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Intermatic TN111K-2PK Premium Indoor Timers, 2-Pack

  • Intermatic TN111K-2PK Premium Indoor Timers, 2-Pack
  • Intermatic TN111K-2PK Premium Indoor Timers, 2-Pack
  • Intermatic TN111K-2PK Premium Indoor Timers, 2-Pack

Intermatic TN111K-2PK Premium Indoor Timers, 2-Pack

AU$ 182.00 AU$ 110.00 Save: AU$ 72.00
AU$ 110.00 AU$ 182.00 You save: AU$ 72.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 10 Days Return

  • Controls LED and CFL lights
  • Single 2-prong plug and receptacle
  • Manual override
  • 5 year warranty
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Customer Reviews

Good Features These worik great and are very quiet. I like the feature that allows me to turn the light on manually with the timer switch and then when the time rolls around to turn the light off it turns it off. So many of the timers now just stay on when you turn the light on manually.Great little product that does what you want it to do. 5works great The seller was Amazon. I paid 15 bucks including shipping. The item was used like new; it was still sealed in its original packaging.I've used these Intermatic timers for years. They work well, are easy to set/adjust, keep time well, and last a long time (more than 10 years of daily use).They are better than the Tork timers, because you can manually turn the Intermatic on/off at any time using the switch on the top of the unit, AND it will continue to use your automatic/preset settings. The Tork timers only allow you to manually turn-on PERMANENTLY or "use timer". Also, the Tork timers don't last as long (about 3 years).Intermatic sells different versions of this timer...some 2 prong, some grounded. The model numbers are mostly TN111 and TN311, but one is TN711. A "C" after the model number is a recent model. A "K" after the model number is an even more recent model. 5Simple & Sweet Still the Standard Mechanical timers are a tried and true method of giving your home the appearance of being home, thus deterring break-ins while on vacation. This timer, from Intermatic is very straightforward and easy to operate. I don t even think it came with instructions. Certainly doesn t need any. Color-coded pegs mark on and off cycles for two periods of the day. I suppose, you could add another set of pegs or two for multiple on-off cycles. Everything works with a simple mechanical switch that is tripped each time a peg comes around. It couldn t be any simpler.I like the color-coded pegs and grey on white / white on grey settings for AM or PM. Pretty fail-safe. I do recommend, though, setting your timer and doing a trial run before you leave your home unoccupied, so you can test your time settings for accuracy. In addition to lamps and lights, these timers can control radios and television to simulate daily activities or calm pets while you re at work.The Intermatic Indoor Timers come in a convenient 2-pack, which I guarantee is better than buying one singular timer. I would also like to see 3-pack and 4-pack bundles. All in all, Intermatic Timers are trouble-free, a good value, and do come with an excellent warranty if needed.If you found this review helpful, take a moment to click YES below. ~ SB 5Easy to set up and use! I was so happy to find these timers on Amazon because they are no longer available at the stores near us. I have used this type for about fifteen years and they work great. The new type of timers they offer at every single store near us are not as good. I like that I can easily override the timer a single time with one quick roll of the switch on the timer! Unfortunately, after a couple years they start to get noisy so I have to replace each one every few years. Seems wasteful and I wish that was not necessary, but I like them so much I am willing to do that. 5Good inexpensive timer Nice, simple timer. Can be set for 2 on-off cycles in 24 hours, also has a manual on-off switch. If you do activate the manual switch, the programming will resume at the next cycle. I say "programming", you set on & off times with a peg that physically trips the switch. I have had the TN311 (3 prong version) for years and never had a problem. I've been using both TN111 units for a few weeks now with no problem. If you need to turn something on-off at very specific times, this is not the unit you're looking for (hand wave using the force). These don't have small increments on the clock or timer, only the hour or half-hour. I have it set to turn a table lamp on around sunset and off around 11:30 PM, and it works perfectly. 5NICE TIMER Happy I got the 2 pack as I was told at the hardware store they were being discontinued and did not like the "pin" style one which I returned to CVS. This is working great and I have one to spare. I already had one which I have had for years and it is easy to use and works well. 5They are great for Christmas time to have all your lights come ... What can I say, they are timers that make your lights come on go off two different times of the day. There are cheaper products that do the same thing but the pins that come with this timer to determine the timing are so much easier to use. I have had several of these throughout the years and they last forever or until you misplace them. They are great for Christmas time to have all your lights come on at once. For the rest of the year I have them turn several lights on and off in the morning and at night during the fall and winter. They are a bit pricy for the product but having had experience with them before I know they are easy to use and will last. Some of these timers make a loud ticking sound as they age. I have not found that to be true of this model. 4Poorly made, barely functional and there are better units out there. These timers work but are so poorly made that they don't stay plugged into the outlet. The blades are to thin to be gripped properly. Even a light duty cord causes problems. Also the little programming things are easy to loose and of course the company is very happy to sell replacements. Sorry Amazon, Lowes has a $5.00 unit that blows these away. Well built, they stay in the outlet and the programming buttons can not be lost. And for $10.00 at Lowest you can get the same timer only with 2 three prong plugs on it. 1Have always liked Intermatics Got a different timer available at HD. Its switch did not temporarily override the on/off as does the TN111K. It completely bypassed the timer so you'd have to go back to bring it back into service. Who thought that would be a useful feature? Returned and got these Intermatics instead. Just as useful and reliable as ever. Have bought household and HD versions over the years. Always satisfied. Only problem is over several years they may become noisy. 5Functionally Obsolete Was excited to order 6 of these for turning various Christmas displays on/off. Did not notice they are only 2-Prong plugs, and allowing only 2-prong cords to be plugged into it. In today's day and world with more and more safety in electronics there are fewer 2-prong cords for anything. To me, this constitutes functional obsolescence. If .you buy BE SURE to be aware it is not compatible with most cords today. 2
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