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Kuhn Rikon Serrated Piranha Swivel Peeler 7.25 Green

  • Kuhn Rikon Serrated Piranha Swivel Peeler 7.25 Green
  • Kuhn Rikon Serrated Piranha Swivel Peeler 7.25 Green
  • Kuhn Rikon Serrated Piranha Swivel Peeler 7.25 Green

Kuhn Rikon Serrated Piranha Swivel Peeler 7.25 Green

AU$ 148.00 AU$ 89.00 Save: AU$ 59.00
AU$ 89.00 AU$ 148.00 You save: AU$ 59.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Vertical blade peels smooth-skinned fruits and vegetables quickly and easily
  • Serrated, stainless-steel blade bites into smooth and fuzzy skins and peels them off in smooth, thin strips
  • Plastic handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip
  • Dishwasher safe; Available in a choice of colors
  • Hole in handle for easy hanging storage
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Customer Reviews

Life-Changer I m obsessed with this veggie peeler. I got my first one totally randomly at Marshall s, on clearance. After realizing what an amazing tool it is, I needed a backup in case anything ever happened to the original one. It s THAT good!!!Unlike regular vegetable peelers, this one has a serrated blade, and it just slides over even the toughest skins like a hot knife through butter. Or a sharp blade over carrots. Use whatever analogy you like.You know how your mom has that perfect knife that s been in her kitchen since the dawn of time, and she ll never part with it till her dying day? This veggie peeler is like that. 5Simply Amazing Peeler!!! Superior in every way.The best peeler I have ever owned! Their previous model was the best peeler I had ever owned, until it disappeared at work after eight years of serious use. This Pirana is amazing! As a professional chef, I peel fifty pounds of asparagus a week. With a standard peeler, you really have to peel the fibrous asparagus over and over. This peeling works on its first pass every time. It will even peel butternut squash! Kuhn Rikon designed this peeler for even peeling the softest fruits, like kiwi and tomatoes. This will peel a tomato! My fellow chefs at work ask to use it everyday, as it is superior to the many other "house" peelers. I am buying another one as a backup because it is that great. I should also add that it is serrated, so it will affect the look and presentation of the food peeled, if that may be a concern. Also be aware that it is so sharp that you can cut yourself reaching in your drawer, or while cleaning it. Like any great kitchen tool, use caution and you will agree that this peeler is amazing!!! UPDATE: I'm buying more of these because everyone at work asks to use mine. Like I stated before, if you work professionally, a smooth peeler might still be needed for a garnish, perhaps. If peeling everything, including five cases of fibrous, tough asparagus or with no problem squash or root vegatables is a chore, this is the only one to buy. I know a peeler might seem like a small tool, but this little tool makes short work of things that should only be that. Five easy stars for this one5The best peelerI was using an old Ekco peeler for many years. It was the same supermarket type one my mother had when I was a kid. I've been married over 40 years and probably got it for my bridal shower. Around 10 years ago I either lost it or it finally broke. I have never been able to find a peeler I like since then... even a new Ekco. The one I was currently using made me hate peeling vegetables. With Thanksgiving coming up, it dawned on me to look on Amazon. This thing is great. It is so easy to peel potatoes. No catching and it easily glides along . It is very sharp, so you need to be extra careful especially when first trying it. The other reviews convinced me to try it. I'm glad I did.5The bottom line is that you have to try this - the difference in how this works is amazing. One of those little unexpected pleas I thought it looked weird since I typically buy the traditional peelers. I could find a quality peeler at the store so I gave this a try even though it's relatively expensive. The bottom line is that you have to try this - the difference in how this works is amazing. One of those little unexpected pleasures in life. It's very sharp and peels very thin with great ease. I don't know how durable it is but so far I am a fan. I use it to peel potatoes and cukes. 5It is the BEST for these reasons . . .This the best vegetable peeler bar none for the following reasons: first, the blade is sharp and serrated (see my added photo) which assures that the peel is initiated every time and that the blade maintains its cut without skips. The blade swivels for irregular vegetables like potatoes and still never skips. The handle is more comfortable and makes it easy to manipulate the peeler over the vegetable's surface. The double edge makes it ideal for both left- and right-handed people. AND, it makes little grooves over the surface of the vegetable so that they are not slippery even when peeling under running water . . . and a good grip for children eating peeled carrots . . . always a plus! The tip opposite the handle is a gouge for the removal of the "eyes" of potatoes (see my added photo).5New design does not fit comfortably in handNew handle designed to store corer ( Red handle, attached green corer) does not fit comfortably in the hand. Well-made with a great blade as always. However this new model with the attached green cord tool does not sit comfortably in the hand. You cannot use the peeler with the core remove or attached. My hands are on the small side. If I have difficulty comfortably grasping and using this tool I can only imagine it would be more difficult and uncomfortable for a larger hand. Stick to the original model with the rounded handle. I would have purchased that model but it was not available at the time I needed it.4Top Notch PeelerThe Kuhn Rikon Piranha Swivel Peeler has a comfortable design to grip and is ultra sharp. I also liked the Victorinox Swiss Army Peeler but it's not as sturdy and the potato eye tip broke after a few uses. The worst peeler Messermeister Pro-Touch Serrated Swivel Peeler. It is uncomfortable to grip and not sharp enough to peel anything.5Light weight and extremely sharp Very nice peeler. Light weight and extremely sharp. Will take the skin off a tomato if you want with no problem. Wish it came with a case. I store it in an old glasses case to protect the blade and my fingers in the drawer. 5The best peeler around!This is the best peeler you will ever own. Kuhn Rikon is known for quality cookware, and this peeler is awesome. It is so sharp that I actually cut my finger on this before I even took it out of it's package as the plastic was just a little torn. I peeled a tomato with it last night. I actually purchased this one for my daughter as I already had one. I was watching her struggling with one of those cheap aluminum peelers and decided to buy one just like mine for her. I was pleased this item was still available as I have had mine for quite a few years and it is still very sharp. Don't bother with any other peeler than this one. You won't be sorry.5Wow! Now I know why they call it, Piranha! This thing is an awesome slicer!I, cleanly, sliced a grape... 20 times. And slicing celery, for a salad garnish was... interesting! You'll see, if you buy, and you will not be disappointed. It's very sturdy, and cleans easily, though a sponge or cloth cleaner will get snagged by the Piranha's serrated blade. If you just touch the slicing orifice on this slicer, it will begin to "cling" to your skin, giving you a taste of how well it will instantly grab a soft, fresh, tomato skin, and begin the perfect peel, or slice. There is plenty of room, for allowing any peel to flow through, as well. This peeler/slicer is wonderful! I'm telling ya', this thing IS... "the" peeler for your drawer.5Best. Peeler. Ever.Peels through sweet potatoes. I know it s just a peeler, but it really makes peeling much easier. Most peelers I ve used sometimes the peel gets stuck to whatever you re peeling and you have to remove it by hand.... with this one the peel consistently like 99% of the time gets tossed out the way for fast continuous peeling. Had one for nearly a year no problems with sweet potatoes, eggplant, apples, etc...5Best little peeler EVER!!! I love,love, love this peeler. I saw this peeler being demoed at a farmer s market and was very impressed how it just glides peeling various veggies and fruits. I decided not to buy it then, thought it best to check it out at Amazon.com first. I was glad I did, because it was much less at Amazon. I ve been a housewife for many years and cooking is my passion and in my opinion this peeler is the best peeler on the market. It s very lightweight, but does a fantastic job. I m so glad I have this Kuhn Rikon Piranha peeler. 5Best Peeler AroundThis is my second purchase. The first has been my mainstay for peeling. It does fruits and veggies, thin or thick skinned, equally well. I wanted another as a backup for when the first is in the dishwasher or sink. Spoiled??? Yes but it's nice to have it handy and not waste time looking for it.These beat any other peeler I have used and they are sturdy. My first one is going on three years now with daily use. One more thing, if you have ever tried to peel kiwi, you know it's impossible with a strait-edged peeler but the serrated peeler removes the skin with ease. Same thing for Mango's. If you don't have one in your kitchen now, get it. You will wonder how you ever did without it.5LOVE this peelerOMG is this puppy SHARP! I love this little guy. I heard about Kuhn Rikon through a YouTube video by Rivka Malka Perlman. She highly recommended it so I bought one. I am SO glad I did! It's amazing. I love the little ridges it leaves so that what you're peeling isn't slippery. Sweet! Just for the heck of it, I peeled a tomato. And YES it DOES peel tomatoes. Amazing!The only caution I would have is: This is NOT a toy nor a training tool! Don't let a child who has never peeled before use this! Only let experienced people use it. And by 'experienced' I do not mean those who have peeled potatoes or carrots once or twice. It is that sharp which is why we all love it, so don't ruin it for the rest of with by being stupid or lazy. Keep it out of the reach of children. If you have kids, make a cardboard 'sleeve' for it and keep it in the sleeve in the drawer. A portion of a toilet paper roll made into a tube for it and taped closed would make a nice sleeve, by the way.5
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