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Kirkland Signature Parchment-1pk Non Stick Parchment, 1 Pack, Clear

  • Kirkland Signature Parchment-1pk Non Stick Parchment, 1 Pack, Clear
  • Kirkland Signature Parchment-1pk Non Stick Parchment, 1 Pack, Clear
  • Kirkland Signature Parchment-1pk Non Stick Parchment, 1 Pack, Clear
  • Kirkland Signature Parchment-1pk Non Stick Parchment, 1 Pack, Clear
  • Kirkland Signature Parchment-1pk Non Stick Parchment, 1 Pack, Clear

Kirkland Signature Parchment-1pk Non Stick Parchment, 1 Pack, Clear

AU$ 130.00 AU$ 78.00 Save: AU$ 52.00
AU$ 78.00 AU$ 130.00 You save: AU$ 52.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Used as a liner for baking
  • Is an easy way to bake, cook, and prepare food with almost no clean up
  • Non stick parchment paper
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Customer Reviews

The metal serrated tear strip is poor Bought in 2017. I love the size of the product and I've been happy with its performance, but the metal serrated paper cutting strip delaminated from the box early on and I end up swearing every time I have to tear off a sheet. I wish they had engineered it better. 3Unparched about this paper, it's a winner! This is a really large roll of parchment paper. The paper is really good quality and stands up well to high temperatures. The box is sturdy and won't fall apart when you are trying to tear a piece of paper off. The teeth of the paper cutter are (careful) but they defintely do the job. I have bought paper before you couldn't cut off because the blade or should I say the lack of a blade to cut the paper left you with a mess and a crumbling box. This is Kirkland brand Costco I'm sure, I am usually pleased with their products. 5Works for me I've looked at Safeway and Target just to see if the value was better or comparable but found that this was a better value for me. It says on the box that it's rated for 420 degrees which concerned me because I wanted to use it mainly to bake pizza which is around 450 degrees. Tried it anyway with great success. The parchment didn't turn color the least bit. The best part is no more struggling with pizzas sticking to the peel while trying to slide them in the oven. Easy in and easy out. Kirkland non stick Parchment paper is my new best friend! 4My non-stick baking staple! I use this to prevent my muffin and cookie batter from sticking to baking dishes and cookie sheets. This paper also keeps clean-up to a minimum. I bake a fair amount (maybe twice a week), and this economical paper will last me a year+.Btw, for baking muffins, I simply tear off a 4-6" sheet of this paper, and cut it into 4 pieces. I then hold one square of the paper into the muffin tin, and the spoon batter in. After the muffins are baked, I can simply pull the baked muffin (still in the paper ) out of the tin, and allow to cool. 5They will last you a lifetime(ish)! Literally purchased a 2-pack in July 2015 and I JUST ran out. I use parchment paper for everything I cook because I absolutely hate washing cookie sheets. They are huge, amazing, reusable if you baked something no-mess (like bread). You get a bit of browning at the 450 mark if you bake something for extended periods and also some browning if you turn on the broiler on High for more than 15 minutes, no char though which is really cool. Apparently Costco only sells these during like Thanksgiving season but these are still a very economical price for the AMOUNT of product (lasted me almost a year). 5An Exercise in Frustration I hate this product. Every time I use it I have to take a pen to outline the baking pan and cut a clean rectangle with scissors. Even then it curls up. The edge to tear the sheet is not even slightly sharp. Every time I use it I end up annoyed. I'm delighted to throw this poorly designed and cheap product away for some pre-cut sheets that do not curl. Total Garbage. 1I love parchment paper How did I go so long in my life without knowing about parchment paper! I was recently told about this wonderful product, and once I started using it, I knew I loved it right away. After I used my first small roll, I was on the hunt for more immediately. I compared prices for the Kirkland larger roll with both small and large rolls locally and the Kirkland roll still seemed to come up cheaper than the competitors. It would've been cheaper to find at a Costco, but I'm not too mad I bought it here first. I happened to see it at a local Costco shortly after my purchase, but I think they don t always carry it, and maybe it s only in stock around the holiday season. I m sure I ll be checking again next Christmas season! 4Save time, save effort, save the whales Where has this been all my life? After years of scrubbing grease out of cookie sheets (we are an oven bacon family), my Grandma shared with me the wonder and marriage-saving wonder that is parchment paper. I said Parchment? Like the Dead Sea scrolls? I imagined myself with a feather pen jotting down the most important jokes of all time... but no! Alas, this parchment isn t for biblical recording, but is to make sure your pizza rolls don t stick to the pan! What?!? What is this wizardry!?! It has saved me literal minutes of my life from washing the cookie sheet - which is time better spent shopping on Amazon duh. And the roll size? This roll is huge! I had to reinforce my pantry shelves to hold this behemoth of a paper roll. 5Great Product I have a Costco membership and I have never seen a lot of the Kirkland products that Amazon sells, so I was pleased to find this one. The paper is thick and sturdy, and my daughter and I use it constantly. It has a nice sturdy tear strip on the front of the box, and it tears off easily, without shredded paper or uneven edges. This is a great quality product and a real bargain. We do reuse our parchment paper, and this holds up well for at least two uses, making it an even better bargain. We are low carb and gluten free at our house, so we frequently bake flax buns and breads, and it makes sense to reuse the paper for the same thing. The paper works very well, and food releases easily. It does everything I expect it to, and I like it very much. This is a much better deal than the flimsy paper in small boxes at the grocery store, and I will definitely buy it again. It seems almost silly to be gushing over parchment paper, but this did what it was made to do, and you can't say that about a lot of similar products. I wish it were available on Subscribe & Save, because then it could just turn up on my doorstep without my having to think about it. All joking aside, this is a quality product and well worth the money. I am totally sold on it. 5Worth the high price The rolls are really wide, so it's easy to line any size pan with a single layer of parchment. I especially use this to line pans when I make caramels- just lift the paper out when the candy is cool enough to cut. No muss, no fuss. Works great for baking, too. The rolls are HUGE, too. One box generally lasts me several months. Worth the apparently high price, IMO. 5
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