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Leviton 80608 2-Gang 1-Blank 1-Decora/GFCI Device Combination Wallplate, Midway Size, Thermoset, Brown

  • Leviton 80608 2-Gang 1-Blank 1-Decora/GFCI Device Combination Wallplate, Midway Size, Thermoset, Brown

Leviton 80608 2-Gang 1-Blank 1-Decora/GFCI Device Combination Wallplate, Midway Size, Thermoset, Brown

AU$ 108.00 AU$ 64.80 Save: AU$ 43.20
AU$ 64.80 AU$ 108.00 You save: AU$ 43.20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Midway wallplates can be mounted onto larger-volume outlet boxes and/or used to hide wall irregularities
  • Full 0.375" taller and wider than standard wallplates
  • Smooth face and rounded edges resist dust accumulation
  • Designed for high dielectric strength and arc resistance
  • Resistant to fading, discoloration, grease, oil, organic solvents and moisture scratches
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Customer Reviews

Hard to find in stores but a little expensive for what it isOverall a great wall plate. Removed a switch that controlled an outlet to make it always hot and needed a plate to replace the existing one.Ran to Lowe's and Home Depot where neither store had this kind of plate in stock for some reason. While this is a few dollars more than most normal plates of the same variety, it does the job well and I don't regret paying the extra money for it.5Does the job, but, get a "screw less" type instead though.The picture above is not this item. I swapped out this item for the above pic. This did it's job but I recommend getting the "screw less" type wall plate. It just looks so much cleaner. I used this originally then swapped it out for the above picture. But it did look nice and do it's job. I think you'll agree the above pic is much nicer.5A Screw LooseDon't know what's happening with Leviton, but there seem to be disappointments with all their items these days.One of the long screws was missing in this order. Previous orders had all the parts. It's impossible to get those long white headed screws anywhere else. So currently looks dopey, but now hidden behind some furniture.As others have rightly said, weirdly expensive for what it is. I know not to put the screws in tight as they crack so easily if you even do "standard" tightness.3If you want standard size order 80708-W instead.Bit overpriced if you ask me (but no one local sold) but also don't make the same mistake I did.I was searching for this on Amazon and only kept finding this one and didn't catch the size.This is a little larger vs. say the normal sized plates. It's intentional too.If you just want the standard size plate order 80708-W part number.Wish I had caught that but not worth returning. The shipping would be half the price lol.You'd want this one if you had some wall marks/defects right by the edge as this is a little larger to cover more wall.4very nice but be warned.....Well.... First the pros.- It's gorgeous, has a lovely surface to it, and is very nicely oversized, which is perfect for fixing up my 1958 house. Those of you in the same situation will understand what that means!- It's exactly the configuration that I needed, used to cover up a second switch that was either never needed, or no longer needed with the new dimmer switch I bought. Can't tell which, the second switch has never worked. This particular configuration is very hard to find locally so I was glad to find it on Amazon.Now the cons...- It's expensive - like *reealllly* expensive...- ...which brings me to my last con. Given how high the cost is, you would think that it was automatically an unbreakable nylon plate, which are more expensive than the plastic ones and rightly so. Well, no, it's not, and more importantly, it is not labeled as such. One screw in, turned my back to get another, heard a small pop, turned and found a small stress crack from the first screw to the edge of the Decora hole. That's what I get for screwing in unbreakable nylon plates for four days straight in a loose, settled, old plaster house, and then moving on to this one.*sigh*... Thanks, Leviton. FIX YOUR DARN LABEL.3$8.00 Piece of Junk I knew what I was buying and that the hard plastic breaks easily if overtorqued. So I carefully screwed in the outlet screws first, put the long screw on the blank side and barely tightened it before it cracked. Junk. Also missing the other long screw. Alot of money for junk plastic Chinese Leviton product . 1Almost PerfectAs some of the other reviews have mentioned this isn't stocked locally at big box stores. They would charge more in shipping than the actual item. This was the best option with available prime shipping.The plate itself is great for covering a double box. I had two regular switches I pulled out for a double toggle switch, so there is extra room in the box. This plate covers the double toggle switch and the opening left by removing the old switches. The snag is that my box is a little deep into the wall (this house is anything but standard) so the longer screws they give you to connect to the box don't quite reach and are just in there to cover the holes. Thinking about glueing them in there so it still looks nice.4hard to find locallyThese are made of the rigid plastic that cracks if you over tighten it, rather than that softer plastic that are labelled the 'preferred' option at the hardware store. No matter to me, don't think anyone can tell once they're on. I used them to eliminate the wall switch for the fan and replace with remotes, for which I mounted the brackets in the blank space. .5Hard to find locallyI had a 2 gang box that had 1 switch for light and 1 switch for a fan. I no longer needed the fan switch. And I needed a cover to allow for a dimmer switch and cover the space created when I took out the single pole switch. This is perfect. Hard to find locally and big box stores didn t carry. It is durable. Do not overtighten screws and it will not crack.5Nice plate but "screwed" by quality control Like most I agree this plate is a bit pricey but it's what I needed. The plate is nice and of good quality overall but having ordered two of them I can definitely say the quality control on the contents leaves a lot to be desired. First package only contained one short screw and the second only contained one each of the long and short screw. Quality control on packaging has plenty of room for improvement so now I have to run down the required screws so I can actually put them in place. 2Simple clean plate for 2 gang box using 1 GFCI outletSimple, clean, inexpensive wall plate works perfectly (retrofit in my case for a 2 gang box which held 1 electrical outlet and 1 phone line below a window). Because of location upgrading with a GFCI outlet was ideal, but old box not large enough to accomodate 2 outlets nor safe without installing ground wire. This box worked perfectly. Notice location in picture of 2 sets of screws: inset screws connect to the box while wider GFCI screws connect to outlet.5Looks Great!Believe it or not, couldn't find these at Home Depot. Thankfully amazon had them, though IMO a little pricy, and also wish the screws were a bit longer, the two longer screws (for the blank, not the outlet/switch) I had an extremely difficult time getting it to catch the threads and even now that I did, had to bend the plate in a little bit and it's only hanging on by a thread or two.4
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