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La Crosse Technology TX141TH-BV2 Wireless Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer Transmitting Sensor

  • La Crosse Technology TX141TH-BV2 Wireless Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer Transmitting Sensor
  • La Crosse Technology TX141TH-BV2 Wireless Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer Transmitting Sensor
  • La Crosse Technology TX141TH-BV2 Wireless Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer Transmitting Sensor
  • La Crosse Technology TX141TH-BV2 Wireless Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer Transmitting Sensor

La Crosse Technology TX141TH-BV2 Wireless Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer Transmitting Sensor

AU$ 212.00 AU$ 128.00 Save: AU$ 84.00
AU$ 128.00 AU$ 212.00 You save: AU$ 84.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Compatible with models 308-1414B, 308-1414w, 308-1414MB, 308-1425B, 308-1425c, S87078 and S88907
  • Wireless transmission of 300ft range (open air).Temperature range: -40 F to 140 F (-40 C to 60 C)
  • Outdoor humidity: 1Percent to 99Percent RH.Battery powered Requires two AA batteries (not included)
  • Note : Mount the temperature/humidity sensor on a north-facing wall or in any well shaded location. Sun will make it read high.
  • Under an eave or deck rail is preferred. Be sure the outdoor sensor is mounted vertically to drain moisture. The maximum wireless transmission range to the weather station is over 300 feet (91 meters) in open air, not including walls or floors
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Customer Reviews

Failed in a few monthsChanging my earlier review as the item stopped working within a few months of usage under normal outdoor conditions! Battery change did not work either! I had bought two units with the respective remote sensors. Both failed within a few months of operation. Ordered after market sensor - same brand and model. That failed again. Per me, this sensor / unit design is a huge failure or probably a money minting business for Lacross Technology.I am now exploring alternate technology from other companies. Wish the company learns a lesson, as this has been frustrating to buy, test, debug, throw and complaint cycle.1I requested a replacement and it was sent out in just a couple of days that was great service. Unfortunately the second sensor wThis is the second replacement I have recieved. The first one only work approximately 10% of the time. I requested a replacement and it was sent out in just a couple of days that was great service. Unfortunately the second sensor world about 75% of the tlme. I have followed all of the recommendation regarding the various resets and when I do that it works for a while and then mysteriously it will stop working for a while and then a few hours later it will start working again. I have moved the sensor numerous times and it it always within 25 foot of the base unit. The original sensor did not have any issues in the year plus that I had it.1Very undependable.Keeps dropping the reading to the base unit. In other words the transmitter cuts in and out depending on the weather. Each morning there is no read out on the base display. It appears that the cool air at night disables the transmitter perhaps due to condensation. An instrument to tell a weather condition is useless when it does not work properly. This is my second transmitter and both have the same problem. I am done with La Crosse products.1Just buy a new unit insteadBought the main unit a few years ago.Had the sensor in the sun, rain, snow, upsidedown. Even had a 1 and 3 year old misuse it.When the original sensor stopped working, I wasn't surprised, so i bought a new one.Well, this one made it 4 months and started doing the same as the last one, showing the temp outside always within 2 degrees of inside.Always kept on a covered open porch hung up high on a hook. No walls inbetween just a front door. Maybe 25ft total.Called the company, ran me through some tests with a little bit like i was either lying or wanted a free one (what the hell would i do with an extra one?). It was bad again.They did decide to send me another, but was noting my account that this is the last one as for the warranty is almost up. Umm, it's not, i bought it in april and it has a 1 year warranty. I didn't argue the point.I gave 3 stars because they are replacing it, but if i went back to april a few months ago, i would have just tossed the whole thing.3Fails from being outside - where it is meant to beThese work, but they are far too fragile for something that is supposed to be an outdoor unit. The first one failed because it was exposed to moisture. Think about that. This is a wireless outdoor sensor that senses temperature as well as humidity, aka moisture. The sensor was installed under an overhang where it was protected from rain, but it still failed because of moisture. It never got wet, it was just the humidity in the air.I contacted tech support, and they gave me a ridiculous excuse about battery "noise," told me I needed to use name brand batteries like Duracell or Energizer (which I already was), and they had to have an expiration date at least 6 years in the future. Absurd. As an electrical engineer myself, if your device is that sensitive to these things, then you have a terribly designed product. Also, batteries don't create electrical noise, and the transmitter built into this device creates much more noise than any power supply would. These really should be conformally coated, since they are meant to be outside. I am considering doing this to my new one.3La Crosse TX141TH-BV2 external remote Temperature and Humidity poor reliability Bought two of these to replace TX141TH-B original transmitters that came with Wireless Forecast Station C83332 that had failed shortly after installation. The originals had only lasted about 2 months for one and DOA out of the box on the second one. I was hoping that this later version BV2 would have fixed the reliability of the as the original TX141TH-B model has been discontinued by La Crosse. The replacement worked for about 5 days then started having a communication problem with the base. I've tried new batteries and different protected locations for the outside remote but no luck getting it to sync with the base. Very disappointed with the reliability of the external remote as the internal Station works fine and has for over a year now. 1Great little deviceOur furnace stopping working 2 weeks before a trip. Furnace man came out 4 times before it was fixed. We were nervous about leaving 3 cats and pipes when 30 degree weather was coming. This worked great to moniter temperature. Easy to set up, but you need to follow step by step instructions. May get a second receiver if we get a warm weather home! Just plugs into your wifi, then download ap. Did not do the text messaging option.5Extremely dissapointedThis was bought as a replacement for the original. While it synced the first time to my la Crosse model 308-1425B, it lost signal in one day even though it was placed less than three feet (through a window) from the base unit. I used fresh batteries the first time, but replaced them anyway and tried to sync the unit again by putting the base unit in search mode and pressing the transmit button on the sensor unit. No luck. It's been 48 hours and still no sync even after trying to search and sync the sensor 4 times. I love the color display, but it's kind of useless without the outside sensor.1Troubling that an outdoor unit can't be subjected to the outdoorsHad to get this sensor to replace the one that came with my weather station after that one failed due to being exposed to too much rain. I bought the recommended enclosure to protect this new sensor so that it hopefully won't fail again. So far the sensor has been working outside (in the enclosure) with no problems. My overall, durability, and battery life ratings are based on my experience with the old sensor, that was identical to this new one. I haven't had any issues with the new one yet.3Only good for channel #1, not 2nd or 3rd. TX141-BCH will work for other channels. Had it to my house in 2 days (Prime). Well packaged. Problem is I had to look up on La Crosse web sight to connect because there was no instructions. This is a second on to my base unit. Turns out, this can only be used as channel 1 because there is no switch inside for channel 1-2-3. If this is a replacement for your original then no problem but thankfully I only got one when I was thinking about 2 so I could fill up the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd channel. Also the original is model TX141-BCH which has the channel switch inside so I was able to set that to #2. Works fine just know what you are getting. 4Will drain brand new Duracell batteriesHad to buy a replacement because the first one just wouldn t work.... sent this.....WILL eat brand new batteries up! Copper top. One day after replacing they are dead... save the headache and money DONT BUY THIS BRAND. CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS A ATTITUDE1Now I have my Nice La Crosse Thermometer back!My 3 yr old granddaughter took our first one and dropped it in a pail of water. It didn't survive. I guess that was partly my fault, it should have been mounted somewhere out of the way.I looked around and decided that getting a replacement sensor was better than getting a compete new one. I'm spoiled by having the remote read, nice colors, humidity and prediction of the remote thermometer. So I mounted this one where it is mostly out of the weather (up just under in the corner of our second level deck) ...and it's away from small hands.It works well after the odd and seems a bit slapdash pairing procedure.5
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