter is slightly larger than the Wards spiral. This is nice, since the Wards spirals are a bit tight without ripping out a few pages. The HoD spiral allows the pages to turn easily without ripping out pages to make space. 3The only planner for meI've been using this planner style since 6th grade (!!) and I'm now in graduate school. It took me through college and I was actually excited about using it again when I realized I'd need one for grad school (nerd alert). It works perfectly. Totally customizable for your schedule and academic terms/years since it's not dated and gives you blank areas for the subjects. I write my homework assignments in here, schedule tests and study time, etc. The one change I make is to cut the subject column out for the weeks in the same term so I can tab back to the beginning of a term and so I don't have to write the same subjects every week. Then I use a binder clip to keep the planner easily open to the current week.I wish this came in more colors on Amazon. I used to buy one in a new color for each academic year so I could easily tell them apart on the shelf. The other bonus is the length is perfect for one academic year of my grad program. It worked perfectly for 3 consecutive terms. Time to get another one for year two! 5Love itLove this calendar I homeschool my son and this will work perfectly to suit my needs. It has a weekly planner. Subject i.e. Math then MTWTF then another line for subject and week. It has a section for recording grades. For me personally because I homeschool just one student it would be better if in that section the grid was larger since I do not have multiple students it is a rather small grid. There are more than enough pages just would like larger boxes to write in in that particular section. It has an attendance record which I probably won't use for that. At the front of the book there is a section for team program that I don't need and will probably record our hours and dates of attendance in there. I ordered another calendar also just to compare and see which one I like better and I love this one. The other one did not have this many options. 5Best Plan Book for High School TeachersI am a high school FACS teacher and have been using this plan book for at least 5 years. You can manually write in your class periods (7 hours available) and dates. On the very right of each page, there is a space for notes where I keep track of absences. There are also pages in the back for extra notes if needed. I utilize all the pages of this plan book, and it serves my needs perfectly. I love the set up and can't praise it enough! 5
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