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Katgely 12 Cupcake Box Cupcake Container, Set of 30

  • Katgely 12 Cupcake Box Cupcake Container, Set of 30
  • Katgely 12 Cupcake Box Cupcake Container, Set of 30
  • Katgely 12 Cupcake Box Cupcake Container, Set of 30
  • Katgely 12 Cupcake Box Cupcake Container, Set of 30
  • Katgely 12 Cupcake Box Cupcake Container, Set of 30

Katgely 12 Cupcake Box Cupcake Container, Set of 30

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AU$ 320.00 AU$ 532.00 You save: AU$ 212.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • NEW Design! Holds dozen cupcakes per each container, Set of 30 cupcake containers
  • Four Bar Locks which stay Closed, two in the front and two on the sides of the container. Disposable, but can be reused several times. The back hinge will not break!
  • Outer Dimensions: 12 1/2 x 10 1/4 x 3 3/4 Inches. Inner Dimensions: 11 1/2 x 8 3/4 x 3 3/4 Inches. Bottom Cup Diameter: 2 1/8 Inches
  • Stackable Crystal Clear High Quality Plastic Cupcake Boxes, for safe and easy transportation
  • BPA Free!
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Customer Reviews

Beware if planning to use cupcake wraps These seemed to be a convenient and economical way to transport cupcakes to a wedding. They would be perfectly fine to use with only straight sided standard cupcake papers and have ample headspace for frosting. I was making white rosette topped cupcakes baked in rimmed parchment cupcake papers with a lace laser cut cupcake wrap (slightly flared) around the outside. The box compartments were spaced way too closely together and were not large enough diameter to accommodate this purpose. I had no choice but to make it work by taping wraps closed so they wouldn t bust apart, squashing them painstakingly in the box first, then squashing in plain cupcakes & frosting them while in the box. Not ideal for this use. Stacked in a plastic bin for transport ok. 3Great product - Highly recommend Alright bakers, if you need cupcake boxes/containers - then look no further.First, these are plastic, you can reuse them, but they are not going to last a lifetime or anything like that.Pros:Sturdy - I was able to stack them five high, fully loaded on top of each other without any issue.Tall - The lid is up far enough to allow for a lot of frosting.Size - I have used both the 24 and the 12. They are sized just right for each application.Cons:I have rather large hands so getting the cupcakes out without having large piles of frosting on my hands is difficult.One other note, if you have frosting that is "tall" do watch clearance on the edges, they taper a bit and can come in contact with the cupcake. If you plan accordingly, you will be fine.Price, they are a little expensive BUT they are very much worth it. I have been nothing but pleased.There you have it. I am not endorsed to say this, but if you are looking for this type of product don't waste your time looking any further, buy these. 5Great construction... I loved this product and would purchase again. I used them for a church social to hold my 150 cupcakes that I made. It was well configured, held up beautifully. I even washed them for reuse and they still look great. I wished I'd ordered more. The clearness of them showed off my cupcakes and the way the tops are made, was great BC none of the icing touched the tops and came off. Great construction. I will order again! 5Perfect Product...and Price! Wow, these are nice! The lids are deep enough so that you can add all kinds of goodies on top of your cupcakes without getting smashed. The lid locks tightly and securely. The bottoms have feet. There is plenty of finger room to place and lift the cupcakes without smearing the icing. It's the perfect cupcake container! AND they're so well built and sturdy, you can wash and reuse them! Watch out for container thieves at the party, they will be eyeballing your fancy cupcake boxes! And every hostess will secretly hope you leave them behind! ;-)Update: It's now 2 years later, and I'm still using this same set. They have not cracked, bent, caved in, or stained. They nest nicely, so they are easy to store. Also, they fit perfectly into the refrigerator and stack well, so my cream cheese icing can chill safely in the fridge. When you do stack full containers, they maintain their stiffness and will not weigh down the lid of the container on the bottom. 5STURDY AND PERFECTLY SIZED We served mini cupcakes at our event and these plastic boxes worked perfectly. The cupcakes were separated within the container and were easy to decorate. The cupcakes were protected by a sturdy plastic cover which was hinged to the bottom section, allowing stacking during transport. I was glad I could purchase 10 containers for our small event instead of the 100+ most sites offered. 5Use these containers for Christmas Eve at work. Co-workers thought I bought the cupcakes. Saves me the trouble of carrying a cupcake carrier. It's a little flimsy, meaning it will bend when filled if not held carefully. 4Great for transporting cupcakes I ordered a set of these June, 2016 to transport cupcakes for my son's birthday. They were fantastic and so much easier than non-disposable carriers. So much that I just ordered them again for his 2017 party. The cupcakes stayed in place with no issue. I like that the lid is not attached. This made setting out the cupcakes easy. I had medium height frosting with no issue. I personally find it easier to pipe the frosting on after the cupcake is in the carrier, but that's personal preference. The lid would not fit with decorative picks (not surprising, they can get tall), but could fit with rings based on how much frosting is used. 5Twins Baby Shower I loved the double cupcake holders. Good quality and the cupcakes fit perfectly with plenty of room for icing!! I bought them for a twins baby shower and they were perfect for taking home with no mess. 5Awesome!!! I love to give away my baked goods, but was getting tired of trying to keep track of all of my pans and cake carriers. These solve that problem and are really attractive packaging. I prefer these to the other carriers because they keep my cupcakes secure while traveling. I will be using these from now on! 5A Bit Too Flimsy I purchased these to use for my small home caking business. They are not as high quality as other plastic disposable cupcake carriers I've purchased in smaller sizes. The plastic is too thin to confidently hold 24 cupcakes - I was so nervous trying to move these anywhere - the edge rows would bend away, even if I was holding it from the bottom with both hands. The holes for the cupcakes are also a tiny bit too close together - I had to be very careful trying to put the cupcakes in, and even more careful trying to take them out to display them at the reception location - I ended up with multiple cupcakes with little finger smudges in the sides of the frosting (and I was being as meticulous as possible). I also have an extremely difficult time getting the lids to snap into place. Most of the little securing tabs just scrunched under the pressure, instead of snapping together - because the plastic is simply too thin.On the plus side, having a 24-cupcake carrier option is fantastic. The lids left for enough room to have relatively high frosting/decorations on the cupcakes, and they do have grooves in the bottoms and lids that allow them to be stacked somewhat securely on top of each other. I carried three stacked on top of each other in a cake-delivery box, and was not worried about them falling or crushing the cupcakes - until I had to take the individual containers out and rely on the flimsy plastic.I would buy these again only if I couldn't find a better option, just because I so appreciated the ability to carry 2 dozen cupcakes in one disposable carrier. But I will definitely be searching for a sturdier product for next time. 3
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