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Household Essentials 311390 Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer for Closets -20 pocket - Natural Canvas

  • Household Essentials 311390 Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer for Closets -20 pocket - Natural Canvas
  • Household Essentials 311390 Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer for Closets -20 pocket - Natural Canvas
  • Household Essentials 311390 Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer for Closets -20 pocket - Natural Canvas
  • Household Essentials 311390 Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer for Closets -20 pocket - Natural Canvas

Household Essentials 311390 Hanging Shoe Storage Organizer for Closets -20 pocket - Natural Canvas

AU$ 116.00 AU$ 69.60 Save: AU$ 46.40
AU$ 69.60 AU$ 116.00 You save: AU$ 46.40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 20-Pocket closet shoe file organizer constructed of smooth and sturdy canvas
  • Holds up to 20 pairs of shoes depending on shoe size and has clear plastic sides to help you find them
  • Hanging system that fits both standard closet rods and wire shelves.
  • Can also help you organize towels, shirts, and any number of clothing items
  • 62"H x 10"W x 12"D
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Customer Reviews

Only one flaw... Nice with one exception-and a big one at that. The top where the hanger fits has a two inch opening. Yes, I realize the bag should be 'breathable' for storage of wool, cashmere, etc.-which is accomplished by the canvas backing...and keeping in mind that most clothing protectors of this type are designed to keep the buggies out...why would there be an opening that large at the top? An open invitation for clothes moths, carpet beetles, etc. Oh, yes, and keeping in mind that this does NOT seem to be a manufacturer defect by any means so would probably NOT be the case with every one-ours had a 'cut' down the middle which looks like it might have happened upon the opening of a case with a box cutter and a staple mark with two holes are apparent about midway down the bag. Might want to keep an eye out for this kind of damage before deciding to keep the product. Otherwise it is very long, wide and large enough to hold a wedding gown. I got mine for a maxi length wool/cashmere coat and there is room to spare-no crushing or piling up at the bottom. 2Great mechanical design of shelving. Terrible material design of hanging.I bought this because I saw the hard plastic base that it utilized for each compartment. This was very important to me as the previous hanging shelf I had only used cardboard rods at the very front edge of each compartment to sustain the entire flat surface of each row. This ended in most of the rods snapping, and then my stuff sliding out. So for the purpose to which I bought this new one, it performed well. All my stuff was flat and stayed in without any give in the plastic baseboards from each compartment. Now, the problem arises from the hanger attachments. Today, I was removing some clothes from the top compartment, and the loop that attaches the metal hanger ripped from the seams on one side. This thing is a week old, and the junction that required the most engineering for strength has failed. If only it used the hanger method from the old shelving unit I had, which never broke, and the compartment solid base of this shelving unit...sigh...oh well, I guess I'll resort to hard plastic drawers that sit on the floor.1Great QualityThis exceeded my expectations. I needed something for my guest bedroom since I don't have a dresser in there. Just wanted something for guests to use while staying. This worked out great. Quality was better than expected and it looks very nice. I also ordered two of the slip in drawers (Household-Essentials-311306-Drawers-Organizers) and those were great too. Really nice combo.5Loved It, Now Hate ItI honestly i'll usually buy these in a bulks of 30, and the material is so easy to work with. We use it in i our warehouse to help out with orders, at first there were too many pockets and it's a bit lengthy. So we decided to throw our own twist on it. We're more than satisfied with this product. I would say the only thing i dislike is when i first purchased them, they were priced at almost 19.95. I've seen the brice go up and down sometimes. But for 12.99 it's definitely worth it!Update April 4, 2018Going to change my review from a 5 star to just one. I'm really disappointed i would order these in bulk, now i'm limited to 5 per customer. I work in a warehouse filled with 300+ people, i've ordered this product 3 times with at least 10 units plus. Now i'm only allowed 5 per customer, this is a ridiculous amazon practice.1Saves space but not suitable for larger shoes I needed something that could hold a lot of shoes in a very narrow space and this worked perfectly.Each pocket can easily fit a pair of flats or sandals and you can put in two if you really wanted to but depends on the shoes.However, if I wanted to put in a pair of running shoes I would have to use two pockets (keds/converses would fit in one).For the value, this product is pretty worth it. I have it hanging in my entryway closet so I can hide away all my shoes to keep a clear hallway.I keep most of my flats and sandals using this and then I put my larger shoes like heels, boots and sneakers on the shoe rack next to it.I've only had it for about a month so far so I can't comment too much on its durability. 5Minimalist chic and great quality!If you are like me and in the unfortuate situation of not having a built in closet or just want to a simple, cheap and effective way to organize your closet, this product is awesome! The shelves are sturdy hold and a lot. The natural linen looks mininalist classy. I combined two of these with an IKEA rolling garment rack to create cheap, minimalist wardrobe that still looks classy and makes all my clothes organized and easy to find. Definitely recommend!!5Not sturdy enough for multiple pairs of shoes.This item was light weight, had several openings for shoes, looked exactly like it was supposed to. However, before I had half of my shoes in, the hanger broke away from the part that holds the shoes and landed in the floor.Im sure this product would have be fine for light weight flip flops.1For Shoes and More!We live in a small home and the closets were no exception. I ordered and received 2 organizers and I got to work. I used one for shoes. I knew mine would fit but not sure of my husband's size 13 shoes, just one pair wouldn't fit in the organizer, the other shoes worked great. The other organizer I used for tank tops and t-shirts. I folded them in half tuck in sleeves, if needed, then rolled them up and inserted into the organizer. I say I have 40 shirts in it. Freeing up space and hangers for other items. I still have work to do but this was a great purchase for the price and helps much.4works perfectly!I was pretty skeptical about ordering this after reading the complaints about the small size of the pockets as I am a women's size 9-10 shoe. I am SO glad I gave in! I fit a total of 30 pairs of flats, sneakers, sandals, and kitten heels. Awesome, considering it's made for 20 pairs of shoes! Boots and taller heels/wedges definitely don't fit, but I wouldn't want to keep them scrunched up like that anyway. Great item, great price! I would definitely recommend if you're looking to organize shoes and make space.52 Stars is generous...The bag looked okay and seemed to be of decent quality, but... the zipper separated from the panel he first time I used it. I'd hoped to use it to store the Ralph Lauren tuxedo I also purchased from Amazon, but when I went to put the tuxedo back in it for the trip home from my son's wedding, the zipper was separated from the bag itself for about 8" starting roughly 6" from the top of the zipper. So it's now avout as useful as a new roof with a 6" hole in it - it may look good but it's not capable of doing the job it was intended for. Unfortunately I was outside of the return window, so I repaired it with super glue and am hoping it will last through an upcoming move when I plan to put a couple of older sports coats in it.2Perfect minimalistic shelving!I use three of these to organize my closet. They sag a little bit but not much considering I put some heavy items on them.5Works wellMy home is a mobile home and the interior doors are typical low-end mobile home type so they're only about 1.25" thick. The hanging hardware for this shoe bag fits fine on my door and they would fit up to a 1.5" thick door. When hung the bag's bottom edge is 66" down from the top of the door. I wanted a canvas bag because I had to put it on my bedroom door which remains closed so the bag is part of my bedroom decor now like it or not. I just figured the natural coloredcloth would be easier to look at than vinyl. The fabric is lighter weight than what the expensive canvas shoe bags are made of but it is sturdy enough and the look is decent but not something I want to stand before and admire. I use it to store my collection of Earth walking shoes (Lazers and Glides) size 8 and 8.5. These are clunky and wide but they all slide down into the compartments easily but snug. There is an unpleasant odor from the fabric. Not too bad and already fading after two days. Some kind of chemical treatment I think. Overall I am pleased with my new shoe bag. I did not want to spend much on it because I am saving up for a MacBook so I choose this one and it is perfectly acceptable.4
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