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Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k

  • Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k
  • Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k
  • Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k
  • Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k
  • Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k
  • Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k
  • Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k

Lithonia Lighting FMLSDL 12 14840 M4 228Yct Dimmable Low-Profile Square Led Light, 120 V, 1400 Lumens, 4000 K, 4000k

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Energy Star Certified to save you hundreds of dollars every year and time since changing light bulbs is a thing of the past
  • Cost Efficient LEDs are designed to last 30,000 hours or over 13 years when on everyday for 6 hours/day - drastically reducing time wasted changing light bulbs
  • Meets Highest Standards so perfect for Multi Family installation - Energy Star certified, cUL certified in the USA and Canada and certified for Damp Locations
  • Very bright LEDs deliver general ambient lighting for surface-mount ceiling application
  • Lithonia Lighting all white fixture works with most standard dimmers from Leviton and Lutron allowing the right level of light output and is easily installed
  • Features a white acrylic diffuser. Hidden cam-latches provide easy diffuser removal for installation and maintenance.
  • 12 units produce 1,400 lumens, a 4000K cool white color temperature at 50,000 hours of service life.
  • Provides 50, 000 hours of service life.
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Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, would not recommend I purchased this to replace a Circleline fluorescent that has worked for 45+ years. This unit stopped working in slightly over 4 months. Upon closer inspection there was a burnt spot in the center of the electronic module in the middle of the light fixture. Based on this one time experience I could NOT recommend this product. It is too bad because it was easy to install, instant on, and very bright. 1Excellent reasonably priced dimmable LED ceiling fixture once installed We bought four of these, two of the 14 inch and two 12 inch, to replace ancient 8x8 inch in-ceiling fixtures with 75 watt limits.We pulled out the old fixtures, attached the wires and screwed the new ones to the ceiling after drilling holes in the corners of the bases.We also installed wall switch dimmers for each... they are really bright compared to the old 75 watt fixtures.We tested each before we installed it by sticking the wire ends in a wall socket. One 14 inch had an intermittent issue; flexing it slightly made it go on or off. Because it is so open when the lens is off, we simply touched each of the solder joints with a soldering iron briefly, resetting the connections. That fixed it.When we opened the packaging boxes originally one of the lenses was broken--- they are quite brittle. We called the manufacturer directly and promptly received a replacement.All four have now been installed and used daily for several weeks with no issues.Perhaps because there were the two issues, the solder joint and the broken lens, we should have rated at three stars. But those were easy fixes and we are so pleased with the end result we are rating these four stars.We will be buying more. 4Wonderful, bright, very neat light fixture! Bought the first one to replace an aging, buzzing, flickering, "only works 20% of the time" 4-bulb florescent fixture in our laundry room. This fixture was easy to install, and the cool white light is perfect in our laundry room. I ended up buying a second one to replace the second "smaller but working fine" fixture in the laundry room and I'm quite happy with both. My only hesitation between 4 and 5 stars is that the plastic diffuser is somewhat fragile. The second light arrived with the diffuser broken in several places despite no evidence of mishandling on the package. Amazon happily replaced it, and I installed it. Once the light is installed you have little reason to ever touch the diffuser except maybe to clean out any bugs that find their way in. As long as you are careful with that, it shouldn't be an issue 5It is bright! the only gripe and why it deserves only a 4 star instead of me giving it a 5 star is that on the 'round' fixture, there is no 'crossbar' included...why only on the square light fixture beats me... As my ceiling holes for the screws are fixed, there was no way to install both screws on the fixture to attach to the ceiling, as the ceiling holes are about 3/4 inch narrower.Now if they DID include the crossbar, then there would be that adjustment availability so that I could install both screws...To counter this negative review, as the light fixture is quite light...at least 3x less than what I removed from my 1993 ceiling light fixture, it appears it will be supported by one screw only...As for the lighting, wow, as it is 'COOL white' and quite brighter by a long shot rated at 2100 lumens compared to the older model, the 20840 (that at present has 49 reviews) which was rated at 1600 lumens--- the 4k kelvin color temperature I like!But yes, they do NEED to include that crossbar...I'll be going to the hardware store in a few days to see if they sell a generic cross bar... 4Plenty of light but lacks installation hardware Very bright white light, just what I wanted but the light is bigger om diameter than the standard florescent fixture and heavier. I have installed many ceiling lights but I would leave this to a professional. The holes that fasten the light to the ceiling junction box are wider than normal and require a special crossbar which can be purchased at most hardware stores or carried by an electrician. That is one drawback to this product. Unlike other manufacturers, Lithonia does not provide the neceessary hardware such as the crossbar, wire nuts, wiring tube...even though the product description states that it does. Because I installed two lamps, it cost me $11 extra. Amazon charges $117 to install each lamp but I paid a local electrician to install both lamps for $94 (it takes less than an hour). I would also recommend installing a dimmer.Nevertheless, I am pleased with the lights because I am tired of replacing circline bulbs which are a pain and it will reduce my electric bill. 4Pricing - it is marginally less expensive than the big box stores but Amazon gave me a better selection and delivery This is a well-made 20W LED ceiling lamp that does everything it says it does. I placed mine in the center of a 12'x12' room painted off white. It lights every corner of the room. Mounting - can use ceiling jbox with flat cross bar or can be mounted directly to ceiling with drywall screws (it really is that light - no pun intended). Pricing - it is marginally less expensive than the big box stores but Amazon gave me a better selection and delivery. Over all it does exactly what I need for it to do. I can not comment on life span other than to say if the box is correct I will be many years dead before this burns out. 5Perfect replacement for Circline fixture! We installed 2 fluorescent Circline fixtures in our closet a few years ago; but, weren't happy with them for several reasons:1) The bulbs didn't seem to last long at all.2) Even when they did last, they would get noticeably dimmer over time.3) Fluorescent bulbs have a weird color to them as a general rule.Over the last year, we replaced all the other bulbs in our home with 3000K LED bulbs - and the only fluorescent lights we had left were the Circline fixtures. It wasn't a hard decision at all to replace them once I saw these!Anyway, I've only had them for a couple of weeks; but, I don't have anything bad to say about these at this point:1) The install was extremely easy. It only took a few minutes to replace both fixtures.2) The lights are significantly brighter than the Circline lights we replaced.3) The 4000K color is a bit whiter than the other lights in the house; but, it works great in the closet and workspace areas.4) They turn on quickly and don't flicker at all.5) If the other LEDs in our home are an indication of how long these will last, I suspect they'll go for years without burning out.At the end of the day, if you're looking for an excellent replacement for a Circline fixture in a utility area or closet - I would highly recommend giving this a try. 5Edit: flickers. Was: very bright but not harsh Edit: last year the light started flickering when the dimmer was at less than full power, and adjusting the dimmer would fix it. Now it's just under 4 years old and is flickering all the time now, dimmer level doesn't help. Downgraded to 2 stars.It isn't mentioned in the description, but the bulbs are NON REPLACEABLE in this light. If it breaks, you're replacing the entire thing. That said, it has a 5 year limited warranty. However, the warranty description does not appear to be listed at their referenced webpage [...], so it is uncertain what is covered. Edit 2: all I can find now is a 1 year warranty.It's a bank of about 50 LEDs (small ones, look similar to 3528s) arranged on a board appx 5x5". This diffuses the harshness you would get in a single 1600 lumen (~150W) bulb. The white is a slightly yellowish white, similar to a fluorescent, definitely whiter than incandescents. It's very bright and probably best suited to a room larger than 12x12'. 2Decent but not bright enough Not as bright as I hoped. I put 2 of these in my laundry room and they are 8' apart with a 8' ceiling. They replaced 2 of the 4' fixtures with the 40 watt long bulbs. That's 4 bulbs at 40 watts each equals 160 watts. The new fixtures say they are comparable to 2 60 watts bulbs, so 2 fixtures would equal 240 watts. After reading the reviews and the new ones having a higher wattage comparison I expected them to be brighter.2 of these is dimmer than 2 of the 4' fixtures with the long bulbs. My laundry room is dimmer than before but acceptable. I would NOT use these in bedrooms or garages. I'm looking for a brighter fixture for the garage and kitchen.One arrived with the plastic cracked so check the plastic shade and handle it with care. The mounting plate is metal with a circle of small LEDs inside.They will mount on rectangle plug boxes. I used the metal crossbar that it came with and screwed that to the box, then screwed the fixture to it. 4Love this light I put a home office in my basement and needed some new light. Most of my work in on a computer, so I'm rather particular about lighting and glare. I had never used a LED light, so I wasn't sure what to expect. To my delight, this light worked great for me. I got the 4000K, 67 lum, 14x14" model. For my taste, it puts out almost exactly what I want. I combined with a dimmer (Leviton 6674-P0W SureSlide Universal 150-Watt LED and CFL/600-Watt Incandescent Dimmer, White, 1 Pack). At night, I can dim the light a bit to get just enough light to not trip over something.The light produced is a soft white and there's no glare. For some people, just one of these, for a large enough space, probably wouldn't be enough. I purchased two, although when I got the first one up, decided it was enough for what I like. For a smaller room (I'm lighting up around 17x15'), it would likely be enough. If I were really wanting to light up a room wall to wall, one of the brighter units would be better I suspect.Installation was a dream. They put on their thinking caps when designing, so it's easy to get the base up (like putting up a ceiling fan), then attach the light to the base with two simple levers. I would definitely purchase again. I actually still have my second one sitting by my desk and didn't return because I want to find somewhere to put it in the house now. 5
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