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Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)

  • Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)
  • Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)
  • Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)
  • Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)
  • Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)
  • Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)
  • Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)

Luyue Calla Lily Bridal Wedding Bouquet Head Lataex Real Touch Flower Bouquets Pack of 20 (Royal Blue)

AU$ 112.00 AU$ 67.20 Save: AU$ 44.80
AU$ 67.20 AU$ 112.00 You save: AU$ 44.80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Imported Latex White Calla Lily
  • length 33cm/12.99inches, flower diameter 5cm/2inches
  • Real touch;Great for home decor
  • Bride Bouquets,Wedding Bouquet
  • Pkg include:20 Pcs PU Calla Lily
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Customer Reviews

Flowers came in perfect condition - Beautiful & Lifelike!The flowers looked better in person than I had expected. They did not arrive smashed or torn. They came in perfect condition. I love the smaller size and they work great with the flower arrangements we are making for my wedding in August.5You won't regret getting these!I was hesitant to buy artificial flowers sight unseen, but I was VERY pleasantly surprised!! These are absolutely beautiful! I plan to do tropical wedding bouquets and boutonni res for my wedding and these are perfect. Some other reviewers commented on odor, maybe it was a different vendor because mine have no smell whatsoever. They look real, they FEEL real, and they are so much nicer than what I found in the big name craft store. I couldn't be happier!!5I was happy when I first got this product now I am ...I was happy when I first got this product now I am very disappointed. These flowers turned yellow after a few months. I got the white ones and now they look very ugly and old. They were as white as my orchids. Not cool! Picture attached.1Value AND QualityMy fianc and I are getting married in October and our wedding colors are black and gold. Like the perfect little DIY bride, I've been working the days away trying to make my own bouquet (if you're smart and have the money to pay a florist, don't do this). I've made many of the flowers myself, but the calla lilies have been giving me quite a bit of trouble. Not wanting to waste more time than necessary on any one particular project, I decided to scour the internet for calla lilies that would match my theme and not cost an arm and a leg.Not to my surprise, Amazon had my back. A quick search for "black calla lilies" led me immediately to this listing, and only ten minutes passed between my realization that I needed to order this particular flower and the actual purchase of these little beauties (and, of course, just two days to get them - thanks Prime!). I read several reviews in that short time span and looked at all of the photos of the black calla lilies received by other customers (thanks for posting those!) before deciding to purchase. I'm so glad I did!My flowers arrived in a padded envelope in perfect condition; even the wavy edge of the spathe was pristine. My first impression of these flowers was that they look REAL. Everything from the appearance to the feel of the material is a testament to their top-notch quality. Even the spadix looks natural, and most artificial flowers' centers are the tell-tale sign that they aren't real, even from a distance. The material is slightly waxy, very much like non-artificial flower petals would feel, but I don't have to worry about them wilting!The stems are quite long, 10 inches at least, and make these flowers great for all kinds of projects. I'm not entirely set on a bouquet style, yet, so it's good to know that if I wanted the option of long stems it would be there. The absolute best aspect of this purchase, however, is the value for the price. For $14, I got 20 real-looking artificial flowers. That's about $0.70 a flower! If I'd purchased these in a craft store, they would have been $3-4 each (which is absolutely ridiculous, by the way, and the reason I order most of my craft supplies here). Now if I need more, I won't feel like I'm wasting money by purchasing another bunch. With 20 flowers, though, I'll likely have plenty to disperse throughout my bouquet as well as my bridesmaids'.If you're looking for quality, quantity AND value for your money, these calla lilies are definitely the way to go. Even just one bunch would be enough to create a beautiful, full centerpiece or fill an accent vase. You can't go wrong with these gorgeous flowers.5Beautiful! Worth the cost and also affordable. For artificial flowers these were of good quality, and have a silky feel. I ordered one as a wedding bouquet. And one bunch will work for a medium size vase. Color purple. Very prettty! I dont have pics, my daughter decided not to do a bouquet because it was a courthouse wedding, and she wanted things simple. I almost took them for myself to make a mixed bouquet, lol, but instead told her to keep them for memory sake. And the stems are a bit long, so u will need wirecutters if you are going to use as a bouquet. Also, you can tell they are artificial up close but if you mixed them in with real flowers maybe not so. But the artificial look doesn't take away from their beauty. They're also all one piece, nothing will fall off, and can be rinsed off gently, with water, for cleaning(or wiped down with a wet paper towel). I'm only giving 4 stars for durability because I yet to know, but from handling them and observing them, I dont see why they wouldn't last for a good while. I have used artificial flowers in home. It used to be a hobby for me,making different flower collages, so I can say these are not lower end quality. I would say medium quality, and that is compared to the more expensive artificial flowers. Like the ones you pay for, by each individual flower.- Natasha S. 5The hard wire on the inside bends nicely; you will need wire cutters to cut the ...I ordered two bunches and made these flowers for prom. I had six left over after making the boutonniere and the handheld bouquet. The hard wire on the inside bends nicely; you will need wire cutters to cut the ends. We covered the bottom with felt fabric before we wrapped with ribbon. These flowers are super easy to design with. When I looked at Etsy for similar flowers, the completed bouquets were over $100. The bonus is she gets to keep these for as long as she wants. I would order these again in a heartbeat!5NOT EVEN CLOSE TO PICTURESI ordered one set just to see what it looked like before I ordered a bunch more, the first set i got looked exactly like the picture and i was pretty please. I placed a duplicate order, only this time ordered 6 more sets and the ones I received the second time were no where near the same color and the little thing in the middle was bright yellow (it was dark purple on the first set). When I emailed the seller they said it's hard to get them to look the same.... WTH? Not cool.1Perfect for my wedding bouquetI bought these to make bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids. I ordered three bunches which was more than enough for my bouquet and five smaller bouquets of 5 flowers each. As others mentioned, a few were flattened and wrinkly but I dipped them in a boiling pot of water and then let them dry upright in a cup and it fixed most of them. I had a few that weren't usable because they had a little tear in them but that's why I bought more than I needed. They worked perfectly, I was able to make the bouquets in advance and not have to worry about them leading up to the wedding. Now the hard part is figuring out how to preserve them as they'll maintain their shape unlike drying real flowers. I would order them again.5Amazing Lily's-Looks RealAmazing! Real like to the touch. Bought for bouquet for my wedding; however, works really well submerged as well. Light from Amazon too! Will buy these flowers again!5So happy with these flowers! Great value.I bought these calla lilies in all white to supplement the other flowers in my bouquet. It came out way better than I imagined. Before buying these, I went around to a few craft stores and hobby shops in my city to try to buy artificial flowers. Everything was crazy expensive! For $12 I could maybe get two flowers. So to be able to get twenty of these bad boys for that price had me ecstatic as we were trying to have a super cost conscious wedding. It did have a slight smell to it, but nothing super noticeable unless you stuck your nose right in there for a whiff. I thought it blended really nicely with the real flowers and had people even question whether they were really fake after feeling it even though I told them they were fake.5Very nice; great value I bought four of these bouquets, and "planted" them (two bouquets each) in planters next to my front door because I wanted something that would look nice from the street. Up close, you can tell they are latex, but they contribute to curb appeal. If you're buying them to "plant," make sure to buy some bright green moss to put in the planter over dirt. I don't think I would use these as a bridal bouquet, however, at least not in red. The pastel colors might work best for weddings, but at least order some to see if you like them.Also, these are GREAT for adding to the small, bronze vases at a mausoleum or grave because they hold their color. For a grave, I bought the teal color, and they are very nice.And, if they get dusty, just rinse them gently under warm running water. 5Orange flowersThese flowers are very pretty and life-like. I like that the flower head is not removable from the stem. Is just a seamless smooth transition from the stem to the flower. This was a great value for the number of flowers included.5
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