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LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam

  • LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam
  • LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam
  • LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam
  • LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam
  • LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam
  • LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam
  • LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam

LRI PRK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, Red Beam

AU$ 122.00 AU$ 73.20 Save: AU$ 48.80
AU$ 73.20 AU$ 122.00 You save: AU$ 48.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Multi-function on/off switch
  • Replaceable Lithium battery
  • Unbreakable high intensity LED
  • Quick release ring
  • 24K gold-plated contacts
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Customer Reviews

Well-built, Bright and Suitable for use by Outdoorsmen or just to put on your keychain!I was skeptical about spending almost $12 on a small flashlight. I really was. However, I bought one. The white light version.The FIRST thing I noticed is the item is built tough and looks like it will stand up to a lot of use and abuse without breaking. The SECOND thing I noticed was: It is surprisingly bright! I mean, you can use it as a flashlight in the woods and have good visibility. In fact, after playing around with mine for a while, I promptly ordered three more. 1 for my hiking backpack, 1 to clip to my hunting bag, and 1 to just have around.Other observations:They come with durable clips and the button you slide to keep the light on is a very nice feature if you are walking in the woods at night for extended periods and need more than just a few seconds of illumination. Batteries for these things are cheap and tiny, so I keep a couple spares around. Haven't had to change any batteries and I've used the heck out of them so far over the course of a couple weeks. All-in-all, I this is a well-built product that is suitable for rugged outdoor use as well as just clipping to your keychain so you can see to unlock your door at night. Very pleased!5Almost perfectI believe I received an authentic Photon II micro light from Amazon.com, and I'm very happy with it. It's well made, doesn't get tangled up in my key chain, and is so convenient and unobtrusive. I especially like the little on/off switch for the times I need the light to stay on a little longer than finding a key hole in the dark.This is my second Photon micro light; the first one lasted 2-3 years before it started to fade. I tried replacing the batteries, but couldn't get it back together properly. When I got the new Photon II, it included written instructions for replacing the batteries. I tried again with the new instructions on my old Photon II, but still couldn't get it back together right -- the light stayed on and could not be switched off.I'm giving it just 4 stars for the difficulty in replacing batteries. It otherwise deserves 5 stars. When the new one dies, I'll just buy another.For those of you who got a fake, did you buy it from another seller listed on the Amazon site? Please update your reviews with that info if that's the case. Your order history should give you the details.4Good Micro light---IF YOU DO NOT GET A FAKE!!!I ordered 3 of these lights as gifts. 2 were genuine Laughing Rabbit Inc. Photon II Micro lights in their official packaging, supplied with two Energizer brand lithium CR2016 batteries, and made in the USA. ONE of the three was shipped in a Ziploc style bag labeled "LRI Proton II Micro-light, White Beam NEW". No other instructions or writing on/in the package or the light. This is a cheep china mart knock-off. The light itself has no labeling, and comes with a simple circular key ring, instead of the pictured mini snap link attachment. The imposter light was actually not bad. The light was bright, and the pressure switch seemed to function. It came with 2 cr2016 batteries labeled Chao Chuang. Looking at the Amazon site this light is usually listed as LED-237-2BK(5)-p under various names, and costs between $.81-2.29. For that price it is a good deal (as to long term durability---??) AS it is, The actual LRI proton II light is about $ 7-10. I have sent the imposter light back to Amazon, and will see if they make this right. Since many of the reviews have stated this type of problem, WHY has AMAZON not fixed this?4Worth the moneyI've been the owner of many LED keychain lights over the years, and I must say that the quality of this one surpasses them all. These folks are doing it right.Not only is the light painful to look at straight on, it provides a lot of light. The plastic in the housing is durable, unlike cheaper lights that get utterly chewed up by the keys on your keychain. The metal screws are coated so they won't rust. The button operation is solid, the construction sturdy, and feels like it will hold up to much use and abuse.The included quick-latch clip segment leaves something to be desired, so I threw it out and simply attached the small keyring link to my main key ring. I have a feeling that once the battery is depleted, this unit will still be in such good condition that I will actually replace the battery instead of investing in a brand new light.I appreciate the built-in switch to lock the unit in an activated state, which is something that every other lesser keychain LED light I've used has never had. Beware of imitations, this one came in some fancy official packaging and not just a plastic baggie.5Stupid to change batteriesNice light- but very poor design to change batteries. Little parts fit together like a puzzle, so assembly is time consuming. I did it inside on the table-- out in the field.. forget about it! I was trying to be ecological. However I wont buy this one again- ever. There is a video which could be a lot better indicating the orientation of the batteries, the tiny plastic clear switch and the case itself. It told you what to do, not how to do it.1Great little bulletproof key chain light. We ve been buying these wonderfully tiny and well made (IN THE USA!) key chain lights since the late 1990 s when only the best local outdoor type stores stocked them.And this newest version can be locked on for convenience. Just don t forget to turn it off when finished!Thank goodness I don t have search them out any longer. Hello Amazon. 5Preferred keychain light for simple on/off application This review is being written 12/2/2012 for LRI PWK Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light, White Beam, sold and provided by Amazon on their website.This is a simple, on/off flashlight and my preferred keychain light. I also bought another model "Freedom" which had more complicated mode functions that interfered with my normal usage pattern.For the price and lack of unintentional mode switching of the more complicated models, I prefer this for a basic keychain light.UPDATE 3/16/2014:The light continues to work flawlessly. I've changed the batteries a few times without issue. Detailed instructions are available on the manufacturer's website. Changing batteries is made much easier by using a high quality Phillips #0 screwdriver (not the cheap kind commonly found in discount stores). One good choice is Wiha 96105 Phillips Screwdriver with Precision Handle, 0 x 50mm Combine this with pressing down firmly with the screwdriver avoids any issues with the screw head stripping. Change the batteries with the flashlight on a table, not in the palm of your hand or your lap as the parts are small and could be easily dropped.Another comment I've seen concerns the switch to slide and turn on the unit in continuous on mode. It's true that this switch is very small. You slide it by pulling/pushing with your fingernail. Momentary on is just performed by squeezing and does not use the tiny slide switch.Update 3/26/2015Still my favorite keychain light, no issues, batteries changed a few times. 5Bright light with lifetime warranty.This is a small black plastic micro-light that attaches easily to a key ring. I bought 2 of these micro-lights at a local sporting goods store. My husband loves flashlights, he is always upgrading and looking for a flashlight that is brighter, better. The first gift he gave me was a flashlight. To this day he still doesn t understand why it wasn t a perfect gift. Imagine my surprise when he opened one of the packages, tried it out and attached it to his keychain! I bought 3 more on Amazon. I wanted a light that was bright, but small. I felt that small meant it would not be that bright. This LED light has a powerful thin beam. I would say it is as bright as the light from a cell phone, but does not spread out as far. You turn the light on by pushing down on the middle section. It is a small, highly concentrated beam as you can see from the photo. The product is really not smaller than a quarter. As you can see from photo, the top and bottom stick out when a quarter is placed on top of it. The middle of the light is completely covered by it. If this light has an area of weakness, it has to be the switch that enables the light to stay on. It is the small piece of clear/white plastic you can see in the photos. It is at the base of the triangle. The plastic is the thin brittle type, but the piece is small, making it stronger. This function of the light was difficult to use the first few times I tried it, but seemed to loosen up after being used a few times. It has a lifetime warranty. First photo is a shot of the beam this light produces. The second and third photos show the light with a quartet.5ORANGE is definitely the best of the non-white colors for these Photon II LED Keychain LightsI have several of these PHOTON II Keychain lights with the standard WHITE LED bulb. I've given away many as gifts, and I've used it for many years. For general illumination, WHITE is the only way to go, producing far more usable light than any many colored bulb options PHOTON offers.HOWEVER... what if you DO want a colored bulb... in order to preserve your night vision while reading a map... or discretely find something you dropped on the floor in a crowded theater... or take a look at something without waking-up someone very close to you, etc? PHOTON offers many colored LED options. I am telling you that ORANGE is definitely the best one.Here is why I say ORANGE is the best choice for a general-use colored LED light:I bought the white, orange, red, and "night-vison green" (a sort of blue-green hybrid), and compared them all in a dark room, trying to read a paragraph of small text, as a test.Obviously WHITE gives you the most usable light... by a wide margin.RED, which is the classic "night-vision-preserving" color, puts out the LEAST amount of light, and the red color does prevent your eyes from loosing any significant amount of their dilation... so it's a good choice, but it does make it hard to read things in that red-colored light... it is very limiting. In a serious life-or-death military situation, where you "don't want to give away your position" to a sniper... yes, red is the certainly the choice, because it is such a... well.. for lack of a more accurate phrase... it is such a "dark light" more-so than any other color. (That sounds silly, but you know what I mean).ORANGE, however, produces a noticeably more "usable" light, while still maintaining one's desire to be discrete and preserve night-vision and not disturb others. Unless you are in a situation where someone is trying to find you in order to kill you... I would recommend ORANGE instead of RED, as it is far more pleasant, more usable, easier-to-read-by, yet still quite discrete, and not irritating or overly-attention getting.The "Night-Vsion GREEN" is actually a blue-green color that gives off far more light than any of the other colors (though still less than WHITE, of course). That's great... but it sort of defeats the purpose of wanting a light for those occasions that WHITE is too bright, bold, disturbing, or irritating. This blue-green color is a bit too bright. I think this color would be appropriate only for situations where you wanted to preserve "the majority of your night vision", but you were not at all concerned with disturbing those around you. For example... and airplane pilot might prefer this not-so-descrete... but still less intense than white, color option.And by the way... BLUE is only of use for hunters seeking to highlight blood and body-fluid trails in the forest. Don't even consider that color for any other reason... it's not a practical choice.So, I recommend that you get two of those PHOTON II keychain lights: a WHITE one for use the vast majority of the time... and an ORANGE one for when you need to be more discrete with your use of light in special situations.5Photon II reviewThis is a great key chain light. I previously owned the Photon 1 version which didn't have the small switch to keep the light on constantly. Version 2 has this switch which makes this light far easier to use for extended periods. There are plenty of times where I need a small light to illuminate a key hole at night and this light works great for that purpose. It provides a good amount of light for its size and the battery last for a long time. I would definitely recommend this light.5Decent but you give up a lotI've been using (and losing) photon lights forever. Previously had 2 or 3 freedom lights, which were great but for 2 things. First was price. Second : Battery was always running dead because it turned on in my pocket, even when I engaged the super secret auto off mode. (apparently there's an even more secret auto off for auto off mode.)I like the reduced price but miss adjustable brightness and covert tip. Be aware that this model is not waterproof and is the only model that requires removing 4 tiny screws to change the battery. I just looked at the diagram for battery change. This looks identical to all the free giveaway lights. I suspect this model has no relation to the rest of the photon line and is just a cheap Chinese rebrand. Not sure I'll keep.Honestly all they needed to do was add a switch to the freedom and make sure it can never stay on more than a few minutes without switch engaged.3Warning FAKE knock offsFAKE!!!! BE WARE these are NOT LPI PHOTON 2s not even half as bright as the real Photon 2s that I have.As my pics show it compared to an actual Photon 2. For the price after shipping I could have bought real Photo 2s locally.1
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