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Malco SRT2 Straight Handled Siding Removal Tool

  • Malco SRT2 Straight Handled Siding Removal Tool
  • Malco SRT2 Straight Handled Siding Removal Tool

Malco SRT2 Straight Handled Siding Removal Tool

AU$ 106.00 AU$ 64.00 Save: AU$ 42.00
AU$ 64.00 AU$ 106.00 You save: AU$ 42.00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This item is Malco SRT2 straight handled siding removal tool
  • Used for hand tools & tool Organizers, Hammers
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Offset blade tip won't hang up in material
  • One piece steel
  • Non-slip grip
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Customer Reviews

Not the miracle tool some reviewers implied it isThe tool will work and do what it is advertised to do. But you can get the same tool at the hardware store for cheaper. Also, if you are removing old siding that you don't care what happens to it, the siding can be removed with your fingers and maybe a hammer or screwdriver. Pull the siding out from one of the two ends and it can be easily unlocked. If the siding is in very tight and cannot be pulled out of either end, then this tool might be necessary. Although I only used it maybe 5 times on the job I did. The rest of it I just pulled apart with my hands.4Easily worth every penny!I had a hole in my vinyl siding (from a rock thrown by an edger?), & learned that there is a "zip tool" to help remove vinyl siding. Neither our local Home Depot or Lowe's had the tool. After watching YouTube videos, I tried to loosen the siding with a mini pry bar. It did not not work. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. The tool arrived, & worked perfectly!5Good toolI purchased to reattach some vinyl siding tabs that continually would become loose on the back of my house. I would manually force them to snap back into place with a broom handle and it would seem it would work only to find them loose again next time I looked. I got on the ladder and used this tool to grab the tab on the back of the siding and securely snap them into place. Most of the panels have not become loose again. Satisfied.5WOW! But Not What You Think!Yes it works but I didn't use it to remove siding but to fix loose siding. I searched for tips on how to fix siding that was coming off in places and ran into a video where this fellow was using this tool for repairs. For the price why not give it a try.It took a few minutes at best by inserting the tool under the siding lip and pressing it in place than running the tool horizontal along the seam. BAM, it's all good!!5YOU MUST HAVE THIS TOOL for vinyl siding!If you are working with vinyl siding (either pulling off or re-installing) - YOU MUST HAVE THIS TOOL! My silly husband and I thought we could handle the job of vinyl siding repairs without....after hours of struggling I threw in the towel and ordered this online (as we could not find any in the major hardware stores in our area). Once it arrived we finished the project in under an hour. I will never, ever, ever repair vinyl siding without this by my side! Amazing! Lesson learned!5I can't believe it took me this long to buy one...In short, please don't bother trying to work on vinyl siding or ceiling panels without this tool. I cannot believe how easy it was to use and effective at removing a ceiling panel and then reinstalling it. You cannot tell which panel I removed (to access wiring above it). Every homeowner with vinyl siding or ceiling panels needs this tool in their box!5Vinyl Siding Removes Nicelythis thing removes vinyl siding very nicely. it will not remove your cold heart that will eventually die because your wife left you for an albino little person named Carl. Thanks a lot Nadine. I gave you everything you ever wanted and you left me here in this crummy trailer park drinking whiskey at 6am because its the only thing i can do to stop hearing voices.5Works great to remove siding, for Remove & Replace Earlier in life, I sold vinyl siding and windows, so I knew my way around vinyl siding tools. When we bought the house we are currently remodeling, there were a couple of door and window changes in the plans and I knew that would require some siding removal and reinstallation. This tool is tops for removing siding that is already hung. Just slide it in and pull it down to get it started, and slide the tool to unhook the connection. Can be used to pull the siding back down the connect a piece in the middle of a wall. Very versatile, well built, and a nice inexpensive tool to keep around if you do any work to or on vinyl sided homes. 5Made fixing my siding easierI saw this tool on a video I was watching about RR vinyl siding I needed to replace somepieces. Some were broken with the weed eater One piece had blown away. On the videoit was helping them zip pieces on and off. It really looked easy in the video. I had a hard timegetting it to work that well at first but those were broken up pieces on the bottom.Once I got the new siding a couple days later, It was much easier I could just slide the sidingon just walking down the 10 ft length I had to move a new piece to a different location and getting that off was just as easy.4Simple tool and will save you timeI am running new wire to a doorbell and was hoping to hide the wires. I know I could hide them under the siding but didn't know how to get it under there. A friend told me about this simple but awesome tool. Was skeptical at buying single use tools but I was willing to give it a chance. I found some great youtube videos to see how to properly use this thing. This has been a lifesaver. I can see myself fighting to pull the siding off and have a crap time putting it back on. The tool latches onto the siding and can either help unclip or reclip the siding back into place. Make sure you watch the videos as it will make the job much quicker.5A must-have if you have vinyl siding.At first, we didn't know about this tool. A month ago our vinyl siding seemed loose due to heavy wind. My husband is not a handy-man. He used a flat screwdriver to fix it. It took time to do that because it was hard to grab the siding. I watched a video on Youtube and the guy mentioned this tool. Immediately I bought it. This tool is small, well made and sturdy. The bent shape makes easy to grab the siding. We don't use it yet but if it happens again we know for sure to use this tool.5
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