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Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion

  • Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion
  • Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion
  • Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion
  • Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion
  • Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion

Kikkerland Log Micro Bead Head Cushion

AU$ 184.00 AU$ 111.00 Save: AU$ 73.00
AU$ 111.00 AU$ 184.00 You save: AU$ 73.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Outside cover made of 85 % polyester and 15 % spandex; Inside fill is 100 % polystyrene micro beads
  • Features realistic 3d print of a log
  • Measures 14 by 6-1/4-inch diameter
  • Spot clean only
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Customer Reviews

Comfy and charmingI ordered one of these for myself, and because I also had it on an old wishlist, my sister got me one, too. I am perfectly happy about that accident because these pillows are both aesthetically pleasing and have the right balance of squish and support. I'm apparently bad at reading washing instructions, but I haven't yet regretted washing them in mesh laundry bags in the washing machine, and halfway drying them in the dryer before letting them finish with a flat dry. It's been about six months since I got them, and they've survived that version of washing through just as many washes!5Not quite as pictured, be forewarned.The print was not quite as expected. The ends are horribly yellow-orange-ish, and the main body print is very black and white with higher contrast than depicted. It definitely didn't look as natural as the picture. I am attempting to sun-bleach the ends for a more subdued and natural appearance by placing it on a chair near the window, end side out, but I have yet to see results and really wish I didn't feel that was necessary to get the look expected. I am also concerned that the sun-bleaching may make the material fragile. Nothing can really be done about the main body, it's just going to have to look like a photo-copy of a picture of tree bark.The pillow itself is fine, as expected in terms of size, materials, and comfort. The problem I have is that I didn't purchase this just for pillow functionality, it was also very much an aesthetic desire, and it falls short of the expectation and advertisement/representation.I had been debating between the Birch print and the Platanus, and may decide later to get the Platanus and hope it turns out more as shown. I'm wary, however, due to the Birch experience and don't want to get another box of disappointment.It still gets 3 stars because if I wasn't comparing it to the one pictured, it would still look pretty cool and it is still functional as the pillow part expected.3A log of many usesI bought two of these pillows. This one in "Birch" and a plain version straight from China. There is quite a difference.This pillow is sewn well, and the "bark" looks just like it came from a Birch or Aspen tree. It's a great little pillow. It is quite comfortable underneath the neck or lower back for more support. It is also great to play with - the beads make for an interesting texture and the fabric is quite stretchy.The Birch pillow also makes for a great nonlethal weapon as you can hit it against an obnoxious person's head - giving him/her the impression that you would indeed like to smack him/her upside the head with a piece of wood - but all-the-while not actually harming said individual. It works well as a projectile, too. Such as in the case where the local housepet is getting into something he/she knows he/she shouldn't and an aerodynamic yet relatively soft item is required for tossing-at-pet purposes.This is an all-around useful log to keep at-hand.5For a 137-year-old pillow (I counted the rings), this thing's in pristine condition!Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I had my old vibrant, rainbow-striped micro-bead pillow that I basically smooshed into oblivion. Perfect for a quick nap or a lazy day in front of the TV, after a few years it lost its chutzpah. And after a few more years, my chica chucked it.So, I yearned and I searched and I yearned and I searched, but sadly, 'twas not meant to be for me to have another... Frankly, it was easier to replace the girl, but I digress...And then, the Internet begat Amazon, and Amazon begat micro-bead pillows... And here it is! A micro-bead pillow that serves me in function, and serves others as a small window into my personality. I mean, it's a freaking log, people. Can you get more kitschy than that? Nay.I suppose you could buy a micro-bead pillow shaped like a heart, because you love to be lazy; or a blue one because you're deep and it's psychologically calming; but you buy a log pillow for the bad puns alone... "Slept like a log last night, babe." [Slowly raise pillow into frame - Wink at camera - Cut]5Warning About the Color Warning about the color of the platanus pillow - the print is very yellow. The picture on 3 different computer screens make it look like the design is mostly white and grey, with yellow ends. However, the entire design is yellow. Everything that appears white on the website is really yellow/beige. We bought 2 of them and both are the same print. The cat loves it as a bath-time pillow, but the picture attached doesn't really convey the color correctly, as it's more yellow in hand than this.That being said, the pillow will be functional for use in our hammocks while camping. The beads allow you to adjust the amount of squishy under your head. We didn't notice any unpleasant smell that others commented on. 4All kids love log!This is the cutest thing. I love it! Now you can not only sleep like a log, you can sleep on one. It really looks like I have a log on my sofa. It also works beautifully as a lumbar support, better than some things designed specifically for that purpose, and I've tried a bunch. I believe the bark image is from an actual photo, so it's pretty convincing. If you've been on the hunt for a log you can take along with you, search no more. (Not suitable for campfires.)5Best Night Sleep... EVERI love this pillow, reminds me of my days growing up in the woods. I was raised by bears, and I didn't have the comfort of a real pillow growing up. Most nights I slept on a rotting log, see a rotting log has more give and is more comfortable than a freshly cut log. Once I grew up I struggled to find the same comfort as a log, normal pillows were too squishy.. Then I found "the log pillow" and everything changed. Now every night is like I'm back in the woods, thank you log pillow....thank you5Comfortable and amusingOkay, this was a pretty ridiculous buy, but much better than expected! I like having the small pillows for traveling/hotels/sitting in recliners etc.This one has the added benefit in that three people (so far) have asked my why there was a log on my chair. If you aren't paying a reasonable amount of attention, you can really fall for the look.The only 'criticisms' I have (and may be pluses for others) are that1. I wish it was a little less stuffed. The thing is so full that it holds it's shape really well, and I'd like something a little more 'moldable' to whatever position I want it in.and2. The material could be a little more comfortable/higher grade. Unfortunately I have been spoiled by the coverings found on the Mogu pillows (sadly not sold outside of Japan anymore) and those are super soft and smooth. This fabric is good, just not that good.Oh, and one other positive, I have bought this type (okay, just a solid print, not a log version) on the cheap before and those have had a chemical-ly odor. This one is aroma-free.4WARNING: Becomes extremely stretched out very rapidly and looks deflatedI've had my log pillow for 2 years, and it's been steadily getting worse. It was great when it was new, but now the fabric has stretched out so much that the pillow has become a flat, floppy sack. It's only had light daily use for the past 2 years, but now it is practically unusable. Maybe the little spheres inside are breaking down too....that might be contributing to the no-stuffing look. All I can tell from the outside is that you can grab handfuls of loose fabric, and the pillow is no longer in the shape of a round log.If you look at the photos below, you can see the excess floppy fabric. There's so much fabric that I can tie it in a knot!! Again, the pillow has had only normal wear and tear, and hasn't been pulled and tugged in a way that would cause undo stretching out. Maybe 2 years is a long time in pillow years.....but I would have expected it to last longer. It just seems like they made a bad choice with this printed spandex fabric. The level of stretch is just too light and flimsy for it to stay in the right shape, and now it looks like a deflated balloon.2Doesn't Look As AdvertisedWarning, the platanus log is way more yellow tinted in person than what the picture shows. I wish I had gotten the birch. This was a gift too so I had no idea until they sent me a picture of it and it looked way different than what I was expecting. It almost doesn't look like a log in this color. It probably wouldn't bother me so much but $15 for a tiny little pillow that doesn't even look like what is advertised? I would avoid the platanus color if you're thinking of getting one of these.2unique and adorableThis is a really cute little pillow! The photorealistic fabric is a stretchy spandex material and feels kind of like silky ladies tights. It is filled with those microbeads that make a little bit crinkly sound if you're resting your head or neck on it. It is filled quite full to hold the log shape so it is fairly firm and doesn't have a lot of give; it may then push your head/neck a little too far forward to your chin, even when laying down. For that reason, this pillow might be better strictly as a decorator piece.The cover is permanent and does not zip off for cleaning, so spot clean only.Note: At the time of this purchase and review their are several vendors listed; Amazon has a much lower price than the current top listed seller so you may want to be sure to check prices before hitting add to cart.4memory foam super expensive beds I bought this for my sister, who loves it! It doesn't look nearly as convincing as in the catalog pictures, but it's reasonably close, and cheap, too!It has an inside stuffing that's malleable, and very soft. It's a similar texture to those soft, memory foam super expensive beds.Easily worth the price. 5
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